120 the dispatch center operator On New Year’s eve on 12 hours

New Year’s eve at 8 a.m., the 120 operator Chen Minrui ate dinner will get 120 dispatch center from home. Should be in the holiday and family together but she kept on a computer, a phone from New Year’s eve unattended to day at eight o ‘clock in the morning. Yesterday morning, reporters follow Chen Minrui duty, met her something don’t panic, tension and orderly working condition. & other; In the center of the emergency work is a matter of life, regardless of is not a holiday, we will do our best. Throughout the &;

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save for help in the morning is mostly drunken patients

in the morning yesterday, Beijing morning post reporter comes to 120 dispatch center. The telephone, the hall of dispatchers are busy on duty. Chen Minrui sitting in front of a computer, then the phone while quickly record information on the computer. Wait until she put the phone down, to talk to reporters. & other; If the first is the emergency transport tasks, more tired, so during the Spring Festival, becomes another kind of hard. Big holiday, not really nasty, patients generally do not call an ambulance. So, that when emergency condition generally critically ill or is very urgent. Throughout the &; She said to the reporter, the New Year’s eve this year, most of the emergency situation is drunk and quarrel. & other; So far I got a call from the six or seven patients were drunk, is the most serious alcoholism, has been in the hospital. Throughout the &; She said, & other Actually I beseech you, drink to entertain quite good, but don’t drink, so as not to sorrow. Throughout the &;

as long as it can be smoothly finish every patient’s telephone, Chen Minrui feel duty is very meaningful. & other; Zero, I call the family members, relatives and friends happy New Year, and also on duty colleagues a photo, send a circle of friends, also pretty interesting. Throughout the &; She said, & other But now the main emergency center are & lsquo; After the 80 & rsquo; , & lsquo; After the 90 & rsquo; Who is not a monumental exploits? Anything I can do more than just do something more. Throughout the &; Chen Minrui said.

boy swallowed foreign body through the guidance and mercy

& other; Drink saliva, wet my whistle, I can’t drink for two hours. Throughout the &; Chen Minrui respite from pick up drank a cup. & other; Rings banned within this year, our work is easy. Throughout the &; As journalists and Chen Minrui chatting, suddenly the telephone rang again. Chen Minrui quickly pick up the phone. Only heard her say, & other; Don’t be hard on the child’s back, let him don’t be nervous, don’t use steamed bread swallow it. Our side have been quick to send someone over. Throughout the &; Reassure her as she will address recorded down the phone. Hang up the phone, after Chen Minrui started deploying an ambulance immediately. & other; Two years old boy, swallowed a chestnut stuck. Throughout the &; She simply introduced the situation of the patients after, ambulance quickly set off.

after arrange the car, Chen Minrui and gave the phone back to the child’s family, ask the child’s details, patiently and tell the emergency information to the family. & other; Can patted the back of the child, let his natural vomiting. Throughout the &; She said. All of a sudden, Chen Minrui relieved, he said, & other That’s good, that’s good. Also immediately to the ambulance, I’ll let the doctor gave children check again. Throughout the &; Hang up the phone, she told reporters that turns out to be a family living in daxing district, a two-year-old boy took a whole chestnuts swallowed down, stuck in the throat. Through the guidance, children will chestnuts spit it out on his own. & other; Fortunately, children have no great things, such as emergency physician to give the child after checking can be relieved. Throughout the &; Say that finish, the phone rang again, in front of Chen Minrui she sorrily smile, continue to pick up the phone. It was more than two in the morning, but Chen Minrui still in high spirits, to the telephone and computer, stick to the post.

at the scene of the Beijing morning paper news chief reporter Zhang Jingya wen and perturbation clues: ms wu

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