18 years old female students heart stopped half an hour Medical personnel more than 30 hours to rescue


at this female student’s older brother in a media interview.

reporter 4 yuan ren earl general hospital has learned from macau, an 18-year-old girl students has suddenly fainted during school sports game, has been rushed to the hospital emergency, cardiac arrest during about half an hour, after more than 30 hours rescue, finally will this female students from the gate of hell to rescue.

the Macao health bureau deputy director, kernel earl comprehensive hospital Guo Changyu introduces, at 5 PM on February 1, an 18 year old female patient to hospital by ambulance, is said to be suddenly heartbeat pause during school sports, fortunately there was a Red Cross staff has been the scene of the emergency cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), but still a dead evidence to the court, heart stopped about half an hour.

situation is very critical, kernel earl general hospital first aid team to rescue immediately, about 10 minutes later, this female student finally restore the heart, then for low temperature treatment and a series of treatment, to 3 day night about 9 gradually regained consciousness, after more than 30 hours persistence of rescue, medical staff finally female students from the death of the precious life.

Guo Chang parity, outside of hospital cardiopulmonary in most cases it is difficult to rescue, this time the hospital successfully rescue the patient, in addition to the Red Cross staff on-site emergency, can also be related to the hospital first aid team trained at ordinary times, when the patient to hospital first aid, will include emergency rooms, intensive medical, heart and neurologist doctor jointly carry out emergency work.

it is understood that this female student is in stable condition, has been able to identify family, classmates and teachers, etc., can also you are eating, will be transferred to the heart continue to observe, to be fully recovered after discharged from hospital.

this female student’s brother, said sister love sports at ordinary times, and no other ailments, her on the day of the school sports meeting, when suddenly fainted after run the 4 x 100 relay. Thanks to the medical personnel to rescue, sister finally rescued, thank the kernel earl general hospital medical staff’s efforts.

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