2017 medical BBS top 100 held in Beijing in the future

on December 15, 2017-17, 2017 top 100 for future medical BBS in the successful hosting of Beijing marriott hotel city wall. The meeting in the future medical fortune 100 list, top 100 medical series award issued as an opportunity, to & other; Species throughout time & the big bang; As the theme, gather the most active health innovation at home and abroad enterprises, listed companies, financial and medical institutions.

the meeting with intelligent video, intelligent medical equipment innovation, new clinic, hospital, medicine circulation, maternal and infant industry such as eight year the hottest areas of medical health as the theme, synchronous held more than 20 games include medical every niche parallel BBS, promote industrial chain effective interactive cooperation, boost the most growth potential field and the rapid development of the enterprise.

2017 top 100 for future medical BBS held in Beijing

the observation data of medical & ndash; & ndash; 2017 for future medical industry competitiveness report released

artery founder Li Datao at the scene of the event issued the observation data of medical & ndash; & ndash; 2017 for future medical industry competitiveness report (hereinafter referred to as:” report “), and with the depth of the report in reading. It is reported, the report by the institute of eggshell seven researchers examined more than 500 innovative medical companies, data compiled more than 70000 enterprises, took two months to complete.

in the last two months, the researchers to repeated verification of data, joint experts to determine the index score dimensions and use the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) to determine the weight of each level indicator, to institute and egg qing capital rigorous analysis to support, finally through the quadrant diagram analysis it is concluded that the comprehensive competitiveness of the enterprise. Arterial network will this start-up medical health field analysis model, called VB quadrant.

for the report, the artery founder Li Datao also expressed their views. Giant, he thought, the flow can be reproduced many small giants, production-oriented enterprise finally will be operating to the community, ecological alliance to evolution, the past industrial age to pay attention to order, pay attention to closed, now has become more and more open, more and more uncertain. Large enterprises have a lot of opportunities, they may by redefining the value chain in the form of financial investment, the other in a single niche, head enterprise also has a larger opportunity. DetailPic

artery founder Li Datao

five main themes, explore various areas hot

the camel sign of the long march, the energy of the cheetah, wildebeest, the elephants turned, croc rashly, these seemingly and medical industry goes and animals, but is closely related to the theme of this BBS speech. Species big bang time, the medical each niche is a burst of new vitality, arterial network will these new elements into the five themes: medical service system reform, capital driven by the depth of the medical technology evolution, medical treatment flow entrance forces of new pattern, YaoXie industrial policies to drive the new normal and growth of cross-border cooperation and integration of medical industry. The theme of the conference speech, as well as on different topics.

jun lian, managing director of capital Cai Daqing to determine the dominant force in the health care industry at present stage, in his view, & have spent In 2010, in 2015, the policy and the market is still the dominant force in the industry. But at present in China, technological progress has become one of the leading power of the industry. Jun when doing investment capital, demand side and supply side all the time is not on my mind. The supply side of the health care industry, such as monoclonal antibodies, genome technology will be an important part of our future.

new ecological reconstruction in medical treatment, medical cloud, wuzhen Internet national physician pavilion chief designer NiRong think companies need to do four things: first, must understand the party’s policies; Second, must let the common people have to benefit; Third, all of the medical and health care services must let the doctor efficiency; Fourth, with partners to share the cake, everyone together to benefit; Fifth, their survival, the next three to five years as long as the enterprise to survive, we will be able to have a big development.

ping an health (testing) center general manager Jiang Ying share the peace in the center of the third party image aspects. She thinks, the enterprise to do the third party test center, needs to be: first to cutting-edge technology; The second fusion forms; The third wants to be able to provide personalized services; The fourth to achieve chain operation. The diversity of their business, and huge customer resources, for ping an health (center), is a very important resource. In this case, the safe health (center) can realize rapid use, fast service.

2017 top 100 for future medical BBS held in Beijing

2017 future medical announced the list of top 100

every year, arterial network has issued the future medical fortune 100 list, it is has carefully review, industry experts to valuations screening by 100 Chinese medical health field non-listed companies list, it is one of the top 100 BBS of arterial network for future medical the biggest suspense. In addition, 2017 medical and health field, there are more than 30 outstanding enterprise in the field of health care and personal will gather at a dinner party of the year award in 2017. 2017 listed companies in the most driving force, the most influential investment institutions, the most potential companies and so on awards, will soon celebrate their owners.

medical industry & other; Species throughout time & the big bang; , we welcome all kinds of all kinds of start-up, development opportunities of various kinds of emerge in endlessly. & other; Future medical throughout 100 & 2017; BBS, a belong to the field of medical health care practitioners to the annual conference. In the meeting, has come in the future.

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