50 tons! Black workshop with battery liquid preservation rambutan!

近日,在湖南长沙一间仓库,执法人员发现塑料桶装着各类化学品253件,而浸泡在化工原料中的问题红毛丹有50吨。 “Dirty” workshop to prolong & quot; Rambutan & quot; Shelf life, unexpectedly battery yuanye soak. Such rambutan red appearance, carefully to have a sour smell, already & quot; Treasures outside its, defeat garrulous among them & quot; . & have spent & have spent

the food safety problem has always been praised by the people concern, recently there is a “dirty” workshop with battery liquid by fact soaked fruit preservation, then take a look at the specific circumstances. & have spent

market management from the start of 2017, rambutan sales on control issues. Although the market to take tough measures, but reporters by constantly looking for, or find suspicious rambutan sales merchant. On a tricycle, piled with a few no foam box, product identification and wrapped with yellow tape, merchants said here is the rambutan. & have spent & have spent

however, when reporters asked about related product conformity certificate, the merchants and cannot provide, then, reporters were compared respectively for the two merchants rambutan, found something. After discovering this issue, besides observation reporter then around at the scene, found the slew of tricycle dragging this tangle on the bubble chamber with yellow tape into the market. And the outside of the red star big market, the reporter found out the problem of rambutan concentration), a truck parked in the darkness, waiting for the tricycle to constantly transshipment. & have spent

in order to find out the truth, the reporter decided to continue to track the delivery vehicle, behind the scenes to find the processing factory, see how they are processing and preservation of rambutan. At 1 am, the reporter discovers by staking out, the license for hunan A6F97N blue van, filled with now is still not processed rambutan, at this time should be taken to the dens for processing. & have spent

after tracking for over an hour, the lorry drove into xingsha huangxing high shore village. So, what exactly exist in this issue? Nearby residents spoke the truth. The next morning, the reporter decided to enter the warehouse to check the situation. This is a more than one thousand square meters warehouse, enter the site, see first that the dozens of plastic is soaked the rambutan. And in a corner of the warehouse, the reporter found that piled up with a lot of turquoise plastic buckets, these are all chemical raw materials, is the battery liquid. & have spent

on the other side is next to soak the bucket, and piled up a large chemical raw materials. In the scene, the reporter through the rough statistics, rambutan has reached thousands of field problems. Through counting, law enforcement officers found at the scene to soak rambutan liquid 253 pieces of various kinds of chemicals such as batteries, prepare to site issues rambutan 50 tons. & have spent & have spent DetailPic

 black workshop with cell vacuole of fruit is it true that _ is bubble of what fruit _52pk life channel


rambutan. Rambutan is difficult to store under the condition of normal temperature, the three days around the nut will become dark, so will affect sales, so there will be “dirty” workshop along the way, after chemical soaking the rambutan appearance of bright red, carefully to have a sour taste. & have spent

below small make up just to teach you how to identify and choose the market of rambutan: & have spent

1, smell

chemical rambutan soaked in smell will be a sour taste carefully, not to buy. & have spent

2, see the color and burr

it is beautiful color dark red, and lychee is similar. & other; But must pay attention to the color red to black, or may not be too fresh. Throughout the &; In addition, rambutan burr is to distinguish whether its one of the new standard, burr forceful relatively burr soft rambutan more fresh. & have spent

3, the appearance of

when the choose and buy rambutan, like litchi, depends on its appearance is beautiful, is bright red, though appearance of fresh fruit, quality natural taste delicious. When the choose and buy should choose soft thorn slender, fresh GuoTi looks black fruit grain of large and symmetrical, the surface of soft goto green fruit is preferred.

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