A middle school in hunan mass TB official response: 90% sick students have resumption. Schooling

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according to north green at 15 days of reports, taojiang 4 mass tuberculosis incidents yiyang city in hunan and after screening, the school officials said the school found that more than 30 suspected tuberculosis cases, 20 cases have been confirmed. Today, the county party committee propaganda department to respond to this matter, and make confirm mass tuberculosis occurred on August 19, 2017. After the outbreak, has started at the county level public health emergencies contingency plans. As of November 15, nearly 90% of the sick students from provincial TB prevention expert group consultation, already resumption or schooling can go back to school.

taojiang, said the county party committee propaganda department has established close contact crowd, screening and treatment scheme has four screening for all the teachers and students, class teachers and students of disease focus and early not students, close contacts with the corresponding inspection, review, and invite province chest hospital expert consultation; County health bureau to school dining room, classroom, bedroom, bathroom and other places, has carried on the thorough cleaning and disinfection.

at the same time, take & other; 3 packets of a & throughout; The way (a teacher, a doctor, a township cadres package a student), overall responsibility for the treatment of sick students, learning, life, etc. To solve the sick students trouble back at home, all the sick students outpatient and hospitalization fees on health policy after reimbursement, the rest is solved by the county government as a whole, for students taking medicine against the disease given the appropriate financial assistance, sick students in school tuition, on-campus accommodation, table money made a specific arrangement.

in addition, hire experts and organizations in the county, in the province to the county’s primary and secondary schools for TB can prevent remedy controllable propaganda education, issued the TB prevention and control knowledge publicity materials from more than 20000, popularize knowledge of TB control.

next, will work on epidemic focus on the following four: one is the treatment of sick students at all costs. 2 it is to close contact with people on a regular basis to closely monitoring and screening, preventing further outbreaks. Three is to provide parents mood dredge and students’ psychological guidance work, reduce the influence on student’s growth, to ensure social stability. Four is the comprehensive education to strengthen disease control and prevention, strengthen the prevention and control of the consciousness.

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in view of the prevention and control of TB, phoenix health also invited li liang, chief physician, vice President of the Beijing chest hospital for popular science knowledge of TB. ()

how TB transmission

n/med tuberculosis bacterium is how to enter the body and illness? need has the source of infection in the first place. The source of infection of tuberculosis (TB) is to be able to discharge bacterium phthisical patient. n/med tuberculosis bacterium is not sports ability, in order to achieve from a source must use & other; Transportation & throughout; . This is a transportation droplet nuclei. Tuberculosis (TB) when people cough, sneeze can produce a large number of droplet nuclei. Droplet nuclei about 5 microns in diameter. N/med tuberculosis bacterium is with the help of a droplet nuclei row into the air. Healthy air suction, n/med tuberculosis bacterium from source entered another human body.

enter human body, the most is the body’s immune system to kill n/med tuberculosis bacterium, part of n/med tuberculosis bacterium can escape the body’s immune system & other; After & throughout; And survival in the body, so, healthy people affected n/med tuberculosis bacterium. According to research, healthy people after inhalation of n/med tuberculosis bacterium, only 30% May be infected.

n/med tuberculosis bacterium infection, whether the body disease depends on the relationship between the human body resistance and virulence of n/med tuberculosis bacterium if human body resistance is strong and weak virulence of n/med tuberculosis bacterium, n/med tuberculosis bacterium can be killed, the human body without any disease; If human body resistance is weak and strong virulence of n/med tuberculosis bacterium, n/med tuberculosis bacterium will multiply, the body will appear tuberculosis kitchen and symptoms, this is a TB; And there’s a situation in which the body resistance and virulence of n/med tuberculosis bacterium, n/med tuberculosis bacterium is in & other; Sleep & throughout; State. But once the conditions are right (e.g., human body resistance suddenly drops), these and other Sleep & throughout; State of n/med tuberculosis bacterium will come to and to reproduce. After the onset of the patient will become the new source of infection and more human. Studies have found that, if left untreated, a source of infection may infect 10-15 healthy people.

how to prevent TB

TB so serious, so how to prevent TB?

the first thing you need to exercise more, improve their resistance. Scratching the transmission of n/med tuberculosis bacterium can’t see, want to completely avoid inhaling n/med tuberculosis bacterium is extremely difficult to achieve. Therefore, n/med tuberculosis bacterium enters the body also is inevitable. As long as the body resistance is strong, even if inhaled n/med tuberculosis bacterium may be eliminated. Therefore, strong body resistance are very important to prevent TB;

the second, more room ventilation. n/med tuberculosis bacterium is spread through the air, so ventilation will help reduce the concentration of n/med tuberculosis bacterium in the air, and may be inhaled less.

third, to the gathering place to tuberculosis person wearing a mask. Such places including tuberculosis hospital outpatient and ward, and general hospital respiratory outpatient service.

4, someone had tuberculosis (TB) in the home, must pay attention to the best and the elderly, children live relatively isolated, for the elderly and children, is a high incidence of TB.

the fifth, develop good health habits, such as do not spit everywhere, not to cough sneeze at another person.

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