54 member when special choosing books division: the doctor read more books to have compassion and love

on December 16, on a cold winter morning, thinks the book store in Shanghai to revive the middle thinks intersection jollification, within and outside the gusts of sharp contrast, near freezing weather, here within 30 square meters of space, in addition to display 3000 books in the bookcase, almost all Spaces are filled with young students, medical students, such as reading enthusiasts, the Chinese academy of engineering, vice President of Shanghai jiaotong university school of medicine ruijin hospital, changning light professor, for the first time wearing a dark blue apron, with & other; Resident writer and special choosing books division & throughout; Identity, here recommend books you’re passionate about, and share life feeling. DetailPic

NingGuang academician, said doctors or medical students should read more books, only read more books, read ZaShu, to outside medical skill, the more compassion and love, be a better healer. Shanghai ruijin hospital for figure

thinks the bookstore, located in sinan mansions, for publishing house building looks like a heart dirty, known as & other; Buttonwood throughout human heart &; Cai Jun, Shen Dacheng are resident writers here. But because of the particularity of professional identity, as domestic well-known professor NingGuang endocrinologist is thinks the book store 60 resident writer and especially a member of the special choosing books division, but this time he & other; Resident & throughout; Talk about, not professional books, he brought the three books. The first is the writer we “romantic affair in Shanghai”, the second is the famous psychologist, the Nobel Prize in economics have to connor’s quick thought slow, and the xinhua news agency, xinhua leaf poetry magazine deputy editor Guo Muqing’s “on the safety of blooms.

& other; From the book, “Shanghai affair” I met in Shanghai. Throughout the &; NingGuang professor says, he is not was born in Shanghai, 19, from home, now 54, Shanghai is like their second home. To Shanghai at the beginning of a stranger, a friend recommended this book to him, he learned from books Wu Kanglu, cafes, know the statue of pushkin, bliss, huating, old street, let him to shorten the distance between himself and the strange city, also inspired his feelings for the city of Shanghai deeper.

for quick thought slow, professor NingGuang admitted that: & other; Each student should read this book, this book tells us & other; Why do you want to read & throughout; . While Guo Muqing on the safety of blooms, let him feel the modern and ancient times, understand the present from the history, from the text to find the emotional ties of the Chinese nation.

as a famous doctors, teachers, researchers, integrating three identities NingGuang professor outspoken says, his own study time is limited, most of the time to read professional books when I was a student, now in the professional books, extensive reading time little, sometimes even can only be used on the plane fragments of time, but even a few minutes of reading can bring change to life.

NingGuang academician in thinks the libraries for readers to recommend their favorite books. Shanghai ruijin hospital for figure

& other; Reading useless books and do useful people. Throughout the &; This is professor NingGuang have been engraved in the brain, he said some reluctantly, & other; Now life rhythm soon, everyone was busy with work and study, the study also become very utilitarian. Throughout the &;

for example, he said, was in the hospital when new employee recruitment, still see someone holding a medical professional books to read in the doorway, in order to read and read, focuses on the learning of professional knowledge, ignoring the reading to take to person’s joy, said professor NingGuang & other; This is not desirable & throughout; .

& other; Though it is the age of the Internet now, what can on the Internet at any time to check the knowledge, but the accumulation of knowledge is still very important, knowledge can turn into a kind of instinct, and by the instinct which can enhance a person’s knowledge, can also enhance the capacity of a person’s response to the outside world, doctor, for one, is in the face of an operation or a case, can immediately apply what they have learned, give an optimal treatment plan. Throughout the &; NingGuang, says professor & other; When knowledge into instinct, thinking becomes faster. Throughout the &; This is his recommendation, author of fast, slow to reason.

NingGuang, says professor points three kinds of books, in addition to professional books needed, more of the book is worth to savor, there are quite a few books need broad reading, such as Guo Muqing on the safety of blooms, he had read it twice. & other; This book about the book of songs and no obstacles between us, even though the book of songs in time, physical space distance we ages ago, but the emotional line, has a long history of the Chinese nation, has a lot of lines still catchy.

professor NingGuang tells readers: & other; We read the book reading is not just for work, is in order to have a peace of mind and peace, to read more people must be a man of noble, a man of taste, a kind man, reading is also has a mercy heart and love, & throughout;

the doctor-patient conflicts in today’s society the tension of the moment, professor NingGuang noted: & other; Doctor or medical students should read more books, only read more books, read ZaShu, to outside medical skill, the more compassion and love, be a better healer. Throughout the &; In his eyes, & other; The doctor & throughout; This two word has its special meaning, literally, of three horizontal box is an arrow (vector), point directly to & other; Throughout life &; (raw), which highlights the importance of the healer, and the importance of more means the doctor compare with other professions, need to have broad knowledge.

& other; Medical students or the doctor is need certain taste, reading is a natural process, osmosis, can let a person become tall, noble and peace, this also is respect for patients medical is one of the important factors. Throughout the &; Professor NingGuang further explanation, & other; If you are not tall, noble, the patient may not respect you, don’t respect you, doctor-patient conflicts also came out. Throughout the &;

he said, a lot of events of the doctor-patient contradiction, many of which come from the doctor’s behavior or speech, & other; And a person to talk, if you & lsquo; Think & rsquo; , you can go to stir up a person, if you want to let a person become peaceful, there is a certain difficulty, but if you can let the patient calm down and listen to you carefully, so the doctor must be a noble person, a person’s taste, this is the doctor to read books, in addition to the professional knowledge outside the books more, not only can gain more precious treasure medical knowledge, medical skills, also can gain more trust of patients. Throughout the &;

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