27 year old female take ivory “milk blood!” ” On delivery all three meals a day

boiled fish, malatang, Fried chicken lunch, three meals a day almost entirely by delivery.

this & other; Foot & throughout; Sounds very comfortable life, but who thought of wenzhou girl, 27, so eat out of the blood, and sudden acute pancreatitis in ICU, pulled out of the plasma is & other; Lard color & throughout; Inspection found that excess triglycerides 18 times.

fortunately, after two after plasma exchange, the girl has been out of danger, January 16, transferred to ordinary ward.

three meals a day almost all by delivery

& other; Foot & throughout; Eat out of hyperlipidemia

girl little Lin (a pseudonym), 27, is wenzhou yongjia county a company clerk, not like sports, like eating take-away, size is a little fat.

just last week, small Lynn had just finished eating take-away after noon, then drink a bottle of iced drinks, right upper quadrant pain unceasingly, suddenly she started nausea and vomiting.

she thinks this is common gastroenteritis, did not care about, resting at home for two days, the abdominal pain intensified, and feel the breath, breath, and the girl was scared, hurriedly to a local hospital.

took after abdominal computed tomography (CT) in hospital, tip leakage by the side of the pancreas, is likely to be acute pancreatitis.

on January 10 at night, the little Lin was immediately transferred to the wenzhou hospital emergency center.

doctor rub shoulders in the introduction, the doctors, the ICU XiaoPing day sent to the emergency department, the hospital to take a small tube of blood tests, but the test tube to see obviously, there is a layer of glistening oil floating in the blood, the blood pressure is overweight.

after the gastrointestinal surgery doctor consultation, XiaoPing is likely to be the hyperlipemia caused by acute pancreatitis. If not treated immediately, once converted to severe acute pancreatitis is very dangerous.

the diseases caused by hyperglycemia to plasma exchange in the first place, hospital emergency contact blood bank for 2000 ml plasma, and the small Lin into ICU, plasma exchange immediately.

plasma exchange is through a machine, the patient’s body to draw blood, and passed through a special filter, with normal plasma lost back.

(photo: small Lynn plasma color)

small Lin body turned out to be an entire bag of milk white blood plasma, and other With lard a solid color, and normal plasma is pale yellow transparent. Throughout the &; Doctor Lin is introduced, little Lin once lost 2000 ml plasma, equivalent to the blood of the patient’s body in half.

(photo: normal plasma color)

after the first plasma exchange, little Lin feel breathe easier.

on the morning of the morning blood test, found that the triglyceride was up to 30.01 tendency for L, the normal standard is no higher than 1.7 tendency for L, equivalent to exceed bid for nearly 18 times.

within 24 hours, the doctor again to small Lin made a plasma exchange, the two times after replacement, her condition stabilized, January 16, transferred to ordinary ward. DetailPic

small Lin in hospital

take-away food for a whole year

love point is malatang boiled fish

on the morning of January 17, little Lin condition improved markedly. Remember her diet, little Lin is dying. Company has no dining room, don’t have my parents again, small basic order in three square meals a day, malatang, boiled fish, lunch, etc. Is she often point.

in addition to the delivery, she likes to eat pork liver organs, such as basic rarely eat vegetables and fruits, also not how movement, one is sitting all day at work. This year, she also found herself a lot of fat.

wenzhou city central hospital digestive internal medicine doctor eve grasp is introduced, the small Lynn is pancreatitis caused by hyperlipidemia, can cause some damage to the lung, kidney and other organs, the blood fat, blood pressure and blood sugar of the XiaoPing is higher, need by injecting insulin therapy, disease remains to be seen.

the doctor remind:

hyperglycemia in patients with acute pancreatitis have a trend of getting younger over

the key is to bland diet increase movement

doctor Lin, pancreatitis have a variety of pathogenic factors, because the pancreatitis caused by hyperglycemia, will meet in wenzhou city central hospital ICU each year dozens of cases, and the condition and the trend of the young. A large number of drinking, overeating, love to eat greasy food, is a common characteristics of these patients.

& other; Now many young people in their 20 s and 30 s have high cholesterol, had a great deal to do with eating habits. Throughout the &; Doctor Lin explanation, long-term intake of high sugar, high oil and food and sedentary don’t exercise, the body metabolism slows down, body fat and glucose didn’t get the breakdown in time, will be hoarding in adipose tissue and blood and cause the hyperlipemia.

mild hyperlipidemia easily cause fatigue, make the person for a long time in the sub-health state. Serious can affect blood vessel, blood fat floating in a buildup of plaque on the walls of blood vessels, causing vascular blockage, until after a certain age, can also lead to diseases such as arteriosclerosis, heart head blood-vessel jams, coronary heart disease (CHD).

& other; The best way is bland diet and exercise. Throughout the &; Doctor reminds, citizens pay attention to the rational diet, in accordance with the standards of the food pyramid, suggest to eat light, high blood fat eat cakes, cookies, less red meat, animal offal high sugar, high fat food, eat more fruits and vegetables such as whole grains, and fish, moderate exercise.

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