A woman surgery liposuction person sudden death was delivered prosecutors probing


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23, a mainland woman in Taiwan well-known cosmetic clinic during liposuction sudden death, the police have to physicians and an anesthesiologist and relevant responsible persons to prosecutors probing.

the 42 m women from the mainland, in Taipei city east famous medical beauty clinic liposuction surgery, sudden loss of heartbeat and breathing was sent after the medical first aid that cure still. Present medical staff including the surgeon, anesthesiologist, and two nurses, in accordance with the business of the crime of death by police suspicion to Taipei office prosecuted. :

police present medical staff have said, in accordance with their surgery program, we’ll do as to the detailed conditions to further clarify.

in addition to read ma women’s medical records and interrogation of clinic nurses, prosecutors 24, also to the funeral home inspection bodies, in order to clarify the cause of death.

it is known that ma woman had previously related medical beauty treatment have been carried out to Taiwan, didn’t expect this to an accident. At present, the police has to contact the families of the dead to Taiwan to help handle the aftermath.

in addition, the famous medical beauty clinic were reported, in 2009 and 2009, was accused of improper operation, patients in 2016 on suspicion of using illegal using equipment by the interview.

Taiwan medical hairdressing technology is developed, the good service quality, thus attracting a lot of tourists come. But in order to avoid accident, doctors preoperative will require patients to provide health inspection report, also suggests reserves the observation period to leave a week after surgery.

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