15 yuan of high-speed bento is such

2018 Spring Festival has begun, what to eat on the high-speed rail as each long-distance passenger must face the problem. so, follow us into the Beijing area bento production and distribution base, high-speed motor car field reveal how the high-speed rail on the bento produced. See the real figure, think about the way to eat what.


Beijing Beijing iron train service co., LTD., food production base, the base covers an area of more than 40000 square meters, Shared food production and processing equipment more than 7000 units, responsible for Beijing railway bureau more than 100 meals production of high-speed trains. Daily meals, 20000 production base.

base are divided into meat processing production floor area, vegetable processing area, cooked area, packing area, test area etc.




师傅正在烹制的宫保鸡丁。 Cooked workshop work is & other; Stewed, boiled, Fried, steamed, baked, Fried & throughout; , but there is no open flame, such as steam heating food

cooked area, workers are packing box meicai vegetable braised pork

make cold-chain food is an important part of the cooling. After two cooling, the cooked food down to 0 to 4 degrees Celsius temperature, easy to transport

coming into the steaming box steamed stuffed bun

detection zone are staff testing of vegetable raw materials, such as, analysis of pesticide residues, freshness, etc., if the unqualified will be eliminated from the source

meals after completion of production, also need to inspect after three links. First is the metal detection, see if there are any clean ball wire, etc.; Then the weight test, guarantee food standards; Finally, X-ray foreign body detection, see if there are any small stones and other non-metal foreign bodies.

all meals & other; Retention samples & throughout; And retention time is shelf life 72 hours plus 48 hours. Even on the train, more than 72 hours of meals, no sales will be in the process of destruction.

it was reported that during the Spring Festival, Beijing Beijing rail train services company based on different regional customs and diet along the lines and passenger demand for dining, seven production price ($10 – $99) 18 varieties of all kinds of products. But the output of 45 yuan bento most, accounts for more than half. Details are as follows:

10 yuan meal: mushroom bag, sprouts heaving bags, sweet buns.

15 yuan meal: spicy diced meat meal, meat, kelp meal, burning, three fresh pizza, noodles,

30 yuan meal: biscuit firing three fresh package, dry fry NiuHe, three fresh shrimps;

45 yuan meal: pork with meicai vegetable meal, braise in soy sauce meat meal, chilli fish meal, kung pao chicken meal, potatoes, beef brisket package;

65 yuan meal: apricot bao mushroom stewed beef meal, crystal shrimp meal;

99 yuan meal: black pepper cowboy bone meal. DetailPic

high-speed bento

to make you fully experience the traditional Chinese food flavor, base is produced for a variety of meals to take traditional handwork method, ensure the color, aroma, taste and delicate shape, let passengers enjoy delicious with the tip of the tongue. Do you want to good what kind of package?

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