A man of hubei province sudden cerebral hemorrhage Families of the donation of body organs to save three

liu and his family in the human body organ donation agreement was signed Ms. Eu taken

a man of hubei province sudden cerebral hemorrhage, the last stage in the life of left life gift & ndash; & ndash; Donated two kidneys and liver, bring new hope for the three organ failure patients. & other; Dad life ordinary, but in the last minute to save the three people, life has also changed the three families. Throughout the &; Donor daughter liu 2, when questioned said.

Liu Yueqing liu father this year 47 years old, had been in wuhan financing as a porter, mother at home to take care of and she was in high school’s brother, the family harmony happy. Unaware that morning of February 23, is the xiaogan relatives visit Liu Yueqing suddenly fell down, foaming at the mouth, unconscious, family hurriedly sent him to a local hospital.

examined Liu Yueqing sudden cerebral hemorrhage was diagnosed and the bleeding is very big, do not have the operation at the local hospital. After repeatedly to discuss, the family on the evening of February 27 Liu Yueqing into people’s hospital of wuhan university.

expectations of wuhan university people’s hospital medical center of doctor of vice director of the qi fu said, after a day and night rescue, Liu Yueqing has always maintain vital signs can only rely on breathing machine and vasopressors, brain function almost completely lost, the condition is irreversible.

according to the organ donation practice, wuhan university people’s hospital of the human body organ procurement team to step in. Hospital organ donation coordinator find liu yao and Tang Qilong, asked whether willing to donate organs of father save.

before liu’s brother-in-law, the eldest brother shui-qing liu Liu Yueqing seen about the donation of body organs to save the patient’s story, & other; Received a lot of good people while his brother was seriously ill help, organ donation is a good thing, we want him to be in a different way of life. Throughout the &; Shui-qing liu said.

March 1 in the afternoon, Ms. Liu, shui-qing liu three family members in the human body organ donation agreement was signed, complete the donation procedures. In the afternoon 4 when 15 points, Liu Yueqing being pushed into the operating room, began to organ donation and transplantation. Then two kidney transplant operation is completed in wuhan university people’s hospital, its liver through the national organ transplant distribution system of emergency of nonlocal patients assigned to match with the best.

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