A large number of chronic diseases, drag died into tumors

a lot of people have such a question, in the heart of why many cancer patients often have to middle-late when confirmed? The tumor hospital of Beijing university has held & other; Throughout north swollen & micro class; Chief physician, ward, gastrointestinal cancer center two Zhang Ji reminds, a large number of cancer patients for the treatment of chronic diseases, not value, finally dragged into malignant tumors.

data diagram (for figure/visual China)

& other; Some chronic diseases is likely to become cancer, gastric cancer, for example, are usually based on the chronic gastritis, tumor of the occult in gastric cancer’s performance is very outstanding. Throughout the &; Zhang Ji said, clinically, many patients are already feeling the stomach uncomfortable, but choose a stomach medicine or some attention on food, will carry over, or someone found infected with h. pylori, but there was no active treatment, so a little missed the best treatment opportunity. & other; Can say, cancer rarely have suddenly deteriorated, thinks nothing of a large part of patients is the chronic disease, will eventually drag become malignant tumor diseases. Throughout the &;

in fact, the cause obvious lung cancer, liver cancer, cervical cancer, stomach cancer and EB virus caused by nasopharyngeal carcinoma, can be prevented. Zhang Ji said, gastric cancer, for example, h. pylori can blow air, people infected with helicobacter pylori, through two to three weeks of antibiotic treatment, can be recovered. If everybody has the consciousness of active treatment, the patients with gastric cancer can reduce a lot. (reporter liu huan)

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