Why do people stop more and more people?

The most common occurrence of fetal stop is about 8 to 10 weeks, occurred in less than 8 weeks of pregnancy accounted for 80%, mainly because of the development of embryos during this period is the most important, but also for various reasons, the developing fetus suddenly stopped Development, the phenomenon of stillbirth appears. The psychological shadow caused by the alignment of mothers during pregnancy is huge. Why is there more and more people now stopping?

1, mainly because of chromosomal abnormalities, both men and women may have chromosomal abnormalities. Even without fetal stop, chromosomal abnormalities in children born, the probability of occurrence of deformity is also great. Chromosomes are normal parents, sperm and egg combination is also possible chromosomal abnormalities, adverse environmental impact, toxic and harmful substances, radiation, high temperature are all possible influencing factors.

2, the disease of the uterus itself, such as: endometrial, endometrial thin, too thick for embryonic development are adverse. In addition, intrauterine adhesions, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, congenital or injured cervix relaxation, may also lead to fetal stop.

3, reproductive system infections, such as mycoplasma infection, macrophage virus infection, can lead to fetal stop, fetal malformations or abortion. In particular, mycoplasma infection, a higher incidence of mild fetal malformations, severe cases of fetal stop or miscarriage, but also the body injuries to women is also very large.

4, endocrine disorders, in terms of pregnant women, estrogen, progesterone and human chorionic gonadotropin is a very important three hormones, if these hormone levels are not balanced or too low, can not meet the needs of embryonic development, it may lead to Tire stop.

5, immune dysfunction, including anti-sperm antibodies, anti-endometrial antibodies, anti-ovarian antibodies and anti-chorionic gonadotropin antibodies, if the sperm and egg, the mother of these four antibodies, it will hinder the hormone Normal secretion, resulting in the occurrence of fetal stop.

In short, due to the current life pressure, coupled with environmental pollution, smoking, drinking, drinking coffee, exposure to toxic chemicals, etc., may result in fetal unplanned. If there are women who have had a baby stopped, both husband and wife need a detailed examination to determine the exact cause of the stop.

Baby calcium to eat what seven types of food reasonable calcium

During the growth of baby, we also need to pay attention to the supplement of various nutrients, especially for calcium deficiency baby more attention, in the daily diet which should do a good job in this area.

Baby calcium causes

1, vitamin D deficiency, more common in food lack of vitamin D or contact with too little sunshine caused by vitamin D-dependent rickets.

2, chronic diarrhea, steatorrhea, obstructive jaundice can cause vitamin D absorption disorders, resulting in reduced intestinal calcium absorption caused by hypocalcemia.

3, cirrhosis, renal failure, due to hydroxyladenosis of vitamin D, the body can not generate active vitamin D3, the formation of anti-vitamin D rickets.

4, accelerated vitamin C catabolism: long-term use of anti-epileptic drugs such as phenobarbital can shorten the half-life of vitamin D, resulting in hypocalcemia and calcium deficiency.

Baby calcium to eat what

1, milk: milk nutrient-rich, is the best source of human calcium, and calcium and phosphorus ratio is very appropriate, which will help calcium absorption. Therefore, milk is called the closest perfect food “, the best natural food.

2, yogurt: yogurt is a good source of calcium, drink a cup of 15O grams of yogurt to meet the children under the age of 10 required for a large calcium 1/3, adult calcium 1/5.

3, cheese: dairy products is the best choice for food calcium, cheese is the most calcium-rich dairy products, and these calcium is easily absorbed. Cheese calcium content: 250 ml milk = 200 ml yogurt = 40 grams of cheese.

4, calcium-orange juice: Orange is known as the treatment of good fruit, rich in vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, 8 ounces (about 226 grams) of orange juice contains calcium (300 mg) content.

5, legumes: legumes nutritional value is very high, most beans contain a considerable amount of calcium. But please bear in mind that one year old children can drink milk, to prevent excessive drinking, so as to avoid protein allergies.

6, kelp: kelp is a high nutritional value of vegetables, not only rich in calcium and iodine, contribute to thyroid hormone synthesis. In addition kelp also contains high-quality protein and unsaturated fatty acids.

7, shrimp: shrimp is rich in protein and minerals, especially calcium content is extremely rich, calcium library, said calcium is calcium calcium is a better way to do more with shrimp baby food supplement is a good way to calcium .

Baby calcium note

1, do not let calcium encounter oxalic acid: spinach, pickled cabbage, amaranth, spinach, bamboo shoots, onions, scallions, soybeans and so contains a lot of oxalic acid, oxalic acid and calcium easily affect the absorption. Therefore, it is best to put the vegetables in hot water during the calcium hot, or 2 hours before meals or 3-4 hours after meals take calcium products.

2, calcium and do not eat mixed with the main meal: Even if there is not too much oxalic acid, if taking calcium products during meal, but also affect the absorption of calcium, mixed with calcium in food can only absorb 20%. As long as the stomach stuffed too much, the effect is not very good. Calcium with early, middle and evening more than half an hour. Do not mix with milk.

3, but not excessive calcium supplement is not high: calcium also amount, not the more the better. Infants and young children daily intake of about 400 mg of calcium, if the amount of calcium intake significantly exceeds the above criteria, may be constipation, or even interfere with the absorption and utilization of other trace elements such as zinc, iron, magnesium, etc., may also lead to kidney , Cardiovascular and other organ tissue calcium deposition, such as the potential risk of kidney stones.

4, vitamin D and baby calcium to eat separately: the real calcium deficiency in children rarely, many children really lack of vitamin D should be. The role of vitamin D is to allow adequate absorption of calcium from the intestine, while ensuring that the body’s calcium does not drain from the urine. Infants and young children daily intake of vitamin D should reach 400 international units. If the amount of vitamin D is not enough, it will show calcium deficiency.

Mycoplasma pneumonia in children how to determine the early detection of eight methods

Pediatric pneumonia is a common disease, including mycoplasma pneumonia, we need more attention, after the children get sick, we have to conduct timely checks and judgments based on the child’s performance.

Pediatric Mycoplasma pneumonia symptoms

1, children infected with mycoplasma pneumonia, often have fever, that is, high and moderate fever, fever, fever for 1-3 weeks, irritating cough as a prominent manifestation, resembling pertussis, with viscous sputum; infants and young children with acute onset, Long course of the disease, severe condition, to breathing difficulties, wheezing more prominent.

2, part of the whole body more than one system performance, chest tightness, myocardia, heartbeat, palpitation, shortness of breath, fever, and some often shortness of breath, sigh; hepatitis appearing poor appetite, vomiting, abdominal discomfort; Variations, vomiting, headache, convulsions, etc. There are also various rashes.

3, Mycoplasma pneumoniae infection with light and heavy, different performance, mild symptoms only repeated cough, often ignored by patients and parents, some can cause allergic cough, therefore, cough for more than 2 weeks, the conditions should be checked chest radiograph , Mycoplasma antibodies to confirm mycoplasma pneumonia.

4, Mycoplasma pneumonia in children is caused by Mycoplasma pneumoniae a systemic disease, mostly pneumonia as the main performance, accounting for 20% of children with pneumonia, and some with myocarditis, hepatitis, the past has become atypical pneumonia. Now, with the development of diagnostic techniques, the detection rate is higher, and is also found to be an important pathogen of respiratory tract infections in children, which is receiving more and more attention.

Mycoplasma pneumonia check diagnosis

1, peripheral blood: most of the normal white blood cell count may be increased, but there are also leukopenia.

2, blood biochemical: ESR faster, mostly light, moderate faster. Anti-O “antibody titers normal part of sick children serum aminotransferase, lactate dehydrogenase, alkaline phosphatase increased.

MP detection: Early detection of children with sputum and other sputum in children with sputum and lung tissue MP-16SRDNA or P1 adhesion protein gene can also be isolated from sputum, nasal secretions, throat swab MP.

4, serum antibody detection: serum antibodies by complement fixation test, indirect hemagglutination test, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, indirect immunofluorescence assay and other methods, or by detection of antigen to be diagnosed early.

5, sputum, nose and throat swab culture: Mycoplasma pneumoniae can be obtained, but takes about 3 weeks, while antisera can inhibit its growth, but also by hemolysis of red blood cells to confirm negative culture. Two weeks after onset, about half of the cases produce antibodies.

6, erythrocyte condensation test positive, titration titer in the 1:32 or more, the recovery of 4 times the significance of significant increase. Streptococcal MG agglutination test was positive in 40-50% of cases, with MG Streptococcal Lectin titer of 1:40 or higher in the blood and a gradual increase in titer to 4-fold.

7, X-ray examination: X-ray changes are divided into four kinds:

(1) hilar shadow thickening is prominent;

(2) bronchopneumonia changes;

(3) interstitial pneumonia changes;

(4) uniform real shadow. Slight signs of chest shadow significant, is one of the characteristics of the disease. Sometimes with pleural effusion, pulmonary X-ray changes is also one of its characteristics.

8, ECG and B-ultrasound: If necessary, check the ECG and B-to determine whether there is myocardial damage and liver damage.

Pediatric mycoplasma pneumonia treatment

1, the general treatment:

(1) Respiratory isolation: due to mycoplasma infection can cause a small epidemic, and children with Mycoplasma long after the body up to 1 to 2 months old, only the performance of upper respiratory tract infection in infancy symptoms. Pneumonia occurs after repeated infections. At the same time during the infection of MP is easy to re-infection of other viruses, leading to aggravating disease delay healing, therefore, children or children with a history of close contact should be possible to achieve respiratory isolation to prevent re-infection and cross-infection.

(2) Nursing: Should pay attention to rest, nursing and diet. If necessary, take a small amount of antipyretics, and taking traditional Chinese medicine (see bronchitis). (3) oxygen therapy: the performance of severe hypoxia, or severe airway obstruction, oxygen should be promptly. The same method and the general pneumonia.

2, symptomatic treatment: other symptomatic treatment is also the same with bronchitis section.

(1) Expectorant: the purpose is to thin the sputum, easy to discharge, or easy to increase the chance of bacterial infection, but few effective expectorants.

(2) stop the wheezing: severe cases of wheezing, bronchodilators can be used, such as aminophylline oral 4 ~ 6mg / (kg · d) 6h once; also available salbutamol (salbutamol) inhalation.

3, the application of antibiotics: According to MP microbiological characteristics, any antibiotics such as penicillin, which can hinder the synthesis of micro-cell wall, are ineffective against mycoplasma, so the treatment of MP infection, antibiotics should be used to inhibit protein synthesis, including macrolides, Tetracycline, chloramphenicol, etc. In addition, there are lincomycin, clindamycin (clindamycin), vancomycin and sulfonamides such as sulfamethoxazole? Azole (SMZ) for selection. Mycoplasma preferred macrolide antibiotics sensitive, erythromycin as the drug of choice.

Pediatric Mycoplasma pneumonia care

1, stand up and turn more to help discharge respiratory secretions. When the baby coughs for a long time, it will be very uncomfortable to sleep. Mom and Dad remember to turn the baby back and help the baby discharge the respiratory secretions.

2, eat more fruit, soup, eat less eggs. To light food, add more water and vitamin C, but be careful not to eat too much at once, too much protein can cause indigestion.

3, nasal congestion using cotton swabs, nasal suction device. Baby stuffy nose, nasal congestion can be stained with warm cotton swab moistened nasal scab, little by little to remove the nasal cap, parents should not pay too much attention Oh. Choose a small cotton swab, it is better than the traditional cotton swabs. Nasal suction device can come in handy at this time.

4, bring their own hygrometer, keep the air circulation, windows 2 to 3 times a day. Own a hygrometer, there is a big supermarket to sell oh. Maintain the indoor air circulation, windows 2 to 3 times a day, control the indoor temperature and humidity, the temperature is about 18 ℃ ~ 22 ℃, the humidity is about 60%.

5, forehead (fever paste), alcohol brush. If the baby has a fever, cold towel can be given forehead to lower the heat to the hot paste can also use oh. In addition, 30% to 50% of the alcohol brush can also help baby physical cooling.

6, the fumes in the kitchen, indoor cigarettes to try to avoid. These fumes can easily reduce the baby’s resistance, get the disease.

7, on time vaccination. I remember in time with the baby to play a vaccination, such as a class of flu vaccine have to be considered.

8, breastfeeding, timely addition of cod liver oil. They are all good for enhancing the mucosal resistance to respiratory diseases.

How to determine the performance of children with acute laryngitis four different periods

Pediatric laryngitis is a disease that occurs from time to time, of which acute laryngitis we have to pay special attention to the child after the disease, there will be abnormal performance, we have to make timely judgments, but also to accurately check the diagnosis.

Acute laryngitis in children

1, early onset: Some children without any aura symptoms. Some are sick in the middle of the night, began to bursts cough. Or after the event appeared inspiratory throat and inspiratory dyspnea, auscultation of breath sounds clear, normal heart rate.

2, early onset: a slight cold symptoms, may not be associated with fever, or only mild fever. Hypnotism and inspiratory dyspnea occur when quiet, showing “哐 哐 哐” sound or dog barking, that is, like a dog cough sound, throat snore, it seems that cough can not sputum. Auscultation can be heard and throat conduction or tubular breath sounds, heart rate faster, up to 120-140 beats / min, at the same time began to appear hoarseness.

3, the incidence of mid-term: In addition to early onset symptoms, but also paroxysmal irritability, lips, nails cyanosis, pale blue or pale mouth, auscultatory lung breath sounds weakened or inability to hear, blunt heart rate, heart rate of 140 to 160 times / Minute.

4, exacerbation of the disease: the general condition of light during the day and aggravate at night, laryngeal edema often occurs due to the rapid development of laryngeal inflammation at night, resulting in acute laryngeal obstruction. Children may be due to difficulty breathing and awoke, the sound will be more severe hoarseness, breath nasal incitement, inhalation, “three concave sign”, that appear supraclavicular fossa, suprasternal fossa and upper abdomen depression, baby lips bruising, Pale. Accompanied by high fever, irritability, sweating and so on. If the condition aggravates further, it may turn from restlessness to semi-coma or unconsciousness, presenting symptoms of being temporarily quiet, pale, incontinence, asphyxia and coma, and may even result in death from suffocation in children. These changes often take place in hours, quite dangerous, parents must not be taken lightly.

Pediatric laryngitis judge

More acute onset, more than fever, hoarseness, cough and so on. Initial hoarseness is not serious, when there is crying crying, then inflamed infringement and subglottic region, then into “empty”, “empty” cough sound, night sound symptoms worse. Severe illness may appear aspiration throat wheeze, inspiratory difficulty breathing, suprasternal fossa, supraclavicular fossa, intercostal and upper abdominal soft tissue inspiratory trauma symptoms such as laryngeal obstruction. Serious children around the mouth and nose cyanosis or pale, toe cyanosis, with varying degrees of irritability, sweating. If not treated, pale, breathless, circulatory, respiratory failure, coma, convulsions, and even death.

More secondary to rhinitis, pharyngitis, upper respiratory tract infection. For the epidemic of influenza, pneumonia, measles, chickenpox, whooping cough, scarlet fever and other acute infectious diseases of the precursor disease.

Acute laryngitis in children

1, direct laryngoscopy: visible laryngeal mucosal congestion, swelling, vocal cord also red bloodshot, there is dilation of blood vessels, glottis often accompanied by viscous secretions, subglottic mucosal swelling to the middle prominent a narrow cavity.

2, auscultation of the lung and pleura: lung and pleura auscultation is the most basic lung examination, one of the most important methods for the diagnosis of pulmonary disease is of great significance.

3, physical examination: Visible throat congestion, fake vocal cord swelling, subglottic mucosa was spindle-shaped swelling. According to the extent of the lesion may occur throat and inspiratory dyspnea, pulmonary auscultation can smell throat conduction or tubular breath sounds.

Diagnosis of acute laryngitis in children

As for the laryngoscopy, visible throat mucosal congestion, swelling, vocal cord also red bloodshot, there is dilatation of blood vessels, often associated with purulent mucosal secretions, subglottic mucosal swelling to the middle prominent a narrow cavity. Diagnosis based on its unique symptoms such as: hoarseness, throat wheezing, “empty”, “empty” kind of cough sound, aspiration of breathing difficulties, no more diagnosis. If necessary, laryngoscopy.

How to reduce the risk of infant “cradle death”?

Healthy babies suddenly die without any warnings, leaving many mothers feeling hurt. This occurs in 2 to 6 months in infants who abnormalities, medically known as “sudden infant death syndrome”, commonly known as “cradle death.” The following are recent studies found by experts related incentives.

Infant “cradle death” incentive

1, antigen allergy

A “cradle of death” can occur as a result of a contact-specific reaction of one or several antigens, such as milk, dust, polyester gas, insects, etc., or a potential immunodeficiency defect in the infant.

2, esophageal reflux

Neonatal esophageal lower gastric cardia sphincter connected with the stomach, the function is not perfect. One-time eating too much pressure in the stomach, the food reflux esophagus, causing vagal reflex caused by breathing and bradycardia, and induced laryngeal spasm asphyxiation death.

3, metabolic disorders

A variety of factors lead to abnormal hepatic glycogen metabolism, hepatic reduction of ethylene propyl linolenic acid, affecting respiratory regulation; body vitamin B1 deficiency, dopamine, norepinephrine and epinephrine surge and other metabolic disorders, can induce sudden death.

4, upper respiratory tract obstruction

Due to respiratory infections, or due to excessive nasal secretions and viscous, soft palate slanting, tongue drooping, mandibular greater mobility and other reasons, resulting in airway obstruction, apnea death.

5, autonomic dysfunction

Various causes of autonomic dysfunction, leading to hypoxia stress response in the body, in the airway obstruction or other causes of hypoxemia, can not cry for help, eventually leading to brain cell damage and the occurrence of Hypercapnia and increased pulmonary hypertension accelerated death.

6, drug poisoning hazards

The mother smoked during pregnancy or passive smoking, perinatal complications occurred; infant sleep closed and passive smoking too much, but also the cause of sudden death.

7, genetic factors

Due to dominant chromosomal, arrhythmic death. However, such sudden death have a family history of arrhythmia.

How to reduce the risk of sudden baby’s death?

1, let the baby sit back to sleep

This is one of the most important things you can do to protect your baby. Most people do not know that sleeping on their side is not safe. In fact, there is a double chance of sleeping in the baby’s sleeping side. But remember, if you always let your baby sit on your back, it may cause the back or side of the baby’s head to have flattened areas, called migraine or flathead syndrome.

2, pay attention to health care during pregnancy

In order to ensure your baby’s health and reduce the risk of preterm and low birth weight infants, which increase the incidence of sudden infant death, you need to be aware of prenatal care and nutrition. Do not smoke or take illicit drugs throughout pregnancy.

3, to avoid the baby overheating

To avoid overheating baby sleep, do not put him too tight, do not cover the baby’s head with a blanket. Baby sleeping room can not be too warm, as long as adults wear uniforms feel comfortable degree can be. Signs that your baby may overheat include sweating, damp hair, prickly heat, shortness of breath, difficulty sleeping, fever, and more.

4, to avoid contact with sources of infection

Sudden infant death sometimes occurs in conjunction with respiratory or gastrointestinal infections. So it’s best to let other people wash their hands before taking the baby. And try to keep your baby from getting sick when possible.

Four hand gestational Ma method of late pregnancy can be alleviated

By the third trimester of pregnancy, many expectant mothers have a tingling and numb feeling on their fingers and wrists. This phenomenon, which we call “carpal tunnel syndrome,” usually disappears after the fetus is born.

Why the third trimester hand Ma?

This is because the hormones secreted by women during pregnancy, especially relaxin, can cause the nerves to become loose due to the softening and relaxation of fascia, tendons, ligaments and connective tissue. Usually until the baby is born, the female hormone returned to normal, carpal tunnel syndrome will be eased.

Carpal tunnel syndrome and more at night onset, if not treated, can cause hand intertidal muscle atrophy, finger joint deformities (claw-shaped fingers), the future will not be able to exert, unable to grasp grip and other fine movements, or even Making a OK gesture is difficult.

Four ways to alleviate

Hot compress before going to bed with hot towels or hands on warm water soak for 10 minutes, 1 or 2 times a day.

To raise the shoulders when sleeping high cushion, a pillow under the hands and wrists to avoid pulling the shoulder to do the action.

Massage gently massage from the hand, followed by the wrist, until the armpits, then the shoulders, neck and upper back.

Exercise one hand holding the wrist of the other hand, hit the circle massage. This will help reduce local congestion symptoms and promote fluid flow. When sleeping at night, try to keep your hands hanging at the bedside.

Winter stroke prevention

Winter is the high incidence of stroke. Because of the dry winter climate, the body consumes more water, easily lead to increased blood viscosity, slow blood flow, causing cerebral thrombosis; cold weather, blood pressure easily increased and unstable, the incidence of cerebral vasospasm is also high, easy Stroke. So in the winter how to prevent stroke it? Followed by Xiaobian together to find out.

Stroke, also known as stroke, cerebrovascular accident, is an acute cerebrovascular disease. Stroke has a very high morbidity, mortality and morbidity. According to statistics, there are 6 million patients with cerebrovascular disease (stroke) in our country who die from stroke every 21 seconds. Cerebrovascular disease has become the leading cause of death among residents.

These four factors can easily lead to stroke

1, the age factor

Middle-aged and elderly are the high risk of stroke.

2, behavioral factors

Unhealthy eating habits, like high salt, flesh, high animal oils, espresso, tea, etc .; smoking, alcoholism; lack of exercise.

3, drug factors

Regular contraceptive use is also a risk factor for stroke.

4, disease factors

Hypertension, heart disease, diabetes (especially with atrial fibrillation, hyperlipidemia), and ischemic heart, brain, limb vascular disease in patients with cerebral artery stenosis and family history of stroke are people Stroke-prone patients group.

How to prevent winter stroke?

1, pay attention to keep warm

Adequate warm clothing should be prepared when going out.

2, light diet

Avoid high-fat, high-salt foods and excessive tonic. Daily animal fat does not exceed 9% of total fat. Eat more vegetables, fruits.

3, moderate exercise

Choose to exercise in the sunny, and try to choose walking, jogging, Tai Chi and other less violent exercise.

4, can not be arbitrary withdrawal

Regular measurement of blood pressure, regular referral, persistent chest tightness, chest pain, dizziness, and other symptoms, should seek medical advice.

Pregnant women eat more choline food baby smarter

It has been reported recently that in a study published in the International Journal of The FASEB Journal, researchers from Cornell University found that when women take enough choline nutrition during pregnancy, their offspring will For a more sustained cognitive advantage / benefit, choline has multiple functions and is present in a variety of foods such as egg yolk, lean meat (red meat), fish, poultry, beans, nuts, and cruciferous Vegetables, etc. This article focuses on the key role of choline in the development of the brain before the baby is born. In a report, researcher Richard Canfield said some of this may be due in part to current dietary trends and practices. Many choline-rich foods may not be “famous” at the moment, such as eggs, which are cholesterol-rich and include Health professionals working in the government have warned pregnant women about the ingestion of uncooked eggs, which may discourage women from taking the eggs, although the health risks associated with them are small in sterilized and cooked eggs in buses, Ingestion of red meat is usually to avoid excessive intake of fat.

Our expectant mother, in pregnancy, the most hope is that their baby can be healthier and smarter, so the mothers diet must have three principles.

1, a comprehensive nutritional supplement. Pregnant women in the choice of food, to eliminate the problem of picky eaters. Fetal brain development required a lot of types of nutrition, diet choices should be comprehensive, to be able to prevent nutritional deficiencies.

2, nutritionally balanced. In dietary nutrition, balanced nutrition is also our consideration. With meat and vegetables to be reasonable enough. Fat and protein intake to achieve a certain balance.

3, choose natural ingredients. With the development of science and technology, many ingredients have been finely processed, however, these ingredients are processed, the ingredients in the nutrition is likely to be lost. We should try our best to choose natural ingredients, such as common vegetables and fruits in our daily life. Some coarse grains are also suitable for us.

Baby to wear socks to sleep in winter it

After entering the winter, the weather is getting cold, many mothers worry about the baby will be cold at night, give the baby put on socks to sleep. Then baby socks to sleep in winter, okay?

Baby to wear socks to sleep in winter it

Some mothers worry that sleeping at night to baby socks will make him feel depressed, and even hinder the blood circulation, endanger the baby’s health. This is the same principle with adults wearing pajamas, as long as the size of the socks, the size just does not hinder the blood circulation. With this worried treasure mother can be assured bold to baby wear.

Although winter socks to wear to sleep will not endanger the health of babies, but hardy baby can not wear. Cold weather in winter, the baby’s poor resistance to wear socks at night to sleep a lot of benefits, but not forcibly, if the baby firepower, blood circulation, foot love sweating, mom may be subject to the circumstances, do not wear socks is Yes.

These three types of baby is best to wear socks to sleep

1, the poor resistance of the baby

Poor resistance, as long as the cold is easy to catch a cold baby, best to wear socks in the evening. Such babies are generally more afraid of cold, hands and feet are often cold feet cold will reduce the comfort of the baby to sleep, affecting the quality of sleep. Put on a sock baby is not only more warm, but also a sense of security, will sleep more fragrant, more stable.

2, like to push the quilt baby

Many babies have the habit of pedal quilt, the mother can not watch him sleep all night, in case the baby kicked the quilt opened, exposing a foot, it is easy to catch cold. Wear a sock, even if the quilt kicked a little, the baby will not be dry and cold.

3, younger baby

Newborn baby’s body blood circulation is not fully developed, the ability to regulate the body temperature is relatively poor, so little feet touch it is always cool. For newborn babies, moms can best wear loose, comfortable socks for them.

How to choose baby socks

1, the choice of fabric

Baby socks or cotton is good, but there is no one hundred percent cotton socks, the higher the content of cotton, the more comfortable socks to wear. When buying socks to see the label, the content of cotton is generally more than 65% is the best.

2, the size of the choice

Po mother must pay attention to the baby’s socks should not be large, a little bigger, it does not matter, the baby’s feet are easy to become bigger, slightly larger can also be worn for a long time. Although the time to buy socks generally can not let the baby try on, but you can take the baby to the socks with the baby’s feet probably know is not suitable.

3, choose the appropriate sock elastic mouth

Baby’s skin is very delicate, the choice of socks should pay attention to whether the appropriate socks, the baby will not be too loose or too tight, it is too easy to fall loose, too tight will be licking the baby’s feet, So when buying socks should pay attention to tight fit, not tied to the baby’s ankle.

4, the thickness of the choice

Buy socks for your baby, do not buy very thick socks, buy one or two pairs just fine, after all, for a very thick socks to wear a relatively short period of time, mainly to buy moderate thickness, so the socks are spring, summer and autumn Can wear.

How to prevent fetal malformations after pregnancy?

No matter how healthy couples are likely to produce deformed children. Therefore, many expectant mothers have a fear of deformed children, which is understandable, who do not want their children healthy? So, how to prevent fetal malformations after pregnancy?

When pregnant women do not know their own pregnancy, mistakenly summon some of the flu, digestion, skin and other drugs, they will cause their children with malformations of psychological panic, many pregnant women had been for such reasons to the hospital for the fetus is deformed Children’s examination. And do not know the case of pregnancy, filming X-rays, drinking, smoking is also the cause of psychological panic. In fact, do not have to worry about deformed children. In fact, even taking some drugs without their knowledge, most of them showed no abnormalities in the fetus after being closely examined, and the baby was generally healthy after birth.

Prevention of deformities should pay attention to the health care during pregnancy, in order to prevent fetal neural tube defects should pay attention to regular folic acid supplementation. Of course, we must also pay attention to pre-pregnancy check. Pre-pregnancy checks include: First, do routine physical examination of pregnant women, such as blood pressure, blood glucose, heart rate, gynecological examination. Second, prenatal and postnatal screening, such as rubella virus, cytomegalovirus, Toxoplasma gondii, herpes simplex virus antibody detection. The third is for patients with repeated abortion, you can check the chromosomes, blocking antibodies. Another is the pregnancy check, the pregnancy is generally not less than 10 times the routine examination, of course, each of the inspection items will be different, which need to follow the specific recommendations of obstetrics and gynecology, according to the card check process. Drainage inspection done well, generally able to grasp the development of the fetus to understand whether the fetus deformity.

What is the difference between children with anxiety?

Dissociative anxiety is a child’s ability to protect himself during his growth. Therefore, we mentioned that we should not be too nervous or anxious to separate anxiety. So how to do children with separation anxiety?

Separation of anxiety performance

1, revolt phase – howling cry, kicking again;

2, the disappointment stage – still crying, intermittent, noisy action to reduce, ignoring others, dull expression;

3, detached phase – to take care of outsiders, begin normal activities, such as eating, playing toys, but sad when seeing the mother.

Each child has different levels of anxiety

After 24 months, the frequency and degree of separation anxiety usually decrease gradually with age, but each child’s personality is not the same, cheerful children can resolve anxiety more quickly, cry to calm down the mood; However, introverted children, the anxiety often tend to be more serious, duration is longer, the mother needs more care to take care of. Children need time to adapt to unfamiliar things, moms need to spend more time with their children, or give familiar toys to make him feel safe, confident, and then encourage him to explore, etc., which will reduce the degree of separation of anxiety children.

What kind of child separation anxiety more intense

1, sensitive children. Some children are more concerned about environmental changes, and sometimes subtle changes may cause their strong reactions.

2, over-concerned children. Children’s life, if you have always been accompanied by people around, and to help him and people are very careful to understand the needs of children every moment, in time to help him solve all problems, then he will not know , What to do if not close to you.

How to treat children’s separation anxiety

1, reduce parent-child attachment strength

Because children use their parents as a safe haven and everything depends on their parents, this separation anxiety occurs when their parents leave. Therefore, lowering the degree of parent-child attachment is the first thing to consider. In life should be properly let go, let the children do what they can do, make it feel a sense of accomplishment, knowing that they can be done independently, they are OK.

2, there should be a period of separation buffer

When parents need to be separated from their children, there should be a buffer period that allows the transfer of roles between parents and successors, while giving confidence to the successor and, on the other hand, giving the successor a sense of your parenting attitude and attitude. If the successor can cooperate fully, it can reduce the anxiety and maladaptation in the face of separated children.

3, develop children’s ability to gregarh

As children play at home, parents should encourage their children to share their toys with other children in order to develop the child’s ability to get along with others. The child into kindergarten or kindergarten, you can get along with other children, reduce or avoid the occurrence of separation anxiety.

Pediatric gastroenteritis must be transfusion it

The emergence of pediatric gastroenteritis, so that many parents will be particularly worried that after the child has such a situation, we must make reasonable treatment according to the child’s condition, at the same time, daily life care and diet are particularly crucial.

Pediatric gastroenteritis treatment

1, pay attention to rehydration, to avoid dehydration: pay attention to the phenomenon of dehydration: whether children have reduced urine (baby diapers reduce the number), dry tears without tears, dry skin elasticity, infants before the fontanelle depression and so on. Whether or not to receive intravenous injection, can buy diarrhea dedicated electrolyte water to the children when boiling water to drink. Intravenous injection is essential when the level of child awareness drops or dehydration is severe. But oral rehydration therapy is still a good way to rehydration. Drinks rich in monosaccharides, such as soft drinks, fruit juices, are not recommended for children under 5 years of age as they may aggravate diarrhea. If there is no special effect of oral rehydration agent or poor taste, boiled water is also available. If indications can also be used in children with nasogastric tube to supplement the fluid.

2, pay attention to diet, continue breastfeeding: Breastfeeding infants recommended to continue the usual feeding method. Formula-fed infants continue formula feeding immediately after ORT replacement. First try to brew half milk (that is, dilute the concentration of half) look. If diarrhea does not improve within 3-7 days, you may need to change lactose-free milk powder (a commercially available diarrhea milk powder) under the direction of a physician.

3, antiemetics: antiemetic drugs may help treat children with vomiting, but be sure to follow the doctor’s advice. Ondansetron has some practical, single use can reduce the need for intravenous fluids, hospitalization and vomiting. However, the use of angostan may be associated with increased odds of hospital admission again. If clinically needed, ondansetron intravenous fluids can also be taken orally. Metoclopramide may be effective.

4, antibiotics: Antibiotics are not usually used for gastroenteritis, but if the symptoms are particularly severe or when a suspicious bacterium is found that suspects a bacterial infection, it is recommended. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends antibiotics for children with bloody stools and fever.

5, antidiarrheal drugs: children can not use antidiarrheal drugs – may be dangerous. There is a theoretical risk of complications from antidiarrheal medications, though clinical experience suggests this is unlikely and is not recommended for use in blood in the stool or diarrhea with fever. Loperamide is an opiate analogue commonly used in symptomatic treatment of diarrhea. However, loperamide is not suitable for use in children because the drug may cross the child’s immature blood-brain barrier causing poisoning. Pediatric gastroenteritis is much more complex than adult gastroenteritis and must be seen by a physician.

Pediatric gastroenteritis precautions

1, is to keep the abdomen warm. When the temperature is reduced, the baby is very easy to diarrhea, intestinal peristalsis in the diarrhea was originally faster, then if the abdomen is cold, the peristalsis will be faster, so diarrhea will increase. At this point, parents should be appropriate to the child’s abdomen warming, with hot water bottle, warm baby and the like, to help children rub the stomach to relieve pain.

2, daily necessities to be disinfected, because the baby is still small, had all aspects of constitution, immunity are weak, the skin is tender, it is easy to infection. So that children used to be promptly cleaned and disinfected. Avoid cross infection. Baby toys should also be frequently cleaned and disinfected. For babies to eat, drink water with the spoon, bottle and tableware is the most important, each must be cleaned and disinfected. It is best to cook with boiling water before each use.

3, to keep the anus clean, every time after the baby stools should be cleaned with warm water, to avoid re-infection of the intestine.

4, for parents with children, pay more attention to children’s diapers, this is the most vulnerable to infection, if the child in the diapers on the shit or pee, to be replaced in time, and clean the baby’s buttocks with warm water;

5, reasonable eating. Do not eat when the child is not feeling well, wait for the child to get better, have an appetite when you can encourage them to eat because the child has gastroenteritis, and eat something to spit, so he does not eat, anorexia begins. Encourage children to eat, be sure to small meals, slowly adjust the child’s appetite and eating habits, when the child once again vomiting frequently fasting, and to the hospital to check to prevent dehydration of children.

Pediatric gastroenteritis diet

1, diet time

A few hours after the stomach symptoms begin to subside, you can begin to nourish the sick child. Porridge is easy to digest the best food. But do not drink tea, coffee and lemon juice, orange juice and other acidic drinks, so as not to stimulate the gastrointestinal, causing vomiting again.

Most gastroenteritis can be gradually cured within three days; vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms disappear, the patient can eat more diverse foods, but still can not eat irritating things.

2, the diet mainly to light

Physicians generally advise sick children that fasting conditions may be fasting, depending on the situation, and suggest that the sick child should not be dehydrated for 6 to 8 hours or even longer (preferably under the condition of simultaneous intravenous drip) Vomiting, bloating, abdominal pain situation, you can try to eat.

Generally eat first relatively light liquid, semi-liquid, such as rice soup, porridge, fresh fruit juice, and gradually increase the number of protein foods, but avoid greasy, fried foods, and should start eating should be a small amount, and other gastrointestinal function recovery before they start Normal diet, and pay attention to rest. First treatment do not eggs, milk and other high-protein high-fat foods, so as not to aggravate the burden of gastrointestinal. The fruit section suggests eating apples to help ease diarrhea symptoms.

3, therapeutic side

Garlic porridge: Take garlic 30 grams, peeled and chopped at the end of 100 grams of rice, add water 1000 ml, boiled porridge, morning and evening warm clothes.

Portulaca porridge: 90 grams of fresh purslane, or dry 30 grams, plus 100 grams of rice porridge, morning and evening.

③ yam lotus seed japonica rice porridge: 30 grams of yam, lotus seeds 20 grams, 100 grams of porridge rice porridge, morning and evening, spleen and stomach and diarrhea effect.

4, acute gastroenteritis children reference diet

Acute gastroenteritis children’s diet breakfast: millet soup, thin lotus root meal: almond cream, steamed custard, white rice porridge, floss, Fat cake meal: lotus root starch, skim milk, steamed custard, cake.

Dinner: lotus root starch.

Acute gastroenteritis Children’s diet Lunch: Steamed fish, mashed potatoes, lotus porridge, steamed bread meal: almond cream, meatballs melon dinner: skim milk, rotten rice porridge, steamed custard.

Add meal: lotus root starch, tomato egg facets.

Acute gastroenteritis children’s diet dinner: white rice paste meal: almond cream, egg dragon face, vegetarian braised tofu, fried carrot silk meal: skim milk, millet gruel, bread, steamed Wuchang fish, fried zucchini .

Dinner: almond cream.

5, diet principle

Pay attention to regular quantitative: Do not eat too much, eat three meals a day should be on time, and should not eat too full. A small amount of dinner between meals, but not too much, so as not to affect the dinner.

Focus on soft, rotten, digestion: edible staple food should be thoroughly cooked, cooked to make it rotten, easy to digest and absorb, eat less coarse and coarse fiber food, require food to be Seiko secret agents, rich in nutrition.

Keep fresh, light: all kinds of food should be fresh, should not be stored for too long. Eat light and less oil meal. Light meals are easy to digest and absorb, but also conducive to the rehabilitation of stomach.

Pay attention to cooking methods: cooking methods should be used for steamed, boiled, braised, stewed, braised, boil. Should not use fried, fried, smoked, roasted and other cooking methods, because the dishes processed with these methods is not easy to digest.

What old people eat nuts? These people are best not to eat nuts

What old people eat nuts? Nut is a nutritious food, and as an elderly person who needs to be health conscious, learn to choose the right nut for yourself. At the same time, also need to pay attention to is that not all people are suitable for eating nuts, the following together to understand it.

Elderly people eat good nuts

Pistachio: Pistachio can be described as “friends of the heart”, can reduce cholesterol levels and reduce heart disease. However, long-time storage of pistachios should not be eaten. Pistachios have high calories, and contain more fat, fat people, people with high blood lipids should eat less.

Sunflower: sunflower is the leader in melon seeds, nutrition is very rich. Eat a sunflower each day, will be able to make up the human body needs vitamin E day. Sunflower seeds contain protein comparable with all kinds of meat, especially with the manufacture of arginine essential for semen. Eat nourishing sunflower seeds often prevent coronary heart disease and stroke, lower blood pressure, protect blood vessels elasticity has a certain effect. Medical scientists believe that sunflower can cure insomnia and enhance memory, to prevent cancer, hypertension and neurasthenia have a role.

Chestnuts: chestnuts beneficial treatment of kidney deficiency, it is also known as “kidney fruit.” Chestnuts are rich in soft dietary fiber, and people with diabetes also taste it. However, raw chestnuts difficult to digest, cooked food and easy to stagnation, so it should not eat more. The best meal between the chestnuts as snacks, or do eat in the food, not to eat a lot after a meal, so as not to over-intake of calories, is not conducive to maintaining weight. Fresh chestnuts easily moldy, eating moldy chestnuts can cause poisoning, so spoiled chestnuts can not eat.

Pumpkin seeds: Pumpkin seeds with insecticidal and treatment of prostate disease efficacy. The United States study found that eating about 50 grams of pumpkin seeds a day can be more effective in preventing prostate disease and prostate cancer. Pumpkin seeds are rich in pantothenic acid, and pantothenic acid can relieve static angina pectoris, and with antihypertensive effect. But also be careful not to eat too much at once. Pumpkin seeds are most suitable for patients with high blood pressure, stomach should be Eat less, or abdominal distension will feel bored.

Peanuts: Peanuts are rich in high-quality protein, fat and micronutrients that play an important role in regulating the nutritional balance of people, especially their children. Recently scientists found that peanuts contain large amounts of arginine and resveratrol, the former has a potential antituberculous effect, the latter can inhibit cancer cell infiltration and proliferation. Therefore, peanuts are good therapeutic products for TB patients and cancer patients. But the peanut clothing has increased the number of platelets, anti-fibrinolytic effect, so hyperviscosity should be peeled edible. The body’s digestion and absorption of peanut low rate, excessive consumption of peanuts will increase the burden of gastrointestinal, need attention.

So, what people should not eat nuts?

Who should not eat nuts

Infant neurodevelopmental symptoms

Stagnation is the baby in the process of growth and development of children than their peers grow slowly or abnormal growth and development. The following small for you to detail the development of infant neurodevelopmental symptoms.

1, infant neurodevelopmental symptoms: do not love to chase, chase objects

Baby eyes dull, do not love chasing people and things; response to the sound is not insensitive, many babies will find sound to find students, and mental retardation of the baby is responsive to the sound, it is difficult to find students by sound.

2, infant neurodevelopmental symptoms: crying abnormalities

Mainly for the baby from being stimulated to cry too long, crying sharp or crying weak.

3, baby neurodevelopmental symptoms: abnormal well-behaved

Some children do not love crying, it seems exceptionally well-behaved, parents mistakenly think children sensible, in fact, this is the performance of the reaction lag, however, a lot of things, however, can not express their emotions.

4, infant neurodevelopmental symptoms: clumsy do not love to play toys

To put a hand in the baby’s hands, he could not hold his hands, often fall; some babies do not love to play toys, many parents mistakenly believe that children do not like this toy, ignoring the child’s condition.

5, infant neurodevelopmental symptoms: excessive sleep and not easy to wake up

Some babies will always be in a sleep state, and not easily awakened.

In general, within one month of newborns, the sleep time required for a day and night is about 18-20 hours. Can only about 3-4 hours a day awake, can be described as “full asleep” state. When the baby reaches 2-3 months old, it takes 16-18 hours a day to sleep, and 5- to 9-month babies still need to sleep for 15-16 hours. When they are aged, they need to sleep for 14-15 hours.

If the baby for a long time more than a reasonable time to let the baby go to the hospital to check, to find problems in a timely manner to solve the problem.

6, baby neurodevelopmental symptoms: dull expression

The baby has been relatively dull expression, full of laughter after a hundred days of expression, and dull expression, 6 months still can not show a natural smile.

Causes of baby’s growth retardation

Experts explain that slow development is mainly caused by varying degrees of damage to the central nervous system that controls language or behavior in the brain. There are two possible reasons for this development:

First, the baby is affected from the embryonic stage because pregnant women take banned drugs during pregnancy and are infested with toxic substances or radiation.

Second, pregnant women encountered during childbirth or cesarean section due to improper handling caused by a brief infantile asphyxia, triggering hypoxic encephalopathy. For example, hydrocephalus caused by the severity of nerve compression, it will affect the child’s speech or delay or loss of action.

Experts suggest that if you determine the child is due to hydrocephalus caused by stunted, depending on the severity of the disease decide whether to implement hydrocephalus shunt surgery for treatment.

Baby neurodevelopmental examination method

If the height, weight, head circumference measurements are all low, then the child’s development showed a comprehensive slowdown, pediatricians should consult in detail to confirm the need for further examination. If only a height, weight, head circumference of a good indicator of the low, it means that children may have some of the developmental delay can be further examination of brain or endocrine and other combination of the project to understand the child’s physical development is affected influences.

If the intelligence level is critical and there is a lack of medical history and signs that can aid diagnosis, it is best to do an intelligence test. School-age students, compared with the same age classmates, mental retardation is very easy to reveal that they do not recognize their children have problems, and finally will require the doctor to judge, the doctor can not judge according to clinical performance, but also to do intelligence tests . Therefore, intelligence tests is a very important diagnostic tool. Now more use of Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale (than the scale) and Wechsler Intelligence Scale (Webster scale).

Antiepileptic drugs prone to cause fetal deformity?

Many mothers know that during pregnancy can not be taking drugs, improper use may even induce fetal malformations, topiramate, also known as “topotecan”, is often used to treat adult epilepsy and migraine drugs. However, if taken in the first 3 months of pregnancy, most likely to lead to baby malformations! It is reported that a few days ago the French health magazine “TOPSANTE” related research for your mothers to provide cautious medication recommendations. The latest research by Brigham and Women’s Hospital in the United States shows that if topiramate is administered regularly during the first trimester of pregnancy, it may cause facial deformities in newborns – especially cleft lip and cleft palate, commonly known as “rabbit’s lips.” The report also said many medications were not recommended (and even banned) for pregnant women during the first trimester of pregnancy, including non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (ibuprofen, aspirin and ketoprofen) Some cold medicines (especially vasoconstrictors), sedating antihistamines, antibiotics (cyclin, aminoglycosides, quinolones), and some medicines for the treatment of acne or psoriasis.

Pregnant women will encounter many minor illnesses, such as headache and cold, abdominal pain and diarrhea, or some chronic diseases such as high blood pressure. At this time, how should they use it? How to use scientific medication to the greatest extent possible to avoid harm to the fetus?

Try to avoid using any drugs during the first trimester of pregnancy

In the previous interview, the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangdong University of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Professor He Li said that the first three months of pregnancy try to avoid the use of any drug in the first trimester of pregnancy, the fetus at the crucial stage of organ differentiation and development, Drugs can be relatively sensitive. Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant women in the first three months should try to avoid medication, in three months later, the formation of fetal organs, stable development, the relative safety of medication, even if the external drug as well. At the same time pay attention to the dosage and time control, different from oral and injection timing quantitative use, the amount of external use in the smear, time and other aspects are not easy to control, therefore, should also be valued. For example, during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy, the need to use hormones smear ointment and other symptoms of dermatitis, be sure to go to the hospital for treatment, through the doctor after diagnosis and reuse, and must pay attention to the amount and time prescribed by the doctor to avoid prolonged, High-frequency, high-dose use.

For long-term medication for pregnant women with chronic diseases, or patients who have to take medicine during pregnancy, the pros and cons of the medication should be weighed in combination with the condition before using the drug. If the risk of using an excipient is less than the benefit, the medication may be used appropriately under the guidance of a physician. Therefore, during pregnancy, pregnant women must communicate well with their doctors, and doctors should have a comprehensive understanding of the history of pregnant women, medication history, etc., as well as the risks of prescription drugs to pregnant women and fetuses, as well as the latest information on drugs, understanding of drugs Side reactions, pregnant women should be fully informed, weighing the pros and cons, safe medication, in order to ensure the safety of mother and child.

Do not worry too much by your doctor’s orders

Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat-sen Chen Chuxiong, deputy director of pharmacists have reminded us that early pregnancy is embryonic, fetal differentiation stage of development, susceptible to external factors and maternal disease, leading to fetal malformations or spontaneous abortion, should pay attention to disease prevention and anti-malware. Pregnancy sick find a doctor in time, according to the doctor’s advice on time do not have to worry too much about.

How these behaviors can harm the eyes protect the child’s eyes

When children come to this world, clear and bright eyes lovable, when he suddenly flashed eyes interact with us, I believe everyone will be infinitely delighted. However, many young parents inadvertently made mistakes in companionship and caring for their children, causing their children’s clear eyes to lose their glory. How to protect your child’s eyes?

Hurt the eyes of children’s behavior

1, to wear sunglasses to children

Tidal tide mother new mom who always want to dress up their children, let the children wear sunglasses to dress up. As everyone knows, parents love children’s actions are hurting the child’s eyes! Children’s retina and lens are not yet mature, they need brighter light and clear objects to stimulate development, while darker sunglasses, hinder the normal development of children’s vision.

2, prolonged use of electronic products

“Usually busy with homework at home, no time to see children, but the children stopped playing Ipad, I can have a few hours cooking to clean up the room … …” Parents for convenience or to appease the crying child , Indulge them to use mobile phones, computers and other electronic products. However, the long-term use of electronic products, a great harm to the eyes. Over time, children’s vision will be getting worse!

3, noisy noise

Some studies have pointed out that the noise can reduce the human eye sensitivity to light, but also make the stability of visual clarity decreased. Noise will also make the color vision, color vision abnormalities, so that the eye symmetry of moving objects balance the reaction failure. Therefore, families with children should not place high-noise household appliances, watch TV or listen to songs, do not put the sound too much, children’s bedroom should pay attention to the quiet environment.

4, look at the strong sun

Sunbatching is good for children’s development, but mothers should pay attention to wearing sunshades, sunshades and sunglasses when they go out. Do not let the strong sunlight directly impinge on the children’s eyes. These glares may cause burns On the child’s eyes. Therefore, experts suggest that when sunny day out, choose the right sun hat, sunshade and sunglasses according to the child’s age.

How to protect children’s eyes

1, to avoid eye injuries

Children have a strong curiosity, two-year-old children rickety when walking, so parents should pay special attention to the home items and decorations, so as not to hurt the child’s eyes. Some angular goods with the best cushion, all sharp daily necessities, such as toothpicks, pencils, scissors, forks, chopsticks, etc., should be carefully collected.

2, correct eye

While helping the children to take a bath, parents wipe the eyes with gauze dipped in warm water (or cold towel with cold water), gently wipe the eyes from the end of the eye to the end of the eye, remember not to wipe back and forth, this will make the bacteria back and forth infection. When having children go out, if your child’s eyes have mucus or other dirt, it is advisable to wipe the child’s eyes with paper towels or cold water to remove the wipes. Because carrying a small handkerchief if the child rubbed his hands and feet, may be attached to some bacteria or dust, and if this handkerchief wipe the child’s eyes, the bacteria will take the opportunity to enter the child’s eyes, causing infection.

Neonatal tetanus infection? Experts teach you to avoid this

Neonatal tetanus is also a disease that we should pay attention to, and it usually happens from time to time. For such diseases, we should not only know the reason, but also know the effective prevention methods.

Neonatal tetanus route of infection

1, the source of infection with tetanus bacteria and animals are the source of infection of this disease. Under normal circumstances does not cause disease, only in the event of trauma and invasion by Clostridium tetanus can cause disease. Incubation period of 2 hours to several months.

2, transmission routes tetanus bacillus is one of the common soil flora, a very wide distribution in nature. Clostridium tetani is widespread in the gut of humans and poultry, livestock and other intestinal tract, with the excretion of contaminated soil with the excrement, and with the soil or dust trauma or wound into the body. The main ways of infection are:

(1) Traumatic infection: Infection by trauma with tetanus or other foreign body with tetanus bacteria.

(2) umbilical cord infection: with dirty utensils cut the umbilical cord, umbilical cord or with dirty dressing treatment, the umbilical cord wound caused by tetanus bacteria.

(3) other infections: birth canal, ear canal, tooth extraction, rat bite and infection after surgery.

3, susceptible populations are generally susceptible, but will not cause the spread of the crowd, sick children can not recover after the immune system immunity.

4, the epidemic features throughout the world, mostly distributed; there are significant regional differences, and high mortality.

Neonatal tetanus causes

1, the etiology

Infections are often non-sterile scissors, wire to break the umbilical cord, ligation of the umbilical cord; the recipient’s hand or cover the umbilical cord stump cotton gauze is not strictly sterilized, Clostridium tetani can invade, neonatal tetanus Can occur after vaccination is not strict disinfection, colibacillosis is not tissue invasive bacteria, only by tetanus spasm toxins pathogenic; tetanus toxin known toxins in the second ranked toxins, second only to botulinum toxin, which Lethal dose of about 10-6mg / kg.

2, pathogenesis

(1) The necrotic umbilical stump and its covering reduce the potential of redox potential, which facilitates the spore-forming of Tetanus Clostridium sp. And the tetanus spasm toxins that cause the disease. With the release of toxins, toxin-producing bacteria die , Dissolved, tetanus toxins through lymph lymphocytes into the blood, attached to globulin reached the central nervous system.

(2) can also be absorbed by the muscular nerve junction, through the peripheral nerves of the intima and adventitia, or the motor nerve axis up to the spinal cord and brainstem, once the toxin with ganglioside in central nervous tissue binding, antitoxin can not Neutralization, toxin and ganglioside in the gray matter in the synaptic membrane after binding, so that it can not release inhibitory nerve mediators (glycine, aminobutyric acid), so that the motor system to enhance the reflex of afferent stimuli, resulting in flexor Muscle and extensor at the same time strongly sustained contraction, the more frequent activity of the muscle group, the more involved, so the masticatory muscle spasm so that the teeth closed, hemifacial spasm was smile face, abdominal muscles when spasms strong, the formation of angular bow Zhang, this toxin can also be excited sympathetic, leading to tachycardia, hypertension, hyperhidrosis and other performance.

Neonatal tetanus incubation period

Neonatal tetanus incubation period is generally 4-12 days, an average of 7 days, so there are folk “lock mouth wind”, “umbilical cord wind”, “seven days wind”, “four winds,” said the first symptom of neonatal tetanus, Often manifested as can not breast (due to masticatory muscle spasm). Early symptoms of crying, mouthless, difficulty eating, such as tongue depressor, the greater the force, the more difficult mouth, help early diagnosis.

Neonatal tetanus incubation period, generally refers to the time from birth to onset. Short incubation period, indicating strong virulence of bacteria, resulting in more toxins, so sick. Latency shorter than 6 days, the prognosis is more serious. There is a group of data showing a case-fatality rate of 44.4% (11/25) with a latency of less than 6 days and a case-fatality rate of only 20% (4/20) with a latency of more than 6 days. It is generally accepted that the incubation period is longer than 10 days Most, most can be cured.

Neonatal tetanus prevention

1, to the regular hospital delivery.

2, the new law delivery: to promote new law delivery. The scissors should be burnt red, after cooling or with 2% iodine scissors to be dried off the umbilical cord, the cord is also applied 2% iodine disinfection after ligation of the umbilical cord, and leave the umbilical cord stump a few centimeters, for 24h within the cord press Disinfection method reprocessing. Cut off the remnants of the remaining umbilical cord and re-ligate.

3, emergency situations: In case of emergency, in addition to the umbilical cord should be strictly disinfected, at the same time:

(1) penicillin: muscle penicillin 3-4 days.

(2) tetanus antitoxin: intramuscular tetanus antitoxin 1500-3000U.

(3) Tetanus immunoglobulin: Intramuscular body tetanus immunoglobulin 75-250U.

4, pregnant women intramuscular injection of tetanus toxoid: due to maternal antibodies and neonatal antibodies were positively correlated. Antibody serum tetanus antitoxin levels at 0.01U / ml, can effectively protect the body from tetanus infection. For pregnant women who can not guarantee aseptic delivery, 0.5 ml of tetanus toxoid 2 may be injected during the third trimester of pregnancy separated by 1 month and the second at least 2 weeks before delivery (preferably at 1 month).

5, maternal newborn abortion, 24 hours cut the remnant of the remnant umbilical cord and re-ligation, the proximal end with 3% hydrogen peroxide or 1: 4000 potassium permanganate coated with iodine after washing, and intramuscular injection of tetanus Antitoxin.

Postpartum hair loss how to do? Improve the treatment of hair loss diet

I believe many of my precious mother have encountered such a situation, when the hair shampoo will drop a lot, and even “bald” signs. Do not worry, first of all have to clearly lead to hair off the “culprit,” and then symptomatic drug application, so as to protect the hair.

Postpartum hair loss how to do?

1, if it is deliberately dieting caused by malnutrition, it is recommended that mothers want to eat more nutritious food, after all, feeding the baby will lose a lot of nutrition. Like fruits, vegetables, meat, milk, eggs are not less than one, to meet the needs of the body to meet the needs of the growth of the hair.

2, do not think that with children is stupid reason, Po mother in love with the baby also love themselves, and more comb the hair, can promote the scalp blood circulation, but also conducive to hair metabolism.

3, to wash your hair often, so as to help the growth of new hair.

4, treasure mother in the time with children to relax, do not give yourself too much pressure, or hair loss symptoms are difficult to be alleviated.

Postpartum diet to improve hair loss diet

Black sesame black beans loach soup

Raw materials: black sesame, black beans each 120 grams, about 750 grams loach, dried tangerine peel 1/4, 2 to 3 slices of ginger.

System of law: black sesame seeds, black beans washed, such as stomach cold who should be fried and then use, dried tangerine peel to wash, loach wash, kill the net, slow fire until yellow, and then with the ginger into the cooker, Add 2000 ml of water (about 8 bowls of water), the first Wuhuo boiling boil simmer for 1 and a half hours, transferred to the amount of salt and oil can be. This amount is available for 2 to 3 people, loach and black beans can be picked up mixed sauce soy sauce use.

Efficacy: Spleen, Qi nourishing, Bushenyijing, hair growth.

Shouwu black beans

Raw materials: black beans 500 grams, 60 grams of wolfberry, Radix 30 grams, 12 walnuts.

System of law: first fried Shou Wu, Chinese wolfberry, black beans after stewed juice, walnuts, cooked, with water mixing, dried, daily Nights 30 black beans.

Efficacy: nourishing essence, expelling blood, apply to hair loss, white hair, less white head and other symptoms.

Why children more easily to leukemia?

In recent years, the incidence of leukemia can be described as increasing year by year, of which children account for the majority of the ratio, which is why? Why leukemia will be more popular in children? Here we take a look!

What are the causes of childhood leukemia?

First, the food contamination: There is a lot of food on the market now have not been formally tested, it also caused some food containing a lot of cancer substances are being consumed by people.

Second, radiation can cause leukemia:

Patients who have been treated with radiotherapy have a much higher chance of having leukemia than the average person.

Third, the virus infection: There have been studies have shown that virus infection can induce leukemia.

Fourth, drugs or chemicals can cause leukemia: can cause leukemia drugs chloramphenicol, co-fungi benzene, pesticides and anti-cancer drugs.

Fifth, water and air pollution

Sixth, the genetic defect: Through maternal inheritance, if the female has received the radiotherapy in the pregnant time, the improper medicine treatment, will cause the child to have the leukemia the chance to increase.

Experts advise early detection and treatment of leukemia is extremely crucial, affecting the child’s survival rate, so as a parent, should be appropriate to understand some signs of leukemia, if you find any of the following abnormalities, as soon as possible to do blood tests, diagnosis and treatment .

Acute leukemia in children than the average incidence of acute leukemia, the main symptoms are: fever, anemia, bleeding.

Irregular fever is the largest feature of the disease, the causes of fever can be manifested in two types: cancer and secondary infection caused by fever.

Like fever, anemia is a common symptom in children with leukemia. When there is a problem with the human hematopoietic system, there will be a decrease or even disappearance of erythrocytes and hemoglobin production, resulting in different degrees of anemia.

Almost all children will have varying degrees of bleeding, including nosebleeds, bleeding gums, visceral hemorrhage, hematemesis, hematuria and other means. Bleeding occurs, and leukemia cells invade the normal bone marrow, resulting in abnormalities in platelet mass and quantity.

Children picky eaters will lead to personality problems children picky eaters how to do

Children need a variety of growth and development of nutrition, if the child picky eaters, not only affect the physical development, but also affect the child’s personality. Therefore, parents must correct their child’s picky food behavior, to ensure that children can grow up healthily.

Children picky eaters harm

1, too bad temper dessert

Some children like to cry, temper restless and headstrong. Cause of the child’s temper, in addition to parents spoiled, spoiled and inappropriate education, but also with the usual intake of too much sweets. A lot of sugar metabolism in the human body need to consume large amounts of vitamin B1. Once the body lacks vitamin B1, pyruvate, lactate and other metabolites will accumulate, especially in the brain accumulation too much, there will be emotional instability, love and excitement, like crying, irritability and other puzzling phenomena.

2, caused by children with ADHD

ADHD mainly occurs in boys between the ages of 5 and 7, and is characterized by willfulness, restlessness, excessive language and distractions that distress parents. Studies have shown that eating too much food that contains tyrosine and salicylates and eating lots of condiments, artificial colors, and lead-contaminated foods can cause ADHD in children with a genetic predisposition to ADHD, Symptoms increase. As long as the restrictions on such foods, the symptoms can be significantly improved.

3, abnormal behavior

Picky eaters, partial eclipse will lead to the lack of certain nutrients in children’s body, thus affecting the child’s personality, or even behavior. Such as the lack of VE, it will lead to mental retardation in children; lack of VC can lead to unresponsive children, numbness, disobedient personality; if zinc deficiency may cause pica.

Children picky eaters how to do

1, correct partial eclipse early start

Due to the infancy of little or no contact with bitter or sour foods, it is extremely inappropriate for young children. So consciously in infancy to let your baby contact with bitter or sour foods, you can prevent the next partial eclipse. Such as giving a small amount of onion ginger soup, rice vinegar noodles, soup with a little pepper and so on.

2, to develop their own baby food

Try to eat their own baby is an exploration of behavior, parents do not because of fear of dirty and messy baby will not allow the baby to eat, which will instead lead to the baby refused to eat. In addition, let your baby eat, you can also exercise his hand-eye coordination, so precise and precise action, so as to develop the baby’s self-confidence, let him be more interested in eating.

3, parents should pay attention to cooking methods

When cooking to do color, smell, taste, causing children’s interest in food. In addition to white boiled eggs, but also steamed eggs, scrambled eggs, fried poached eggs. Children who do not eat vegetables, parents can chop the vegetables on the porridge or rice for their children to eat. You can also eat in children’s favorite foods he does not like to eat food.