Adults to look! How do these “toxic” video to children have to go to the hand?

Beijing Jan. 23 (xinhua) : adults cannot bear to look! These and other Toxic & throughout; How about video children have to go to the hand?

the xinhua news agency and other The Chinese net matter & throughout; The reporter Yang saiqi

the pig & other page Throughout the &; Injections, Mickey Mouse was a car accident, aisha princess do open throat, surgical operation & hellip; & hellip; Recently, a series of known and loved by children, cartoon image after & other A spoof & throughout; And & other Packaging & throughout; , on the youku, iQIYI network video platform, parents worry and anxiety. Although relevant platform then declares, but reporters 23 still in these platforms can search to the parts & other; Toxic & throughout; Video.

data diagram (for figure/IC) east

some parents commented that the cartoon image of the cloak, with the cheerful background music easily, these and other Toxic & throughout; Video is very deceptive, sought to convey the negative information, & other; From cute to harm, is a smoke screen, but also a smoke screen & throughout; .

& other; Can’t let kids watch TV on their own, can’t give children cell phones, tablets, rest assured. Throughout the &; Beijing residents, says ms zhu online at any time possible & other Toxic & throughout; Video let parents to produce a & other; Inability to control & throughout; Anxiety.

& other; These video animation and live action short with a large number of bloody violence, terror cruel, extravagant, and even sex composition, is not conducive to children’s physical and mental health. Throughout the &; China association of social psychology, Beijing normal university psychology professor Xu Yan introduction, children have a strong curiosity and desire to learn, but lack of discrimination, self-control and the ability to resist, therefore, it is difficult to block or away from its poison.

in Xu Yan point of view, these beyond the child’s age and status of video should be strictly the boycott. & other; Children affected by this kind of video for a long time, it is easy to distort, mistakenly assume that violence is very normal, bleeding is great fun, and even used to crimes, and in life learn to imitate them. Once this behavior occurs, may spread rapidly within the small group. Throughout the &;

20, youku, iQIYI platform said in a statement, the establishment of technical, operational and other departments of special operations team, strict screening, shielding harmful to the related video, concentrated delete processing. However, reporters 23 in search & other related platform; Teletubbies & throughout; & other; The pig page & throughout; Such as keywords, can still find some & other; Toxic & throughout; Video.

it is understood that these and other The destroyed through & throughout; The & other; Toxic & throughout; Video contains some abroad website that all banned video, but after a few months into the domestic video sites. The video is approved? 18 when facing journalists write to that by the end of 23, love art, youku has not responded.

a video production company staff is introduced, and some network platform lack of strict supervision and audit mechanism, and affected by the content of peace interest relations between Taipei and the video will be relying on & other; Snowballing & throughout; Promotion, forming a wide range of transmission.

in the face of these & other; Toxic & throughout; The strength of the video invasion, how to protect children’s childhood?

Xu Yan advice, should strengthen the top-level control, put an end to such harmful video. Once found, the relevant departments should be quick to respond, and at the same time increase the intensity of punishment, through consolidation, block XiaoHao, purify the network space, block & other; Toxic pollution & throughout; The spread and diffusion.

from daily regulation perspective, we will accelerate the establishment of a network content rating system, aimed at different audiences have difference between the content of the Settings, to ensure that the network platform in the broadcast program has rules as well as in a timely manner. Establishing video whole process tracking system, can be fully investigated video producers or the introduction of the responsibility of the party, to establish or introducing irregularities & other The blacklist & throughout; Protect minors from the source of network security.

at the same time, parents should begin from the end of the conduction enhancing security defense. & other; Some children have addictive personality, which from the psychology is more dangerous. Throughout the &; Xu Yan introduction, if discover the child because of the abnormal reaction harmful to watch video, parents should take children as soon as possible for psychological counseling or behavior modification.

Xu Yan think that parents should pay attention to cultivate their positive interests, especially winter vacation approaching, help children to make vacation plans, through the winter camp, community activities, interest groups, etc., to create a rule for children healthy growth.

in addition, a number of parents surveyed pointed out that current our country suitable for children to watch cartoon is relatively scarce, it makes the child’s attention & other; Nowhere to put & throughout; . They suggest, animation production companies and young people should be encouraged to children’s services, relying on new technology, new methods, creative expression, expand the product shape, with a group of both informative and educational and interesting children’s film and television works, transfer positive positive energy.

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