33 nurses for premature to write diary, watching is warm here

the original title: 33 nurses for premature to write diary, watching was warm to

baby full moon day Peng Xiping write diary

from November 17, 2017 to 2017 on January 6, pingxiang in jiangxi province people’s hospital pediatric nurse Peng Xiping for a premature to write down the new article 33 & other; Surrogate mother & throughout; The diary. From the first day & other; Elf comes & throughout; To & other; Elf to strengthen & throughout; To the last article & other; The hospital’s & throughout; Throughout, &; Mom & other; She in the tone of dialogue with the baby, to record the body condition and daily nursing process. On March 5, Peng Xiping tell surging news, write a diary during her breast-feeding, & other; Just like with my own baby, please write down his day of dribs and drabs, leave a mark for his & throughout; .

baby born head nurse YanPingXia write diary

new pediatric YanPingXia head nurse told surging news, Peng Xiping is a good-hearted, positive and optimistic nurse, this diary & other; Very attentively, love & throughout; . YanPingXia, said to some in bad health & other; Special & throughout; Baby, because their parents can not accompany, so medical personnel will use the popular the baby down bit by bit, finally give the diary to families. In fact, in the process, the doctors and nurses in the department are & other; Surrogate mother & throughout; .


surging news: & other; Surrogate mother & throughout; How about the baby diary to write?

Peng Xiping: general obstetrics department with us in the case of maternal spuc will first good call, we will preheat incubator, ready to oxygen and breathing machine, such as a baby. On November 17, the baby was born, according to his mother, she gave birth to a day and a night, very painful. The baby was born about seven weeks in advance, only 1.7 kilograms at birth, the lungs are not good, serious threat to his life, was born the day also took a rescue.

surging news: every day is in when writing this diary?

Peng Xiping: because each ward is in the computer and the table, I tend to be busy in the afternoon took in premature babies, looked at the ward of the state. Particularly busy day, I will use noon rest or take a few minutes to write from work in the afternoon. In the state of the late baby are stable, if his state well, I wouldn’t write so much or write an article every other day.

surging news: why in my diary in a conversation with the baby?

Peng Xiping: when the baby is in stable condition, I will speak to him, tell him what I need to do operation. Although he may not understand, but feel more love. For example & other; Baby, want to drink milk & throughout; He had finished drinking milk said & other; Good performance & throughout; . Eye mask for the baby, I would say & other; Baby today cool & throughout; . One day I take care of him, so I did what operation is more clear, write a diary records by means of memories when I was his day.

surging news: keep this daily care and record you will feel boring?

Peng Xiping: no. Because I belong to the outgoing personality, also like a child. Sometimes they also looked at fun, like to drink milk on both sides of his head will always shake, open your mouth. He eats hand also pretty cute. Also want to learn to find pleasure in work.

surging news: write a diary time in the most impressive one day?

Peng Xiping: he has been eating milk is not very good, before later removed after breathing machines and oxygen, I will try to give him a drink of their milk. Every time is play in the milk from the stomach tube inside, he not only swallow. One day, he finished and swallow, ate more than 10 ml milk, I felt his progress is so big, the baby suddenly become so good, can immediately went back to his mom and dad’s side, very pleased for him.

surging news: there are many small map, the diary come from?

Peng Xiping: it is on our side a nurse taken from her daughter. I was hoping to own creating drawings, but I think his painting is too ugly, I told her that I borrow to stick. I think get this diary cute, children don’t like this? Should the baby can see at a later time.

surging news: & other; Surrogate mother & throughout; Diaries in which day, how do you feel on that day?

Peng Xiping: baby I didn’t write after discharge. Discharged from hospital on that day I loathe to give up a little, but very pleased for him, can give him over to his parents. Discharge his mother will call his father embrace, his father also tell I haven’t hugged so small baby some fear. After told them a lot, also very touched. The baby from the hospital in the morning and in the afternoon, feel less something.

surging news: diary for the first time for parents to see what time baby?

Peng Xiping: maybe after a few days after discharge, has seen his grandma and grandpa and dad and mom. His mother was moved, also make a phone call to me that’s thanks to us.

surging news: there are loathe to give up the baby separately?

Peng Xiping: yes, but as long as he has a good health. He almost 8 pounds now. I have WeChat of his mother, his mother sometimes send his photo to me or chat with me, I will ask the baby’s recent situation. We have & other department; I accompany the baby grow & throughout; Project, some will pay a return visit to 10 years old, I will accompany him.

surrogate mother & throughout; Diary cover

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