4 m pension agency only twenty percent medical pet medical ability system of TKR depth advancement

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on December 6, 2017 medical BBS have combined with rehabilitation development in Shanghai taikang ShenYuan rehabilitation hospital formally organized. It is reported, ShenYuan rehabilitation hospital is in east China’s first health qualifications of large medical community, the community will effectively implement the integration of medical insurance and medical service, to provide for the aged community elderly people, and even the whole east China area residents to provide a new multi-level and comprehensive health management of medical service.

4 m pension institutions and the capacity of medical services accounted for only twenty percent of

according to statistics, by the end of 2016, 65 and older population of 150 million people, accounting for 10.8% of the total population. By 2035, the elderly population will amount to about 400 million people. Although at present our country has reached more than 40000 kinds of endowment institutions, but the real medical service ability of only about 20%, acute structural supply shortages.

and, for a long time, Chinese medicine treatment, rehabilitation, rehabilitation concept behind, lead to rehabilitation medicine become short board of health system in our country. Data show that by the end of 2015, the Shanghai municipal medical service recovery of medical institutions a total of 327, among them, the general hospital in 104, seven rehabilitation specialist hospital, 139 community health service centers. Thousands of people in the city of rehabilitation medical only 0.13 beds, rehabilitation medical service resources shortage.

at present, the vast majority of its system, medical institutions and pension institutions are independent of each other, not only increase the elderly medical costs, increased risk, but also to a certain extent caused tension, waste of medical resources.

a community hospital, medical keep TKR system depth advancement

in order to solve this social problem, taikang innovation & other; Throughout a community, a hospital &; Practice mode, to the international standard rehabilitation system, promote health qualification ShenYuan landing, depth to promote the medical integration.

as taikang pension community core ShenYuan rehabilitation hospital, one of the supporting functions, facing the elderly orthopaedics disease, cardiovascular disease, stroke, alzheimer’s disease, such as high incidence, part of the old man long-term disability problems, the introduction of international advanced rehabilitation concept and technology, from rehabilitation equipment to are aligning with international operations management system, combining with the characteristics of taikang makes the implementation of the system of TKR (taikang international standard rehabilitation system).

it is understood that the system by senior physicians, rehabilitation therapists, nutritionists, psychologists, pharmacists, doctors of traditional Chinese medicine, nursing, rehabilitation consultant of a multidisciplinary rehabilitation team, can provide holistic way for patients with personalized international standard rehabilitation medical services. On the other hand, the old man a lot of chronic diseases and functional degradation is irreversible, but in today’s rehabilitation medicine as a guide, integrated into the daily movement, into the daily care, it will produce a very positive positive role.

in TKR system establishment and implementation of the process, taikang solved rehabilitation hospital rehabilitation in patients with two pain points: one is the lack of pertinence, systemic rehabilitation treatment, 2 it is a long and slow convalescence.

home of taikang medical development department assistant general manager Mr. Wong said: & other; Domestic rehabilitation level lags behind that of developed countries, taikang building TKR system, in line with international standards provide the rehabilitation of medical services, in order to let more patients with rehabilitation at home to enjoy a more personalized, specialization, internationalization of rehabilitation medical services, returning back to family and society at an early date. Throughout the &;

at present, taikang pension is located in Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, Hong Kong and the community and community PeiJian secondary rehabilitation hospital clinics () has been put into use, open medical about 500 beds, pension unit 1969. ShenYuan rehabilitation hospital since its establishment, has been to carry out medical service people, effective pull alarm processing more than 70 times, first aid referral 16 people, the effective protection of the community residents health.

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