50 yuan cheap medicine worth one thousand times the “double” Dr. Selling counterfeit drugs was sentenced

Beijing, yiwu, 2 dec (trainee journalist was raining Yang correspondent Gong Shuhong Zhang Qiaodan), a master of medicine in Japan for years, after come back to China was selling fake drugs, pretends to be a medical and immunology & other; Dr Double & throughout; , through their own professional knowledge, to 50 yuan (the same below) of a box of cheap drugs, and homemade Japanese manual, acupuncture point diagram, make its value increases 1000 times, become 3-50000 & other; God throughout medicine &; , just two years time, illegal profit exceeds 1.3 million yuan, or even misleading people buy cancer, leukemia, delayed treatment. A few days ago, selling fake Su Mou is zhejiang yiwu people’s court of first instance sentenced to 10 years, $3 million fine.

Su Mou (female) was 55 years old this year, tianjin heping district. Used to be a famous university in Japan domestic professional students, a well-known university study for a master of medicine in Tokyo, after starting, resolutely left Japan to become for more than 30 years.

just a few years ago, her unexpected medical accident happened in the hospital, but the incident also can’t get away with her. Soon, she was fired, chose to return home. She returned home, however, chose selling counterfeit drugs.

according to Su Mou metasomatism, although practice in Japan for many years, but never made the domestic medical qualification, sold to Beijing, hubei, shandong, zhejiang and other places, the god of medicine & other; Rombeau grass & throughout; , it is worth only 50 yuan cheap drugs & other; Mud moxibustion & throughout; , many patients with cancer, leukemia disease to undergo, spend huge cost, moreover because of the delay treatment, unfortunately died.

yiwu people ms ho, dropped a lot & other business for several years; Diseases of the wealthy & throughout; After being stable, business gradually began to pay attention to preserve one’s health. At the end of 2014, ms ho a way of keeping in good health training course in jinhua, met Su Mou. Conversation, in the process of double Su Mou pretends to be Japanese medicine and immunology, PhD, has run a trembling biological research institute in Japan, to regulate the body is very good, and said his hand with a & other; Rombeau grass & throughout; , is the institute, spend $, the crystallization of study for many years, can treat many serious diseases.

the graph is: god medicine & other; Rombeau grass & throughout; . Gong Shuhong taken

the graph is: god medicine & other Rombeau grass & throughout; . Gong Shuhong taken

ms ho also don’t believe at first, with Su Mou contact for a long time will hold try a state of mind to buy some. & other; In November 2015 when I bought a box, 30000 dollars, packed in plastic lunch box, there are points of illustrations of the schematic diagram, Japanese and so on, the things in the body and feeling hot burning. Throughout the &; The hot burning feeling, let she mistook is & other; Work & throughout; . After 1 month, ms ho specially from tianjin to Su Mou come yiwu, and spent 120000 yuan to buy 4 box, and Su Mou & other; God throughout medicine &; Recommend to the friends around you.

Locke lady is ms ho to introduce one of the friends, her brother recently been diagnosed with lung cancer, with a ray of hope, two brother and sister accompanied by ms ho, in early February 2016, came to tianjin found Su Mou Su Mou in only a few times & other; Fool & throughout; Later, for the price of 50000 yuan a box, sold to the two brother and sister four boxes. Ms payment, Locke on the grounds that the money is tight, temporary paid half, or 100000 yuan purchase YaoKuan. Unfortunately, ms Locke’s brother has not seen a bit better, soon passed away.

to buy more, so will the suspicious people. Ms ho with her friends in for a few months & other; Rombeau grass & throughout; , not better, while the contact Su Mou again, she is the human life evaporate. In desperation, ms ho will be reflected in the yiwu market regulatory authority, by the market supervision bureau after transfer the case to a drug ring brigade in yiwu public security bureau.

in May 2016, yiwu police formally initiate an investigation, and to pursuit on the Internet. In August the same year, the police in tianjin international airport will Su Mou captured is planning to go abroad. After a month, be approved via procuratorate of people of yiwu yiwu city public security bureau arrested to Su Mou law enforcement in accordance with the law.

by Su Mou arrested, and 1 million or so in her personal account balance. After Su Mou relatives and friends to cooperate, part of the victim’s purchasing medicine money has been returned. (finish)

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