8 provinces to carry out the one-child paid carers to accumulative total of 20 days each year

zhengzhou Jan. 25 (xinhua) (reporter wang shuo) one-child sick hospitalization leave to their parents escort is no longer extravagant hopes. The old do 2017 national & other; Ten old news & throughout; The news conference, by the end of 2017, eight provinces through local legislation has established the one-child family false elderly care system, including henan, guangxi, fujian, etc. Henan rules, for example, the one-child care false accumulated 20 a year, during the escort wages material benefits is changeless.

in recent years, public opinion has been calling for setting up the one-child care is false, and the people’s congress, the Chinese people’s political consultative conference committee to make recommendations. Today, eight provinces have folk calls can be converted to local laws and regulations, is undoubtedly worthy of praise.

from the point of view of system design, the one-child care false of nature is a good thing, their policy of full of goodwill also make a person feel warm, but good policy can be implemented remains to be seen. , as many people feared the one-child care false game involving the interests of all parties, if there is no subsequent supporting policies to follow up, will most likely be & other; The right of paper & throughout; .

continuously improve the welfare of the workers, including increased off welfare, is a reflection of social progress. Make sure good policies can be born execution, besides self-consciousness by unit of choose and employ persons, still need to take this opportunity to promote enterprise combining with the characteristics of their own industry detailed rules, make good policies in the execution of the shape is not out of tune. At the same time, the authorities shall establish a compatible with each other, society as a whole system of form a complete set, thus make & other; Paid carers & throughout; For real rights of children, become a real benefits of the old.

of course, a one-child care false, is not can solve all of the pension problem. In fact, the improvement of the old-age security system, social ability of the agency service, etc., is even more crucial link.

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