28 session of the Great Wall international conference of cardiology

morning of October 13, 2017, 28 session of the Great Wall international conference of cardiology, the asia-pacific conference on heart, 2017 international conference on cardiovascular disease prevention and rehabilitation of 2017 national grand opening of the conference center in Beijing.

member of the graph is ya-ling han

conference chairman, member of shenyang military region general hospital ya-ling han “heart health, a new dream to an opening eech. Ya-ling han academician, cardiovascular disease remains the world’s leading cause of death, the rapid growth of cardiovascular disease for the medical expenses are of great economic burden. China’s urban and rural residents health spending climbed, more than the economic growth. In the face of this severe challenge, the mobile Internet brings new technology revolution, is expected to provide beneficial countermeasures. Mobile Internet technology has been widely penetrated into all aspects of the cardiovascular disease management, artificial intelligence is not only a new research field of cardiovascular disease, and is also the development direction of China’s medical and health. For the full implementation of & other; Health throughout China 2030 &; Plan, improve the level of the people’s health, should vigorously promote cardiovascular disease Internet management system, build cardiovascular disease clinical support platform, the Internet via the Internet completely change the existing medical artificial intelligence mode. Member of ya-ling han calls on all the physicians with an open mind, active thinking, learning attitude embrace, and the Internet and artificial intelligence PLUS cardiovascular disease prevention and control of the arrival of the era.

the graph is professor yong-xiang wei

Beijing anzhen hospital affiliated to the capital university of medical sciences dean yong-xiang wei, a professor at the opening speech. Yong-xiang wei dean said that the Great Wall and wuzhou will, based on domestic, look around the world, with the aid of brand advantage, focus on meeting resources, stick to Beijing anzhen hospital & other; Strong specialty and large comprehensive & throughout; Gen school concept. The doctors present hope hand in hand, heart to heart, build communication platform of mutual aid, for the majority of patients to provide quality services.

here Zhang Yanling President

the Chinese medical doctor association Zhang Yanling opening speech, fully affirmed the Great Wall will be an outstanding contribution to China’s cardiovascular cause. Emphasize this event has led to the development of China’s cardiovascular, promote the construction of the cardiovascular system, promoting the integration of the heart disease subjects and cooperation, reflects the new mode of modern academic conference. Hope that the Great Wall will seize the opportunity, up the steps again, make a real impact has distinguishing feature, quality, the high-quality goods project.

member of the graph is shi

, vice President of China association for science and technology, tsinghua university, vice President, as a special guest, academician shi for the speech. His past experience and thinking as a microcosm, reflects the development of economy and culture in our country since the reform and opening up, hope all of you fellow to embrace the change of the world, with an open mind to the currents of construction of the motherland.

the assembly also awarded the Great Wall young physicians for doctor held a ceremony. The second affiliated hospital of xi ‘an jiaotong university Wang Gang won the first prize, the Chinese academy of medical sciences fuwai hospital Ye Yunqing won the second prize, taishan medical school Lv Hang ji, university hospital chun-zi jin yan, tianjin nankai hospital Zhao Kai, xiking Liu Fengzhou hospital, Chinese academy of medical sciences fuwai hospital Liu Dong won the third prize.

& other; The Great Wall smoking control pioneer team & throughout; Received by Beijing municipal patriotic health campaign committee office kris professor, deputy director of Shanghai’s health and family planning commission won & other; The Great Wall tobacco pioneer throughout an individual &; . Professor long-de wang academicians, cummins p. cardiac-specific troponin respectively for the awards.

the heart association of China, Chinese academy of medical sciences professor zhang jian fuwai hospital heart institute in China are introduced. Heart association was formally established in Beijing, China, in order to achieve & other; Health throughout China &; Grand goal, learn to improve the level of comprehensive prevention and control, promoting national heart health for the purpose, the main task for promoting patient-centered medical service mode, improve the medical service quality and efficiency, to narrow the regional gap between medical, at the same time provide support for health policy and regulations. Congress for a vote by the heart association of China, and to learn to lead agency for the election, the first session of the standing council. The assembly elected run-lin gao, cummins p. cardiac-specific troponin, ya-ling han, professor jun-bo ge, Zhang Yun as honorary President of; Professor zhang jian election fuwai hospital heart association for China’s first President, Beijing anzhen hospital professor chang-sheng ma chairman; Member of Shanghai east hospital yi-han Chen is the President elect. Proposed 34 professional committee, the six working group, further implement the relevant work. Learn to strategic planning is with the aid of this platform, comprehensively promote the medical quality, to academic meetings and public education as a platform, promote clinical research, strengthen the continuing education, improve the level of the health consciousness and practice.

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