A 10% wang ji can prolong life? Experts: the rat experimental conclusions do not apply to the people


wang ji multiple campaigns are mentioned 863 plan

863 plan involves project is, in fact, a study of function food safety, research purposes, does not involve whether to extend life

on December 5, wang ji’s official weibo said in a news release, according to the national 863 program, the results of the study, 10% drink wang ji can prolong life. Soon after the release of the claim, by netizens questioned project authenticity and scientific conclusion. Beijing youth daily reporter query found that wang ji and other herbal tea brand was used as experimental object in a 863 plan indeed corpus. But according to guangzhou center for disease control and prevention was involved in the project, the center only done related experiment in rats, not sure & other; Prolong life & throughout; Applies to humans. While a number of related experts said that there is no kind of functional food, medicines, even dare to claim to extend human life 10%.

wang ji that can prolong life 10%

on December 5, a piece of news about the cool tea wang ji widely spread on the Internet. Guangzhou pharmaceutical group chairman Li Chuyuan announced when attend a BBS, national 863 program, research results show that about 10% drink wang ji can prolong life. But it was not long before the news caused a lot of questions.

the first question of this formulation is the chief executive of genomics in the same industry. 5 in the afternoon, wang ji’s official weibo said in a news release, the medical industry in China on the BBS, Li Chuyuan guangzhou pharmaceutical group chairman and chief executive of genomics Yin Ye guests such as high-end interactive, li dong said & other; According to the national 863 program, research results, drink wang ji can prolong life throughout & about 10%; Genomics and promptly get shenzhen co., LTD., President and CEO of Yin Ye, and the height of the identity to the guest’s warm applause.

6 in the afternoon, chief executive of genomics Yin Ye forwarding this weibo, and explain the so-called & other; Highly publicized throughout the &; Just a courtesy to nod. He said: & other; In the same industry, while also drink wang ji, but does not represent this conclusion. About the human life extension is a comprehensive subject, so far there is no single factor can become so significant difference. Throughout the &;

in addition to peers, many netizens have also under wang ji’s official weibo message, & other; Advertising, can prolong the life of hundred, just to give the brain & throughout; . Others questioned, & other; 10% is how calculated? Didn’t dare to say that so many health care products in China, finally lost to a sell drinks throughout the &; .

had sunk & other; Prolong life turmoil throughout the &;

north green press queries found that this is not the first time that wang ji claim to have the effect of prolong life. On June 13, 2013, the broad medicine group said at a news conference has special & other; Wang Lao ji’s herbal teas have the function of the prolong the life of animals & throughout; .

conference, wide medicine group says, & other; Based on samples of 576 mice two-year safety testing, preliminary findings, wang Lao ji’s herbal teas experimental rat survival rate is better than that of reference substance, according to wang Lao ji’s herbal teas have the function of the prolong the life of animals & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

when the broad medicine formally withdraw wang ji brand time is not long, about & other; Wang ji prolong life & throughout; After news triggered widespread disbelief. Some netizens said, & other; How long does it take to prolong the life of animals, to the scientific validation out? Broad medicine formally withdraw less than two years, wang ji was incredibly will measure this amazing result! Throughout the &; Some fun, & other; After radix isatidis, another agent & lsquo; God medicine & rsquo; Available throughout the &; .

although the face of challenge, the relevant person in charge of broad medicine in an interview with the media still firmly believe in the truth of life extension effect, and said it was only some progress, the next step will continue to study.

and sure enough, in the January 6, 2016, wang ji again released & other; Breakthrough & throughout; Research results: according to the national standard and American FDA standards, the first domestic herbal tea products security system 3 years studies have shown that long-term consumption of wang Lao ji’s herbal teas can extend the life of the animal.

according to introducing, this conclusion is first herbal tea project of national 863 plan. Center for disease control and prevention of guangdong province as a research unit, has undertaken the research about functional food safety assessment factors.

& other; Group according to the requirements of national standard and American FDA standard, by mouse samples for two years the security of the system research, found that wang Lao ji’s herbal teas animal survival of the experimental group and the expected average survival time were higher than the control group, in which wang Lao ji’s herbal teas for a 2.90 g/kgBW female rats with experimental statistics survival time was 708.2 days, and the control group statistics female rat survival time was 675.1 days, 33.1 days, higher difference obvious, proved that long-term consumption of wang Lao ji’s herbal tea have the function of the prolong the life of animals. At the same time, according to the functional foods of human consumption of discipline research, found that the subjects of liver and kidney function, blood lipids parting, regular physical examination indexes such as blood, and the respiratory system, digestive system, urinary system and emotional aspects of a certain degree of improvement, prove that long-term consumption of wang Lao ji’s herbal tea produce positive effects on health. Throughout the &; Although issued specific data, but due to the only notification involves the related experiment in rats, wang ji’s & other; Prolong life & throughout; Function is still not widely recognised.

as for the sink & other; Prolong life & throughout; On the evening of December 6, wang ji in responded that prolong life conclusion is derived from 576 samples of rats, related theory and the information released in 2016.

survival rate is mainly used for security validation

on December 6, the centers for disease control and prevention of guangdong province health toxicology, jun-ming huang qing north newspaper journalists admitted, director of the center did participate in the 863 plan related to the topics. & other; This project exists, issue number is 2010 aa023001. But we only participated in the prophase of rats experiment, is not responsible for the human body throughout the experiment part &; .

jun-ming huang said, the 863 team members include several universities, several research institutions and companies. & other; When it is a very large project, herbal tea is one of the items, our team is responsible for one part of work & throughout; .

he north green news reporter recalled project operation after, at that time, a total of three cool tea to participate in the experiment, which add much treasure and wang ji experiment involves the survival rate of rats, red cans and green box packing. Another brand products is not involved in the index. & other; Our animal experiments are mainly revolves around cool tea safety, the ultimate survival rate of rats is one of the results of the indicators. Throughout the &; Novak s, & other; Add much treasure and wang ji in experiments are successful, before the animal survival rate of experimental design, experimental facts as a result, the rats with the cool tea than useless herbal tea rats live longer. Throughout the &;

jun-ming huang repeatedly stressed: & other; Survival is our experimental results, not the experimental purposes. As for whether wang ji has the function of the prolong life, that I cannot give a conclusion. As for the enterprise how to publicity, that’s not what we can control. Throughout the &;

when asked about the scientific research project funds problem, jun-ming huang said the research project has money, the project to remove the superior of appropriations, also have input for project of each unit. & other; At that time, wang ji, plus the stupa and another cool tea enterprises in samples, materials, production, processing, and the experiment provides a strong support, ensure the smooth progress of the project. Throughout the &;

and the centers for disease control and prevention of guangdong province, said a staff member, the research achievements of wang ji published experimental results only mentioned about 10%, but gave no specific details and experimental data, made no mention of the researchers. & other; The result is very vague, words is unknown, so we are also further verification, but we temporarily not be responsible for the results & throughout; .

experts: herbal tea is not suitable for everyone

the Chinese academy of agricultural sciences, deputy director of the institute of agricultural products processing feng-zhong wang said due to rats and people belong to different species, in the rat experiment conclusions do not necessarily apply to the human body.

feng-zhong wang said that the relevant efficacy test, often need to fruit flies, rats, monkeys and a series of animal experiments, finally to human trials. Because of the complexity of the human body structure, a lot of work on animals, to the human body may impact is not big, & other; If 10% to extend human life, at least in the test of the need to prolong life 30% & throughout; .

feng-zhong wang introduces, at present the relevant tests in functional food, and no similar & other; Prolonging life 10% & throughout; The claim. & other; Now who also dare not say 10% can improve human lifespan, even if the drug, also dare not to claim such efficacy throughout the &; .

feng-zhong wang said, herbal tea is not for everyone, & other; Each product has its optimum population, could not have a product can cure. Like someone eating eggs will allergy, herbal tea could not beneficial to everyone & throughout; .

China agricultural university, associate professor of food science and nutrition engineering institute zhi-hong fan told the newspaper reporter, to prove that wang ji have prolong life that need to get out accurate research data, & other; Conclusion there is no data from my personal perspective is not letter & throughout; And both vitamin drinks and energy drinks, there is no research concerning the functional beverage can prolong life.

zhi-hong fan, said the need to track the many, many years in the research on the relation, and samples to be big, and have to avoid all sorts of confounding factors, that is to rule out other factors that affect life to prove this is the only factor.

zhi-hong fan, said she was not totally understand the Chinese native medicine ingredient of wang Lao ji’s herbal tea formula, but only in terms of it as a high-sugar drinks, is not suitable for all people to drink. Also in terms of publicity, outstanding product of workblanks efficacy is not appropriate. Ordinary food can’t promote their efficacy, even if the herbal tea belongs to a health care products, and other Prolong life & throughout; Is not in the effect of health care products.

north green newspaper reporters from the state food and drug supervision and administration bureau website query that wang ji wang Lao ji’s herbal teas parent company guangzhou pharmaceutical co., LTD. Branch food and beverage products it is registered as a beverage plants, that is to say, wang Lao ji’s herbal tea belongs to drink is not health food.

according to the ministry of health issued by 2003 and began to implement the “health food inspection and evaluation of technical specifications” (2003 edition), the relevant provisions of the health foods with health claims may declare enhance immunity, antioxidant, auxiliary improve memory, alleviate physical fatigue, weight loss and other 27 kinds of functions, including workblanks does not include this feature.

article/our correspondent Kong Linghan Xiong Yingqi a monthly meng

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