A tweet created the storm: donkey-hide gelatin is “boiled donkey skin”

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a tweet created the storm: whether gelatin & other; Boiled donkey skin & throughout;

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a few days ago, the state development planning commission public health hotline 12320 official weibo posted a message, a stone up.

this article in the New Year’s day is not worth to buy gelatin of weibo says, has been very high grade of gelatin in health care products, have the effect of aura blessing: blood tonic, hemostatic, raise colour, fetus, anti-fatigue, cancer & hellip; & hellip; Please see the essence through the phenomena, however, donkey-hide gelatin is & other; Boiled donkey skin & throughout; . Donkey skin collagen is the main component, and the protein lack essential amino acid tryptophan, is not a good source of protein.

the content was published, which triggered heated debate on the Internet, and turn into a debate between the Chinese and western medicine. Critics pointed out that with donkey hide gelatin is common knowledge that women use their body, are not used to complement proteins, has its own theoretical system of traditional Chinese medicine, can’t use western science derivative to prove right or wrong. Also have comments, according to popular gelatin for many years, was & other; Boiled donkey skin & throughout; Cheated.

although the weibo soon be deleted, controversial but has not yet subsided. So far, is the affair of the company (62.530, 0.22, & have spent – 0.35%) (000423 SZ), and other companies have not been public response.

is not only a donkey-hide gelatin, 12320 public health hotline official weibo also questioned on the effect of bird’s nest, honey. Its release weibo said, in fact, there is no use sea cucumber and bird’s nest, in terms of protein, eggs than sea cucumber and bird’s nest. Another weibo indicates that there are 80% of the compositions in honey are sugar, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are small, most studies have confirmed that effect is similar to placebo, no real benefit to health.

the reporter understands, the weibo content is not the first time distribution and transmission. Cloves at the end of 2016 the doctor has written four health care not care related articles, point to the bird’s nest, donkey-hide gelatin, honey and other health care products. The health development planning commission weibo just interception of the content part, and a quick release. The personage inside course of study says, clove a doctor is a private organization, advocate the western medicine, the article more questioned the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine, efficacy.

the data shows, in the “Chinese pharmacopoeia”, donkey-hide gelatin is listed have curative effect, taboo and the applicable scope & other Prescription drugs & throughout; . In the 2005 edition of China pharmacopoeia of donkey-hide gelatin scope of functions and attending clear is: blood ziyin, dryness, hemostatic, used for blood deficiency chlorosis, dizziness palpitations, upset sleepless, phlegm-heat type. Cough.

& other; Health care products has a way of private health care products and health products, donkey-hide gelatin as a kind of private health care products, from the Angle of the medicine food homology, has a certain effect, it is helpful to health, is not a simple & lsquo; Boiled donkey skin & rsquo; Indeed, only in recent years, its effect was exaggerated. Throughout the &; Food business, a researcher at China by peng told the blue whale sankei shimbun reporters.

with efficacy exaggerated, the price of donkey-hide gelatin is rising. In the company, for example, from 2010 to 2017, its products total price 11 times. In 2016 the company improve the factory price 14%; Increase of 15% in 2015; 2014 price twice, 19%, 53% respectively; Increase more than 30% in 2013; Prices by 30% in 2012; Price is as high as 60% in 2011; In 2010 prices three times, the range of 20%, 5% and 10% respectively.

repeatedly after prices, donkey-hide gelatin products retail prices climbed to high. Reporter query big pharmacy company flagship store’s website, found that the price of 240 grams of the company and retail in 1200 yuan. In recent years,

, donkey-hide gelatin become one of the holiday giving consumers choice. Who planning commission released during the Spring Festival this tweet, will market impact of donkey-hide gelatin? Blue whale sankei shimbun reporters to contact the company relevant personage, but by the end of time, the other did not reply.

by peng said, donkey-hide gelatin for the autumn/winter season consumer products, are for personal use and holiday gift two forms of consumption. Now young people prefer foreign health care products, donkey-hide gelatin this kind of traditional Chinese medicine health products for more than 40 years of age or older in the middle-aged and old consumers in use, this part of the crowd will not be a tweet content of the health development planning commission is too sensitive.

& other; From the consumer end, will not have too big impact. Throughout the &; By peng believes that & other; The storm more will reflect in the industry, the influence of glue distributor for such news is most sensitive, they would worry about who planning commission this tweet the impact on the sales may be produced, so as to decide whether to continue and sale of gelatin products, and the decision of the dealers tend to enterprises to form a deadly test. Throughout the &;

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