80 guy when galactagogue division after earning twenty thousand: men in physical strength

the original title: guy after 80 when the galactagogue division earning 80: men have an advantage in strength,

henan guy Yang jun profession is galactagogue division after 80

as male lactation t he experienced many embarrassing

family against

others questioned

your girlfriend don’t understand

there are few customers to come to let him service

what is & other; Throughout the galactagogue division &;

galactagogue division is also called stimulate the secretion of milk, milk division, refers to the human meridian regulate technical means such as massage, Chinese medicine massage, for there are less postpartum breast, breast, breast tenderness, milk deposition, ductal obstruction, acute mastitis lactation of breast symptoms such as women, provide lactation care and breast beauty service professionals.

male galactagogue division: the reality of cold hot network

there are few customers to let Yang jun service at the beginning, young man is. Although this profession is special, said Yang jun, high technique and strength requirement, men physically more appropriate, and considerable income. Today, & other; Every month there are four or five customers will ask throughout my service &; .

this matter through the network transmission, triggered online buzz. Netizens mainly divided into three categories, a large part of netizens & other Can’t accept male knead galactagogue division according to the woman’s breasts & throughout; .

@ flocculant warm fall dust: from the female point of view, the first is the gender, rather than skill and strength.

@ haha: I really admire the four or five customers husband & hellip; & hellip;

@ cherry Chen: firmly opposed, as a woman, I can’t accept female galactagogue division, what’s more, men?

@ the young tailor: I can’t accept. Not don’t respect the boy to do this job, but as a woman, really don’t want to. Once wear dynamic electrocardiogram test instrument, is a male nurse, although he has great work ethic, but after all, I am a girl, before he took off his coat psychological or very exclusive.

@ or a low-key name: his girl friend must be jealous every day.

there are also some netizens think, men’s & other; Throughout the galactagogue division &; Only one of the professional, just like male obstetricians and gynaecologists. Galactagogue division itself is a kind of benefit of maternal and infant profession, understandable.

@ kunlun: talent with a nasty mind would question will say dirty words, I think this job is great, lactation male strength technique may be more suitable. So there’s mom needs also is very normal, no one want to spent Qian Qi good curative effect, in order to baby nobody think too much. A mother’s love is great.

@ to listen: in fact like male obstetricians and gynaecologists, male nurse, male nanny, men than women do better.

@ and hear the wind sing: this is similar to male gynecologist, see patients mentality.

@ Lynn: my individual thinks, cannot view and career with colored glasses, after all, people don’t steal not to rob & hellip; & hellip;

netizens also gives a solution, that is to let the husband go to lactation training, so that you can to his wife, lactation, not only save money, also can promote the relationship ~

male obstetricians and gynaecologists also encounter cold

in addition to the male lactation, there are many controversial male jobs, such as male nurses, male obstetricians and gynaecologists. The reporter understands in a hospital of obstetrics and gynecology, randomly selected 10 female patients, there are six made it clear that not to choose men doctors during registration.

the hospital director said, obstetrics and gynecology hospital general male gynecologist left out is not new, generally in the absence of female doctors, patients to choose men doctors check for yourself.

in fact, now the department of obstetrics and gynecology field has entered the domestic many male doctor, and did very well. Male doctors in gynecology and obstetrics in addition to delivering, there are a lot of diseases need surgery, surgery to superb technology and judgment ability, and in this respect, male doctor has irreplaceable advantages. Many doctors said that patients come to the hospital in order to cure disease, actually has nothing to do with the sex of the doctor.

her male: someone no one good hit

although experts said her male has various advantages, including & other; The opposite sex will more popular in communication for the evacuation of maternal depression mood good & throughout; , & other; Now a lot of boy’s character more neutralization, lack of manhood, her male masculinity, will also have important influence on the formation of a baby personality & throughout; , & other; Men than women more compressive capacity and endurance & throughout; & hellip; & hellip; However, affected by & other; Men and women ShouShouBuQin & throughout; Her idea, the influence of male people cheered nobody good box office.

there is no denying the fact that our traditional concept that some post may be by women more vulnerable to accept. Believe that over time, along with the professional work and thorough, the phenomenon of difficult employment of some of the jobs of men will be changed.

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