2017 medicine of disappointment: Sally PuAi thought not to be on the quality of yunnan baiyao


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Beijing health weekly inventory disappointing performance in 2017, the pharmaceutical industry medicine reached its product, step length pharmaceutical, Sally PuAi, yunnan baiyao list

throughout drug firms market performance in 2017, the Beijing news health magazine selected 10 & other; The cup of despair throughout medicine &; List, the list companies or in the capital markets show surprising, or frequency on drug quality & other; HeiBang & throughout; , or trigger a discussion about the drug quality, or under the pressure of environmental protection, performance, transformation of the dual under pressure.

we hope that for the 2017 pharmaceutical industry news of another kind of point of view, at the same time looking forward to 2018, the pharmaceutical industry to less & other; The cup of despair throughout medicine &; .

bubble: step pharmaceutical

why we love it: with & other; The most expensive new & throughout; Halo step pharmaceutical to market, the first anniversary of the land capital market, about 258 million shares of restricted stock release circulation, is nearly 3.7 times of tradable shares before release. Step length pharmaceutical shares have since falling in waves, all the way until below the issue price of 55.88 yuan/share. Step length, relative to the peak of $106 billion pharmaceutical market value has exceeded 70 billion, this long concession pharmaceutical also be the beginning of 2016 ipos since new rules on first breaks down stocks.

at the beginning of the land capital market, actually step pharmaceutical has enjoyed, seven trading or open harden board in the future, the highest share price of 155.41 yuan/shares, equivalent to 55.88 of price 55.88 yuan/share.

the shares at the same time, the step length pharmaceutical’s products also repeatedly because of quality problems by the authorities and other Bright red light & throughout; . In April 2017, in heart failure capsule tanshinone Ⅱ A content detection is not qualified by the exposure of the agency. In July 2017, the main products heart failure capsule was consumer complaints found similar hair of unknown material.

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problems not to be: Sally PuAi,

why we love it: on December 2, 2017, clove a doctor with a “one year sells 750 million brainwashed god of medicine, please let the old man in China” in the article, open Dui Sally PuAi, eye drops, lysine eye drops) of (benzyl pointing to the treatment of cataract is invalid, and suspicion of false advertising. It was the entity pharmacy chemical medicine market in China top 10 products, sales of OTC drugs first & other; God throughout medicine &; By an ophthalmologist collective dismissals. Regulators quick intervention, the national food administration of drug safety, food drug administration in zhejiang province has issued a notice, to urge enterprises to start as soon as possible clinical efficacy trials. On Dec. 7, share price & other; Three losses throughout the &; Sally PuAi think urgent apply for suspension. On December 8, Shanghai and zhejiang securities regulatory bureau also sent inquiry letter to your attention.

late December 15, 2017, Sally PuAi issued announcement page 43 respond, disclosed the Sally PuAi eye drops in 1995 and 1998 respectively for details Ⅱ period and Ⅲ period clinical trial. Affected by the storm, Sally PuAi since December 18, 2017 checking, down more than 30% in a week.

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quality is grim: yunnan baiyao

why we love it: three times in 2017, yunnan baiyao, product sampling by related departments found quality problems. January, among them, the national food administration of drug safety notices, labeled Yunnan Baiyao Group Co., ltd. production of traditional Chinese medicine yinpian branch of rhizoma coptidis detection auramine O, dyeing problems, at the same time, there are always some lots product content of ash, moisture, or do not conform to the rules. On April 20, labeled Yunnan Baiyao Group Co., ltd. production of traditional Chinese medicine yinpian branch chrysanthemum traits is unqualified. On May 18, the food and drug inspection offices in Shanghai, identified as Yunnan Baiyao Group Co., ltd. production of traditional Chinese medicine yinpian branch eupolyphaga traits is unqualified.

the national food administration of drug safety was pointed out that Chinese traditional medicine source is not correct, planting, harvesting, processing, processing, storage, operation is not standard, and artificial doping ShiJia, dyeing, weight gain, excessive sulfur smoked behavior can lead to Chinese herbal medicine and yinpian properties such as unqualified. The personage inside course of study says, the current domestic drug unqualified penalties is not big, the illegal cost is low, the enterprises lack of deterrence.

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& other; Bribe & throughout; Person tireless: bristol-myers squibb

why we love it: at the end of 2017, the Shanghai industrial and commercial bureau of sino-american Shanghai squibb co., LTD., the bribery penalty in 2015, seized more than 770000 yuan of the illegal income, and fined 100000 yuan.

BMS in the process of drug sales, payment, xinhua hospital affiliated to Shanghai jiaotong university school of medicine, director of cardiovascular internal medicine to attend & other The European society of cardiology & throughout; From London business class ticket costs a total of 57095 yuan, xinhua hospital affiliated to Shanghai jiaotong university school of medicine during purchasing & cardiovascular internal medicine from the parties other F cinepolis sodium/BMSC & throughout; Of 6 kinds of drug combined 772536.25 yuan. Actually, in the same year, 2015 bristol-myers squibb has been the U.S. securities and exchange commission charged its sales representatives in cash, travel, sponsor for the meeting, bribery, toward the doctor from the hospital prescription drug sales of more than $11 million in profits. Bristol-myers squibb eventually agreed to pay more than $14 million to settle allegations about the suspected bribery in China.

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fraud: er kang pharmaceutical

why we love it: on suspicion of financial fraud by media questioning, er kang pharmaceutical trading was suspended in May 2017 was forced to check list. Suspended after more than half a year, announced on November 23, er kang pharmaceutical inspection report, revealing 2016 annual report inflated net profit of about 231 million yuan.

according to er kang pharmaceutical inspection report released, subsidiary company of hunan er kang (Cambodia) investment co., LTD., inflated main business income of about 229 million yuan, is expected to increase net income of about 209 million yuan. Generate sales agent company in North America the SYN company returned, failed to timely accounting processing, lead to increased net income of 022 million yuan. As a result, er kang pharmaceutical shares fell after the resumption. According to statistics, since November 23 – December 20, er kang pharmaceutical cumulative drop of 43.38%.

as early as August 8, 2017, er kang pharmaceutical has received notice of China securities regulatory commission to investigate. Subsequently, including mail venture fund, fund of an ancient name for China in the positions of shareholding er kang pharmaceutical fund has cut the er kang pharmaceutical value.

disappointment index: u u u u

the most & other; Kidney & throughout; : hui ren pharmaceutical

why we love it: revenue rose continuously, failed to save Jiang Xihui benevolence pharmaceutical high margin low net profit of the dilemma, its product hui ren kidney treasure piece of more than 80% of the gross profit caused an uproar.

the prospectus shows that hui ren kidney treasure piece per piece cost is 0.18 yuan, gross margin amount to 1.12 yuan, the gross margin of 86.48%. Advertising and business advertising purchase accounts for about half of the gross profit margin, a large number of marketing spending to hui ren kidney treasure piece brush enough & other Presence throughout the &; .

but the fact is, according to incomplete statistics, since 2013, hui ren pharmaceutical industry because of the production or sale of illegal drugs were punished food agency has reached eight times, also has such problems as environmental pollution are required to limit production limits. At the same time, & other; Feel the body is hollowed, want to fill the kidney overdraft up & throughout; , & other Throughout his good I all right &; The slogan has also been questioned. The expert points out, Chinese medicine & other; Kidney empty & throughout; Actually has nothing to do with western medicine in the kidney, people often say that kidney empty is a byword for sub-health. If you continue this development model, the huge cost of advertising and business promotion, will & other; Empty & throughout; Hui ren pharmaceutical industry would not have been high net income.

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best for: temmoku pharmaceutical

why we love it: in August 2017, were suspended almost five months after the temmoku pharmaceutical throws the revised restructuring plan, proposed by issuing shares and pay cash to buy GeDeZhou, Johnson pharmaceutical 100% stake held by the sun, and raising matching funds. On the first day of resumed after drop stop, temmoku pharmaceutical appeared five losses.

temmoku pharmaceutical industry is the first domestic listed Chinese native medicine preparation company, since 2010, temmoku pharmaceutical industry has been over six times restructuring, have failed. Temmoku pharmaceutical can also because of this & other STH over and over again throughout the &; The personage inside course of study, was called & other; Restructuring profession & throughout; . The failure of restructuring that allows businesses to taste bitter taste. Since 2009, started to lose money temmoku pharmaceutical, after 7 years, the company in 2014 and 2014 alone, net profit to achieve positive, the rest of the year are negative.

in 2017, temmoku pharmaceutical industry in order to ensure the net & other; Nice & throughout; Has been at pains. On September 21, 2017, the company through a compensation agreement, received a compensation of 17.1962 million yuan. On November 2, the company through the property transfer, a net profit of about 15 million yuan.

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poor environmental protection: north China pharmaceutical

why we love it: on November 6, 2017, hebei province started the third round of atmospheric environmental special inspection of law enforcement at the provincial level of the north China pharmaceutical co., LTD. Was found it was production of penicillin V potassium workshop and 10 in the fermentor, the fermentation workshop closed lax, workshop there is some involved process in-line outdoor VOCs gases without centralized collection. General pharmaceutical factory, violation of the law on the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution immediately into the filing punishment procedure.

in shijiazhuang city, north China pharmaceutical plan by the end of 2017 all out of shijiazhuang city. In fact, earlier on north China pharmaceutical has been paid to environmental problems. In November 2016, sending two announcement to north China pharmaceutical company has received the shijiazhuang city government departments issued by the scheduling to shijiazhuang prevention and control of atmospheric pollution, require all pharmaceutical companies in the city at all, without the approval of the municipal government shall not return to work. North China pharmaceutical, in January of 2017 and production, production will reduce the firm’s profit is 54.93 million yuan in 2016.

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controversial: genomics

why we love it: the 2017 land capital market upstarts, genomics from its ipo price of 13.64 yuan rose to 261 yuan, after the ushered in the 19 harden board, the market value of billions of new mark, called & other; Gene community tencent & throughout; . Strength of genomics, however, thunder is messy followed, in the IPO prospectus data fraud scandal, market value dropped 25 billion yuan within three days. Genomics and say the data gap is caused by different statistical caliber.

genomics Wang Jian nearly chairman, said in a recent interview video ordinary people (62.990, & have spent 2.09, & have spent 3.43%), it is not necessary to cervical cancer vaccine, the early genetic testing is the more cost-effective option. And a way cause medicine a piece of opposition, and challenged for commercial hype. Some well-known doctors said on weibo big genetic approach toward China & other Anger & throughout; That China & other; Does not respect science & throughout; . This also affect the share price of genomics, compared with the highest period, stock price has dropped below 210 yuan. Could rely on the capital market’s performance make flush with genomics, it happened that caused concern.

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situation passive: Harbin pharmaceutical co

why we love it: as the first pharmaceutical industry listed company, Harbin pharmaceutical group co., LTD. (Harbin pharmaceutical shares, main business covers chemical pharmaceuticals, chemicals, biological agents, Chinese herbal medicine, health care products five big industries.

2017 years ago in the third quarter, the company operating income, net profit year-on-year decline, of which nearly sixty percent drop in net profit. In recent years, Harbin pharmaceutical shares gradually reduce r&d, r&d revenue percentage significantly lower than the peers. Expert analysis, research and development ability the driving force, Harbin pharmaceutical shares will be the next round of passive situation faced in the pharmaceutical industry’s competition.

and, more importantly, limit policy still further upgrade. In August 2016, national health development planning commission issued “containing bacteria resistant national action plan (2016-2020); In March 2017, the national health development planning commission issued another “about further strengthen the management of clinical application of antibacterial drugs contain bacteria resistant notice. Antibiotic drugs market shrinking, Harbin pharmaceutical shares anti-infection drugs category income also is bound to decline.

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