A year sells 750 million brainwashed god of medicine, please pass Chinese old man!

clove doctor original 】 【 as long as you live long enough, will at some time in life with a kind of disease & ndash; & ndash; Cataracts.

in China, the prevalence of over 60 is 65%. If left unchecked, the result may be blind & ndash; & ndash; China eye disease the cause of blindness, cataracts, ranked first, as high as 47%.

eye doctors often joked, if who can develop a drug treatment of cataract, get a Nobel Prize.

in most parts of the world there is no such medicine, but China has, every year several hundred million yuan to sell, you must have heard of it & ndash; & ndash; Sally PuAi thought.


picture sources: Sally PuAi think website

do you want to know how brainwashed? Search on the net “Sally PuAi cartoon image advertising”, open the video to look at:


images: Sally PuAi think cartoon image advertising video capture

is the god, brainwashed Chinese medicine

refresh of how god “god”? Look around, as long as you buy elders and relatives will know that you don’t rest. This “magic pill” is sold 28 million cigarettes a year in 2016, annual sales of 750 million yuan.

in the advertisement, it almost omnipotent:

▼ & have spent The old AD, almost all eye problems can drop


▼ & have spent Got cataract, with Sally PuAi

as blindness was late! Adhere to the drop is the key!


picture sources: Sally PuAi nostalgia edition advertising screenshot

▼ cataract, could not see, Sally PuAi thought drop eye & hellip; & hellip; Has become a popular jokes on social media


picture sources: Sally PuAi thought the latest advertising

▼ can cause blindness, afraid of? We can cure!



picture sources: Sally PuAi thought taobao advertising

in 2016 alone, Sally PuAi thought the company’s advertising costs as high as 260 million yuan, and drug development costs only 029 million in the same year, only 5.5 million cataract related drugs, even a fraction of the advertising is not enough.



picture sources: Sally PuAi thought corporate earnings in 2016

with the support of huge advertising, Sally PuAi eye drops in a variety of advertising take turns brainwashed, can put in the old, middle-aged and young, young, the majestic!

as long as my eyes uncomfortable, people will think of it first. DetailPic


picture sources: network capture

2, is an eye doctor hate the god of medicine

you can say so, Sally PuAi thought almost completed nearly 40000 eye doctors across the country dream & ndash; & ndash; Let people know the necessity and urgency of the prevention and control of cataract.

however, this seems very “conscience” of drugs, and no support from the eye doctors.

on the contrary, it is an eye doctor very hate a medicine!





莎普爱思公司在 1997 年上市时,主要在医院进行推广,莎普爱思公司的招股说明书里提到,「公司虽然尽力在医院推广,但未达到预期效果。」

it is clear that eye doctors are not good, but the public is not the same.

in 2004, the state food and drug administration approved to Sally PuAi eyedrops into OTC drugs.

this means that it can from the constraints of eye doctors, directly to the general public, this also had the first of a series of ones brainwashed, opens the Sally PuAi thought the road to gold.

3, false science, true marketing

god drugs to destroy the public’s cognitive

some pharmaceutical company invented a new drug, change human against disease process, and make their own profits.

there are some pharmaceutical companies, for the sake of high profits, destroyed the mass of the correct cognition of the disease.

at present, the world is the only effective way to treat cataract surgery, this is the consensus of global eye doctor.

the eighth edition of journal of ophthalmology, said: there is clinical, including traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), more than 10 kinds of cataract drugs in use, but its curative effect is not very precise.

national health development planning commission of China of blindness blind network said: no matter what kind of cataract, the surgical treatment is the most effective means. So far, there is no a drug has been shown to cure cataract, or prevent the development of cataracts. DetailPic


in 2016, the American academy of ophthalmology wrote:” adult cataract clinical guidelines “in humans, now have not found any one drug can effectively treat or delay the progress of cataract. Ophthalmologists should account for patients with this problem.

a lot of eye doctors tell us that many older people, a hear to go to the hospital to do surgery, will drums, Sally PuAi thinks to use such a mentality.

we interviewed several doctors, told us they encounter the real mental patients.

hong-ping cui is east hospital, director of ophthalmology, and points out that the earliest Sally PuAi think marketing harm an eye doctor:

“it is Sally PuAi thoughts are used to the human fear of psychological operation, false propaganda cataract operation can not cure, I met this kind of patient of expert outpatient service every week. If it really cure cataract, there is no question of the Nobel Prize.”

the first hospital affiliated to chongqing medical university, director of the physician of ophthalmology coastal teach we analyzed the old people’s psychological:

“to our outpatient treatment of patients with 90% used Sally PuAi, but are almost always used decided to surgery, if buy medicine can prevent cataracts, they are willing to try. The old people common stubborn, don’t believe the doctor, believe they trust people on TV, believes that health & other experts throughout the &; words.”

fudan university professor of otolaryngology taught the eye Lou implement also met many such patients:

“clinical encounter patients are mostly this drop eyedrop finally still want to come to surgical patients, I from the point of view of an eye doctor, the medicine didn’t work, it is clear.”

yes, there is something wrong with the eyes, drops eye drops can better, more convenient.

some of the old man, in the advertisement publicity, the drop is half a year, a year, or even years, eyesight worse and worse than surgery, firmly believe that eye drops can cure him. But in fact, if not surgery, the result is likely to still be blind.

hong-ping cui, said professor he encounter many patients eye drops, drip to cataracts are ripe, glaucoma and uveitis. A was ten minutes operation can solve the problem, let the patient delay for several years, vague, not only at the expense of the quality of life for a long time, and in the end is inevitable during surgery, also increase the risk of surgery. null

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