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on December 10, by the” China health “magazine, the health club hosted 2017 China health reform transmission peak BBS held in Beijing. National health and family planning commission, deputy director of the state council reform Wang Hesheng, director of the office on the BBS speech pointed out that the health propaganda is building consensus, an important means of dissemination of reform experience, the amplification effect. Construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics into a new era of health of China, comprehensively deepen reform put forward the new target, new tasks, the health promotion to follow the new change, meet the needs of the new era, accurately grasp the health propaganda work faces new situation and new requirements, actively create a new situation new age health propaganda.

Wang Hesheng said, deepen the reform since the eighteenth big progress, especially in & other; Five obvious & throughout; : increase obviously crucial strength; Obviously improve propulsion mechanism; Speeding up development pace; Security strength significantly increased; Reform effect obviously. And, the strengthened through reform, public health agencies to effectively reduce the medical burden on the people, medical and health undertakings have sustainable development. Wang Hesheng pointed out that 19 big spirit to deepen the reform as an important guidance, continue to promote reform entering a new era, a concerted effort to open the deepening reform of the new campaign. Full implementation of the 19 big deploy, major policy decisions will need to establish overall quality and efficient medical and health service system, continue to deepen reform of public hospitals, a sound system of universal health care, drug supply security system, perfect the comprehensive regulatory system construction as the key work to advance.

Wang Hesheng stressed that to give full play to the leading health propaganda guiding function, to deepen the reform to provide public opinion support and spiritual power. All we need to put the propaganda as the important content of deepening reform and strong driving force, on the important agenda. Must be good at starting from a global and strategic perspective, strengthen the overall design, to do propaganda work and business work and the study, and the deployment, and propulsion. Big joint promotion pattern should be improved and the formation of a powerful propaganda resultant force. Double to adhere to the goal and demand guide, in-depth the actual ground gas, enhance the appeal of propaganda, the propagation force, to new era precision docking the diversification of people’s growing health health needs.

peak BBS, produced by “Chinese health” magazine of Chinese health care communication data are released. Data show that in the past two years, the health awareness rising, people are obviously increased, health care article reading grown from 1.263 billion in January 2016 to October 2017, 2.265 billion, its highest level in September this year has reached 2.68 billion. From 2016 to 2017, including health health concern hot word in China, family doctors, the long-distance medical, public hospitals, private hospitals, the doctor-patient relationship, humanistic care, pediatrician, etc. Attention of the top 10 major health care reform policy are public hospitals, social forces, much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning, drug safety, medical insurance directory, comprehensive regulation, medicine circulation, different ground settlement and integration of modern hospital management, health care. BBS also released & other; Deepening the reform annual list of good communication & throughout; The results.

deepening health reform under this year outstanding prize winners list, spread list

2017 health spread of influence of the annual work

the People’s Daily jian-feng bai “China health reform world problem solution”

xinhua garrel “farewell & other medicine to cure & throughout; : a key called” big characters change

xinhua wang bin, such as the compaction of the base of the health of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation

& ndash; & ndash; the party central committee with comrade xi for the core we will speed up the establishment of a healthy Chinese documentary “

” guangming daily “Jin Zhenya” signing family doctor faces three big problems “

economic daily wu jiajia” for pregnancy, hard work is worth!”

the central people’s broadcasting station CheLi “how to win the trust when good health gatekeeper?”




《中国青年报》 董伟《让云端的“雨”下到西部的土地上》


《人民日报》 李红梅《整合医保牵起医改牛鼻子》

《中国日报》 单娟《新型医疗服务定价机制效果显现》

《科技日报》 付丽丽《“以药养医”破局医改动真格》

中新社董子畅《中国医改步入“快车道”  期待更多健康福祉》



《健康报》 《医改进行时》




人民日报《民生周刊》 王丽《新医改看杭州》

《工人日报》 姬薇《我国医疗质量和服务显著提升》


《中国妇女报》 耿兴敏《医疗改革让医患双方实现共赢》



《健康报》 韩璐《上海:信息化成深化医改新引擎》

《中国人口报》 王洋《深圳医改全面推广“罗湖模式”》

Chinese health magazine ning sun “spanning 60 years to medicine medical era”

2017 health spread infectious works

the Beijing li dandan’s many provinces and cities to & other antibiotics & throughout; operation “

the southern metropolis news, Mr. Wu” Chinese long distance the doctor how to submit an expense account is no longer difficult?”

“first financial daily” ma “new & other barefoot doctors throughout the &; : 46 basic public health services,”

the health times Ye Zhengxing “the 3 armour hospital into community”

Chinese family newspaper Yang Shumeng “promote public hospital reform in yunnan: return to the public welfare nature”

China county health magazine Wang Yan Ann “PuJiang: cet 4 couplet of medical power & other diagnosis and homogeneity throughout the &;”

people Zhao Jinghan “see insurance help health poverty alleviation & other zhaotong exploration & throughout;”

China Yang “live health reform”

sina weibo tian qing “reform that something”

2017 health spread annual observation works

southern weekend Yuan Duan side “how to say goodbye to the Chinese medicine & other security throughout invalid &; history

tencent I am tamino neon the health reform in sichuan province: & other five one & throughout; YaoXie phased results were obtained in centralized purchasing”

in the health through the share medical era while the characters

sohu health yuan on the vice-chairman, vice President of miss Victoria: how do the poor security “of a serious illness

interface news wang d couplet: barriers to break and vertical

health community media Ma Xiaobei” in addition to the traditional Chinese medicine in gansu what glittering reform highlights “

clove garden on xu” break the barriers to reshape pattern & ndash; & ndash; remember qingyang road to health,

in the medical community media Zhang Ling clinical master’s training mode is not suitable for the current state of the union “

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