13 people methanol poisoning admitted to hospital. Guangdong province for a week urgent check these two kinds of wine, temporarily not found

since November 20, heyuan city, guangdong people’s hospital has accepts a number of methanol poisoning patients, they in heyuan city, & other; Muse” Occurred on the bar after drinking, physical discomfort, coma and other symptoms.

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images from a line today.

to the bar to drink & other; Methanol & throughout; Wine 22 people hospital

guangdong food and drug supervision bureau reported yesterday, as, heyuan city, & other; Muse” Bar with valid business license, business license and food wine beverage business by a total of 13 varieties,

one & other; Mr Lang’s deployment of whiskey & throughout; (labeled producers for Asia’s wine co., LTD., operator of penglai city for shenzhen’s liquor),

& other; Farley, deployment of whiskey & throughout; (labeled producers for penglai city’s wine co., LTD, operators association huizhou jiayi liquor) as two kinds of wine can’t provide any paper supplier certification.

after the to buckle & other; Farley, deployment of whiskey & throughout; Sampling, detection contain methanol composition.

related products for the fakes were initially determined. The bars and labeled operators are involved has been sealed.

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target, it is the two kinds of wine.

so far, heyuan city, people’s hospital treated due to the involved products cause discomfort in patients with a total of 22 people, confirmed 13 people & other; Methanol & throughout; Poisoning. The ICU were four patients, hospital patients with mild 18, no deaths.

guangdong emergency inventory of these two kinds of wine for a week, temporary not found diffusion

to prevent the harm of suspected products to expand, the food and drug supervision bureau of guangdong province on November 24th afternoon immediately to carry out the deployment of the provincial food and drug supervision system of the two kinds of the province of large inventory, focus on screen bars, karaoke bars and the related catering units, and organize to carry out a week-long liquor emergency actions there are serious risks, at the same time issued a consumer tips.

the provincial food and drug supervision departments at all levels overnight action, conduct a comprehensive inventory quickly. By the 25th noon, the provincial food and drug supervision system in inspection personnel 3052 people, for the 37 liquor production units, 1317 wine business units, 809 bars, karaoke bars, inventory key check whether there is a production and operation of the two kinds of wine, and other illegal behavior. Before inventory results show that, in addition to heyuan city, & other; Muse” Bar detected 791 bottles of products involved, the province the rest of the cities in alcohol food production or marketing and catering link wasn’t found these two kinds of wine.

SMW reporter today (November 27) had an interview with guangzhou, shenzhen, huizhou, foshan, zhuhai, dongguan, zhongshan, jiangmen, such as the pearl river delta cities of the food and drug regulator, they all said last weekend in screening, currently temporarily didn’t find the fakes, screening is still in progress.

at present, the public security organ has initiate an investigation into the case. The provincial food and drug regulators also will continue to troubleshoot suspected products, cooperate with the public security organ for investigation on the case. If you have any units or public crowd found this two kind of wine sales, please timely to report complaints to local food and drug regulatory department. To report complaints hotline: 12331.

4 people were detained, the seizure of operating companies

the heyuan city and source two level public security organs rapidly start the emergency plan, establishment of planning to carry out the investigation work. The police have seized the involved & other; Muse bar & throughout; In shenzhen, huizhou, heyuan & other Muse bar & throughout; Seized alcohol involved more than 190 cases of suspected and production and sales of poisonous and harmful food & other crime; Muse bar & throughout; Legal representative wang mou, & other; Muse bar & throughout; Shareholders and manager Yang zhou, liquor sellers a jade and yoon XiaoMou wei and other four people execute criminal detention.

huizhou, huidong county food agency first verification of huizhou involved with good wine, the company have been found are closed, and then to seize on it.

according to the criminal suspects confession, wine is made from sold in heyuan. At present, some source is surrounding bar owners, drinks and other towards such issues as in-depth investigation.

【 extend 】

the national food administration of drug safety: fakes have been sold to

in henan, guangdong, hainan, guizhou and yunnan

, according to the state food and drug administration’s official website as, two kinds of wine for suspected counterfeit others enterprise production of methanol blended product, we initially sold to henan, guangdong, hainan, guizhou and yunnan, the main sales in the bar.














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