A white paper on “practice situation of the Chinese medical doctor

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on January 9, the Chinese medical doctor association in its 2018 annual meeting issued a white paper” practice situation of the Chinese medical doctor “(hereinafter referred to as” white paper “). Data in a white paper, according to the average weekly working hours of tertiary hospital doctors than legal working hours, half of the medical staff think work is not recognized by the society, this is senior title of professional doctors in income per capita income just over 100000.

tertiary hospital doctors work than 51 hours on average every week

tertiary hospitals and secondary hospital doctors there is no significant difference on working hours per week. Tertiary hospital physician averaging 51.05 hours a week, 2 class hospital doctors averaging 51.13 hours a week, but they significantly higher level of the hospital doctor. The average working time is 48.24 hours a week. Results show that physicians were over 40 hours in average weekly working hours, working time more than the legal regulations.

is just over 100000 senior titles per capita income

2011 survey, 95.66% of the physicians surveyed believe their pay is out of step with income, the proportion fell to 65.9% in 2014, happily in this survey, although physicians income is still not perfect, but the survey & other; My income is out of step with pay & throughout; Has not physicians professional evaluation of main influence factors.

the research results show that the physician income in China and its contribution to the society is not consistent, is annual per capita income of just over hundreds of senior titles, the data is a combination of developed regions and underdeveloped regions average results, after such income compared with western countries frequently hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual income.

half of the medical staff think that work is not recognized

according to data released by the state, the 2016 national 6.7% less than in 2015, medical disputes involving medical illegal crime 14.1% less in 2016 than in 2015. But the survey shows that 62% of doctors think practice did not improve environment, 50% of medical staff think work didn’t get the social acceptance, similar data and survey data in 2015.

found on the physician’s practice attitude, male and female respondents were significant difference in the positive attitude, women are more motivated than men, senior pharmacist) practice a more positive attitude; The highest annual minimum set of negative attitude, further illustrate the physician incomes will heavily influence physicians working attitude.

overall, respondents were more positive attitude to the practice than negative attitude towards the practice. Young evident in positive attitude and negative attitude, mood swings, while negative attitude increased significantly reduced with age.

it is reported, “white paper” from 2016 to 2016, the Chinese medical doctor association of physicians in large sample survey, produced by the national total of 4.46 medical institutions of medical personnel to participate in this survey, a total of about 146200 doctors involved.

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