13 areas pension payments less than one year

recently, people club department of social security enterprise management center issued “China social insurance annual development report 2016.

recently, people club department of social security management center, the development of Chinese social insurance annual report 2016.

Beijing learns from to get the full report, in 2016, the town worker endowment insurance fund balance of the total size of 6.6912 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 1.1758 trillion yuan, an increase of 21.3%. Town worker endowment insurance fund revenue of 3.5058 trillion yuan, an increase of 571.7 billion yuan, up by 19.5%; Funds total 3.1854 trillion yuan, an increase of 604.1 billion yuan, an increase of 23.4%. Spending growth is greater than income growth.

from all around, there are 13 statistical area the cumulative balance of endowment insurance fund to pay for months had less than 1 year, and the cumulative balance of heilongjiang province has been negative, the deficit of 23.2 billion yuan.

heilongjiang pension shortfall of 20 billion

report detailed the 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and the xinjiang production and construction corps of endowment insurance fund balance of payments situation. According to the cumulative balance and statistical analysis of monthly payments, for each region of endowment insurance fund to pay for months in the rankings.

among them, the number one cause of guangdong province to pay for 55.7 months. Guangxi, jiangxi, hainan, Inner Mongolia, hubei, shanxi, tianjin, hebei, liaoning, jilin, qinghai, xinjiang production and construction corps and heilongjiang 13 areas such as affordable months had less than 1 year.

pension cumulative balance most is also in guangdong, the province’s balance 725.8 billion yuan; Followed by Beijing, the balance of 352.4 billion yuan. It is worth noting that heilongjiang province town enterprise worker endowment insurance fund has accumulated balance is & other; – 23.2 billion yuan & throughout; .

due to the shortfall of endowment insurance fund, pension pay a lot of rely on fiscal expenditure in heilongjiang province. Heilongjiang province in 2016 released by the financial department budget implementation, according to social security and employment reached 3.24 billion yuan.

in addition, the province’s 2016 financial statements situation shows that the central transfer payments of heilongjiang province total 267.4 billion yuan, while nearly 20% of this money to use on the social security expenditure, such as the province’s basic endowment insurance and low transfer income is 33.69 billion yuan, urban and rural residents medical treatment insurance transfer income is 4.97 billion yuan, 12.249 billion yuan of social security and employment.

why heilongjiang endowment insurance will appear such & other; Gorillas & throughout; ? According to the national statistical yearbook data show that heilongjiang province enterprise retiree increased from 2010 in 2.688 million to 2016 in 4.57 million. Is the growth of the retired personnel, on the other hand, was lost social insurance ginseng protect personnel. According to the 2010 sixth national population census data, the net out of heilongjiang province with a population of 3.225 million people, including 30 – moved up to 39 years old, accounted for 32.6%.

9 area endowment insurance dependency ratio less than 2

look from the annual social security fund data, from 2012 to 2012, five social security fund in our country have for five consecutive years spending rose more than income growth.

spending growth is behind the acceleration of population aging in our country, according to the report, the national town worker is basic endowment insurance dependency ratio (i.e., ginseng protect a worker to the number and get the ratio of the number of endowment insurance pay) has dropped from 3.16 in 2011 to 2.8 in 2016.

including hubei, gansu, sichuan, chongqing, liaoning, Inner Mongolia, jilin, heilongjiang, xinjiang production and construction corps, nine statistics area of the dependency ratio has fallen to below 2, the raising of heilongjiang province more than the minimum, 1.3.

one deputy director general of the ministry of social endowment insurance company Jia Jiang introduction, by the end of 2016, China 60 years of age or older population has reached 230 million, accounting for 16.7% of the population, with a population of 150 million people aged 65 or over 10.8%. It is predicted that endowment insurance dependency ratio dropped from the current 2.8 to 4:3 in 2050. That is to say, by 2050, an average of 1.3 ginseng will provide for an old man.

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