A woman in the residential area in sichuan was reinforced in heaven in the head The police investigation

TongXiaoFang accident, residents and medical personnel to rescue them immediately.

save the scene, TongXiaoFang head with a long bar.

13 November, TongXiaoFang eyes open, but in the face of her husband calls without any response.

former colleagues to visit, and for TongXiaoFang donations.

13 November, leshan central city sichuan province armed police corps hospital intensive care unit. It was already 9 days, 36-year-old TongXiaoFang haven’t wake up, the husband Xu Xiang sitting in ICU, eagerly looking at the ward. Once in a while, he will turn the phone to check & other Easily raise & throughout; In the progress. At 11 to 13 points, has raised more than 230000 yuan, from 350000 yuan fund-raising goals and more than 10, ten thousand yuan.

as is very famous in the community of & other; Good daughter-in-law & throughout; , TongXiaoFang is on November 5, experience of outrageous fortune & ndash; & ndash; At 9 PM in the day, from her home village after downstairs, being a suspected reinforced Pierce head from falling. Despite the successful surgery, but due to the severe injury, now she is still not out of danger.


reinforced insert right on the head women

new neighborhood, a black woman on the ground, with a more than 1 m long steel head, steel bar next to another in the soil & hellip; & hellip; Began on November 5, video, startling sections in leshan citizen’s circle of friends. A black woman TongXiaoFang is 36 years old, work in a decoration company before the incident, as a unit cleaning at the same time.

called photographs resort village, the village is a PengGai housing for village, located in leshan city center and near the bridge. & other; 5 the thing around 9:00 in the morning. Throughout the &; Community cleaners Li Dajie introduction, when she is near 1 cleaning, he heard a cry for help coming from a nearby there was a loud scream, hearing came near 1 2 units, saw a black woman on the ground, suddenly with a steel bar on the head. Li Dajie at, hurriedly called 120 and 120, and then report to the management company. Soon, property staff and local residents gathered to come over, we found that women’s head of reinforced with 1 meter long, finger thickness, next to the other end in the soil.


steel has not been out of danger remove people

then, we carefully the injured woman carried on a stretcher, both of man and reinforced loaded into ambulances. And because of steel bar is too long, the ambulance even the doors are closed, the medical personnel with walking all the way to the bar.

Xu Xiangshui TongXiaoFang husband, 43 years old, because of the sudden, he was rushed to the hospital, had only 1000 yuan of cash on me, but the hospital and underwent surgery for TongXiaoFang immediately. & other; Until 7 PM. Throughout the &; Xu Xiangshui, surgery was a success, take out the steel put on his wife.

however, although has been hospitalized days, 9 TongXiaoFang still live in the ICU. & other; Now is better than just on admission. Throughout the &; Xu Xiangshui, every day at 3 PM to 3 PM, half an hour’s visiting hours, starting from 11, his wife’s eyes began to open slightly, but it seems there is no consciousness, & other; Half an hour, I have been talking to her, but what kind of reaction all have no, I use hand waved in front of her eyes, her eyes did not turn. Throughout the &;

& other; Now also facing two difficulties. Throughout the &; TongXiaoFang doctor said, one is the intracranial pressure, brain edema, which is the important cause of her consciousness is not clear; Second, infection, surgery, she found her brain has broken bones, hair, etc., these are the factor that could lead to infection.

the injured

care of in-laws for eight years had earned & other; Good daughter-in-law & throughout;

& other; She is too bitter. Throughout the &; Intensive care, outdoor Xu Xiang looked at the room door, from time to time issued a sigh. Xu Xiangshui, the wife is the emei city FuXi town people, two people started dating after introduced. & other; She is a good girl, we all like her very much. Throughout the &; Xu Xiangshui, his mother had suffered from rheumatoid, TongXiaoFang didn’t abandon, but take the initiative to take on responsibility, & other; Every time he comes to home, want to help my mom to wear clothes, serve her toilet. Throughout the &;

in 2001, two people married, have a lovely daughter. & other; After her marriage, she was as diligent as before. Throughout the &; Xu Xiangshui, around 2008, and his father had cancer, and in so many years, XiaoFang have parents to take care of good, & other; In addition to daily care, she is concerned about the mood of the parents, common human tricycles pulling parents, back to her hometown FuXi to relax. Throughout the &;

& other; Early in the morning to go out, evening back, her thin body, back and forth a few tens of kilometers never shout tired! Throughout the &; Xu Xiangshui, these things are neighbours to see in the eye, in 2007, his wife was voted community & other Good daughter-in-law & throughout; And deeds after local television reported, also became a famous model.

2009 years or so, Xu Xiang’s parents died, but TongXiaoFang is not so easy. & other; Because parents treat, owe a lot of books at home. Throughout the &; Xu Xiangshui, when parents in TongXiaoFang to take care of them during the day, evening go out to work, to a unit of cleaning. And, after his parents died TongXiaoFang got two jobs, is in the morning newspaper couriers, went to run Meituan during the day, night also to do the cleaning.


touched leshan donations from all walks of life more than 20

& other; I called her don’t be so tired, but she doesn’t idle down, say to want to earn money pay, also want to buy a house. Throughout the &; Xu Xiangshui, he love his wife, he often accompany a wife to clean after work, more than three hours of live, will be two hours to do.

a few toil, TongXiaoFang wishes come true this year, I finished it cure of zhang, turn shantytowns into new housing areas, because is assigned to a new house in the home, spent more than 10, ten thousand yuan decorate good. & other; Just beginning to see good, thought that this happened. Throughout the &; Xu Xiangshui, because decorate a house, again back tens of thousands of yuan bonds in the home, & other; Slant roof leak in overnight rain, is really desperate. Throughout the &;

TongXiaoFang after the accident, at a station to do safety personnel, only 2000 yuan monthly income of Xu Xiang launched & other; Easily raise & throughout; . These days, with TongXiaoFang deeds spread in leshan, more and more people to help. Even the investigating police, have also giving love. As of November 13, 11 PM to raise the amount has reached more than 230000 yuan.

TongXiaoFang the chief person in charge of the neighborhood and community, as well as her former colleague, and now, there are many unknown people, have flocked to the hospital to visit. & other; She is a good, brave, capable man, everyone likes her. Throughout the &; Child soldiers said TongXiaoFang seven years work with colleague, want her to be hurry up wake up.


suspected falling objects

the police investigate

an accident just making a room soon photographs resort village, village resident also few, many houses are decorated. TongXiaoFang head steel come from? & other; Preliminary judgment reinforced suspected falling. Throughout the &; Community content canal controller introduces, 5 days after the incident, property actively assist medical staff rescue the wounded, to the scene at the same time, fire escape, and the lift the blockade, prohibit irrelevant personnel in and out at will.

then, content canal company cooperate with the police, to go through the formalities of decoration focuses on floor inspection. Through inspection found that the site above the canopy on the eighth floor, there is a trace of suspected be reinforced to hit, but not on the 16th floor of canopy. & other; It follows that fall between the steel reinforcement from 9 to 16 floor. Throughout the &; Community content canal head, said on the 12th floor is decorated the house, 1 tube and civilian police found more than root reinforced bar.

& other; Similar to the injured head of steel and steel, but the interior of the two workers denies reinforcement to fall. Throughout the &; According to the community content canal head, police later will continue to know the situation of two decoration workers back to the police station, and went away with 12 floor 1 # 3 root reinforcement.

13 November night, west China metropolis daily – covers the journalists from leshan downtown district police station and bridge, according to the case is still under further investigation.

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