10 special health products were investigated Yilishen capsules and other products, in accordance with hin

in addition & other; God throughout medicine &; That can cure magic health food down the altars.

recently, the state food and drug supervision and management of administration (hereinafter referred to as & other; State administration of food drug safety & throughout;) Release & other; Administration of about 10 health food false advertisement notice & throughout; Said, involving 10 enterprises 10 health food advertising content has the problem of cheat and mislead consumers. Notice shows that 10 health food advertising content contains the effect of unscientific assertion, expanding propaganda cure rate or efficient, use a name or image for efficacy proof and other issues.

publicity when stressed & other; Medicinal & throughout; , & other Treatment effects & throughout;

in accordance with the “food safety law, health food label, instruction shall not be involved in disease prevention, treatment, function, content should be true, consistent with the content of the registration or registration, indicate the appropriate crowd, not appropriate crowd, efficacy composition or iconic composition and its content, and declare & other; This product can not replace medicine & throughout; . The function of health food and ingredients should be consistent with labels and specifications.

however, the above is to investigate and punish the magic health food, is stressed by the propaganda & other; Medicinal & throughout; & other; Treatment effects & throughout; And so on.

the Toshiba temple mountain biotechnology co., LTD., production of cheese cheese temple card selenium capsules, claimed in the advertisement & other; Take medicine restrain cancer cell proliferation rate was 89.3%, more than a decade, than eat throughout se zhi capsule thirty days &; . Luoyang jiujiu age health vinegar industry co., LTD. Production of luoyang jiujiu age d he vinegar product, claimed in the advertisement & other; No medicine medicine, we see an special & throughout; And so on. In addition, Beijing HuaWeiKang technology co., LTD., shenyang long port ant treasure wine co., LTD., production yilishen in xin capsule claimed in the advertisement & other; Taking three month throughout hypertension & no longer recurrence; And so on. It is important to note that the above 10 health food, there are multiple products previously had been reported violation.

tightly regulated are overweight

in order to prevent the consumer fall for it, feed the agency has to communicate the relevant departments to investigate and punish illegal ACTS and feed on the agency to take back the period of validity of the document of approval for advertising in accordance with the law. At the same time, the state administration of food drug administration also requires regulatory departments at all levels, once found serious illegal advertisement, be handed over to the relevant departments to investigate, for relevant enterprises to take the cancellation back AD approval, in accordance with the law shall be ordered to suspend sales measures such as, and to process the results from the public.

however, SMW reporter learns query yesterday, the above 10 Revelations of health food, there are still a lot of variety in the online channel sales. Yang age health care vinegar, for example, is still in the price of 200 yuan sale in a certain electric business platform. While & other; Yilishen in xin capsule & throughout; There are the so-called & other; The only official website & throughout; More than one for sale, and the url.

nutrition and health industry association executive director of guangdong province zhang yong said yesterday in an interview with SMW reporter, national food drug safety administration of the punch, is for those who had good at false propaganda health food caused alarm.

& other; In regulation, may have to escrow, for example because of false advertising may sell for several hundred million, but hundreds of thousands of fines. While the current practice in real. Once found false advertising, for example, could you register in the second pass it. In addition, according to the characteristics of the special purpose of food, the national food administration of drug safety also established a special department room this year. Throughout the &; Zhang yong said.

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