Academician zhong nanshan: I never said “march will be a wave of influenza pandemic”

recently, many friends were a

bombshell occupied!

& other; In march a new flu will soon come back & throughout;

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zhong is China’s famous expert to breathe, Chinese academy of engineering, more as against 2003 & other; Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) & throughout; Leading figures of the well known, the current national respiratory system disease clinical medical research center director, his speech is always play a significant role in the national public opinion influence.

in this past winter, after the last round of the flu outbreak & other; And such & throughout; Also let the people concerned, and the smell of a new wave of flu is approaching, and & other; From throughout the &; Zhong such authoritative expert, nature has a lot of attention, companies have even begun to gain a hype.

tomorrow, to march towards the

a new wave of flu really already on the road?

recently, sichuan chengdu commercial daily doctors asked academician zhong nanshan interview requests, but got a very unexpected answers.

academician zhong nanshan told sichuan famous doctor:

& other; I didn’t mention in March there will be a pandemic. Throughout the &;

he said that after media reports, a reporter misunderstood his speech.

what’s the matter? The & other; Throughout march & flu outbreak; And how did this?

academician zhong nanshan rumours:

original intention misunderstood never predict & other; Throughout march & flu tide;

after the query, sichuan famous doctors found the original news:

this year on January 17th, during the last round of the flu outbreak period, zhong academicians attended to be held in guangzhou & other; Winter respiratory disease prevention & throughout; Citizens public health forum, interpret the current characteristics of the flu, and accepted the media interview.

after the meeting, some media to & other; Zhong remind: march or have a new wave of flu incoming & throughout; Published reports for headlines, were later widely spread.

academician zhong nanshan told sichuan famous doctor, & other; () at the meeting in March, I didn’t mention there will be a pandemic. Throughout the &; He said that when he is in the south, 1 ~ 3 months for the flu season every year, & other; Journalists who understand my speech as in March of this year there will be a pandemic. Throughout the &;

so, & other; Zhong predict flu outbreak again in March & throughout; It is a goal!

national influenza center monitoring data showed:

since mid-january

the flu epidemic levels last fall

a new wave of flu in March or not? From the Chinese national influenza center of the national civil weekly flu detection data, there is no & other; March will flu outbreak & throughout; Signs.

although march is still in the winter flu season, but the recent north and the level of flu activity has been in decline.

the past statistics as an example, the southern province of flu last year until week 11 ~ 18 weeks (at the end of march to mid-may), are flu, in the period of high standard but intensity significantly weaker than the previous round this winter outbreak of influenza.

flu season is not over still cannot treat STH lightly

many experts recommended influenza vaccination

although flu this year has been gradually & other; Cool & throughout; Each year, but as academician zhong nanshan, 1 ~ 3 months still is the flu season (especially in the south area), also can’t let their guard down.

chengdu city center for disease control and prevention of infectious diseases prevention and control of coco long Joanna handlin Smith, director of the physician advice, citizens should from the following points well flu prevention:

influenza vaccination

although in the last round of the flu outbreak, 3 influenza vaccine strains has not completely covering the mainstream, limited preventive role, but in & other; Vaccines have throughout the value of vaccination &; On the question of the opinions of the department of CDC and academician zhong nanshan is the same: still recommend vaccination.

Joanna handlin Smith, director of the physician said, according to the monitoring, years ago, the flu pandemic strain of chengdu has to give priority to with a/h1n1 flu virus, in line with the national conditions. According to previously reported, the a/h1n1 flu virus have within 3 influenza vaccine to prevent price.

influenza vaccination is one of the important preventive measure, recommend the elderly, children (especially children) schools and kindergartens, pregnant women, chronic patients and medical staff etc. Influenza high-risk groups, and babies under 6 months of age, pregnant women and patients with chronic diseases, family members and caregivers influenza vaccination.

maintain a healthy lifestyle

keep good routine, assure enough sleep and optimism, avoid burnout; To strengthen physical exercise; According to climate change, pay attention to increase or decrease in clothes and warm warm.

the good personal hygiene habit

do not spit everywhere, when sneezing or coughing used a handkerchief or paper towel cover your mouth and nose, avoid the pollution of droplets to others or other items; Do wash your hands often and contact with respiratory secretions (such as sneezing) should be timely and specification after wash their hands, to avoid hand contact with dirty mouth, eyes, nose, Live, work and other activities to should notice ventilated take a breath, reduce stay in crowded, air circulation.

notice airiness

when traveling in waiting, waiting, waiting in the air to circulate as far as possible, not more crowded, the air dirty place stay; In transportation and try not to have upper respiratory symptoms such as cough talk or close contact; Trip if there is fever, such as wearing masks as far as possible, so as not to infect others.

symptomatic timely diagnosis

fever and respiratory symptoms such as cough, sore throat, should wear masks, see a doctor to normal medical institutions as soon as possible, and tell the contact with the cases of similar symptoms, and so on and so forth. There was a flu patients family members, should avoid to touch each other, especially when infants and young children, the elderly and people with chronic diseases in the home.

you are & other; In march the flu strikes again & throughout; Rumours of a scared?

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