59, strong and handsome uncle won the world series in the fourth From paunch to fit

13 years ago began to fit to increase muscle have 40 egg once paunchy exercise every day after fitness lost 25 kg

59 & other; Uncle fitness & throughout; A world bodybuilding competition fourth

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in jiangsu xuzhou circle of bodybuilding, l. cot road is an iconic figure, 59, he began to exercise fitness from 13 years ago. Earlier this month, he held in ulan bator of Mongolia WBPF bodybuilding fitness world championships in 2017, on behalf of the Chinese team, won the fourth. It is just this year he received a large number of bodybuilding award item, in order to increase the muscle, he eat 40 eggs a day, plus 2 jins white boiled beef. In 13 years ago, before exercise fitness l. cot way or a round belly middle-aged uncle.

59 years old uncle bodybuilding competition in the world

on October 3, China bodybuilding fitness team from Beijing to ulan bator of Mongolia, the fitness world championship in 2017. 59, l. cot road as a team member, participated in the elder group competition, and won the fourth. This year, l. cot road has participated in the large and small six games at home and abroad, this for bodybuilders, it was already very big strength, & other; Can’t, like, so meet, always want to compare. Throughout the &; He said.

l. cot lu wen told the Beijing youth daily, it needs to be strong and handsome game athletes present compulsory and voluntary action, the judging criteria including muscle, skeleton model, the degree of symmetry, etc., which surrounded degree of muscle and strength index accounted for half of the score.

in order to match, l. cot road starting in February this year is no longer fat intake. In order to make muscle to achieve & other; Dry & throughout; State, make the muscles more beautiful, l. cot road, no longer drink water from 4 days before the games start, only eat vegetables. & other; Game when the previous day’s walk a bit & lsquo; Gone with the wind & rsquo; Before, to play, in order to show a good mental state, added 50 ml of water. Throughout the &; The 50 ml of water volume is only about one over ten of a bottle of mineral water.

l. cot road wen told the newspaper reporter, compared with group of other players, his muscles seem smaller. Measured, his arm circumference is 46 cm, but wins in muscle & other; Dry & throughout; , modelling beauty, so eventually got the fourth place.

46 to bodybuilding from paunch to fit talent

& other; My height is 1 meter 73, before the exercise fitness, weight is 93 kg, is a standard of the modelling of middle-aged uncle. Throughout the &; L. cot said. But now after years of exercises, his weight at about 68 kg, is less than before for 25 kg.

l. cot road said, make your own previous work, live a nine-to-five working hours every day, but often eat outside, the body is not very healthy, & other; On several floors sometimes feel sweat. Throughout the &;

in 2004, a friend who likes to work out to l. cot road a gym membership, and brought him to the gym. Mainly equipment at the beginning, later he didnt think practice is more interesting, & other; I am thought practice particularly masculine, I want to and the past of that kind of & lsquo; Covered in greasy & rsquo; The appearance of thorough farewell. Throughout the &;

practiced for a few years later, l. cot road muscles begin to gradually increase, bodily form is becoming more and more symmetrical, & other; Exercise fitness is addictive. In order to increase the muscle, I eat 40 eggs a day, at that time plus 2 jins boiled beef. Throughout the &; 51 years old, in a friend’s encouragement, l. cot road wen attended xuzhou local fitness game for the first time, immediately got the second good result, but participate in the evaluation of some experts told him that although he looks very strong muscles, but muscle mass is not good.

in order to better exercise fitness, l. cot road, returned to the unit step of formalities, and at his own expense 10000 multivariate, came to Beijing to participate in more professional and scientific training. Soon, he practiced to 10% body fat content, only about 25% to 30% of the average person.

& other; A lot of old friends meet again before I feel particularly surprised, to say that I completely changed a person. Throughout the &; L. cot said, & other; Some young people exercising in the gym also think I’m quite inspirational, want me to help them lose weight or fitness. This summer, I also help a college student from 260 jins weight to 180 pounds. Throughout the &;

after winning with olive oil Fried chicken breast meat treat yourself

a few days ago, attending the games l. cot road from Mongolia to return to the home, because more than half a year did not touch oil star, in order to reward yourself, he USES olive oil a piece of chicken breast meat & other; Friends & throughout; .

to outsiders, l. cot road of bodybuilding ways even some & other; Cruel & throughout; . He exercises every day more than four hours, apparatus and instruments, running, almost never stopped, and in all kinds of before the game, the intensity of exercise will also increase. On food are more stringent, he is now a day to eat meal, 40 eggs, 3 kg chicken breast meat, 2 jins of beef or a big bass, and vegetables. All use clean boiled or steamed meat, vegetables are eaten raw, after 6 PM, stop eating.

& other; If there are any push out of meal at ordinary times, I will bring their own food in the past, in the holiday, I will give the family to do a table of delicious, but yourself or eat at ordinary times the food. Throughout the &; L. cot said, & other; Many people will suspect me of this kind of body building exercise intensity too big, too harsh, is not very healthy, but we are all on the advice of the professionals, there will be no harm to the body. Throughout the &;

l. cot road, his next year will slow rhythm in the race, only strong and handsome, on behalf of the Chinese team to participate in the Asian championship, world championships and east Asia international bodybuilding open larger game, & other; Family practice fit to me and take part in the game are support, I hope I can insist on to the old. Throughout the &;

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