After 90 s girl facial plastic disability Hospital family questioned why delay in 5 hours

girl plastic distress in the beauty shop to run his family for a year and a half truth

& other; My daughter, why the delay of 5 hours to be rescue & throughout;

jiangxi 90 disabled the investigation after the girl facial plastic

father xiao-lin wang never thought for a moment, and wang li will be in a coma in jiangxi nanchang, the daughter of a beauty salon in the operating room. After five hours, Wang Licai was sent to the first affiliated hospital of nanchang university rescue. He did not understand, daughter what experienced in this process.

to the provincial capital that fight from the technical secondary school, in the eyes of parents, she is the child of a promise. Wang li was born in 1990, eat a lot of bitter, worked in home sales, manicurist and yoga instructor, relying on their own efforts, bought a car, and with a mortgage to buy a suite. Xiao-lin wang said that from the accident to now, has been in the past one and a half years, wang li intelligence have not recovered, even walk all wobbled, and spoke to her, no response, sometimes suddenly smile.

the China youth daily & middot; Middle field visit found that online journalists involved & other; Dr Hu hairdressing hospital & throughout; Red valley beach district is located in nanchang, is still in the business.

wang li before and after the accident. (image by wang li family

girl cosmetic distress was sent after 5 hours the medical rescue

time back to July 1, 2016, 7 PM, wang li family suddenly received a phone call, the phone head someone said: & other; Wang li had an accident! In the first affiliated hospital of nanchang university ICU (intensive care unit). Throughout the &;

wang li’s brother-in-law tao ouyang, the first time arrived at the nanchang giancarlo content from their hometown. 10 o ‘clock in the morning on that day, he said, wang li to a person & other; Dr Hu hairdressing hospital & throughout; Facial fat fill surgery. Before surgery, she returned to the elder sister played a phone call, let the family don’t worry about it.

tao ouyang told reporters, to operate on wang li is the head of beauty salon & other Dr Hu & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; Hu Qionghua. More let him angry, wang li coma after the surgery, after five hours, only by beauty salon staff sent to nanchang university first affiliated hospital rescue, distance is not far, only five or six kilometers.

families gave the reporter a hospital multilayer CT examination application, it read: & other; Fat injections delirious after 5 hours. Throughout the &; On the other, according to a wang li on the hospital records of hospitalized time is 5 PM.

in a hospital medical certificate written about disease diagnosis: & other; Cerebral thrombosis & throughout; . Wang li’s family arrived at the hospital for treatment, the hospital did a surgical operation for wang li. Wang li’s life saved, woke up a few days later she opened her eyes, but you don’t speak, memory also lost. After half a month, on July 15, wang li go through the discharge from the ICU, diagnosis reads: & other; Cerebral infarction, cerebral hernia, lung infection. Throughout the &; In medical records, the hospital is: & other; On the right side of body activities obstacles throughout the &; .

now face the daughter, xiao-lin wang grief: & other; My daughter, why the delay of 5 hours to be save? Throughout the &; What happened, he even suspect involved beauty salon & other; Delay time, want to drag people to death, in order to reduce the liability for compensation & throughout; .

on January 11, 2018, the China youth daily & middot; Popular online reporters to supplement & other; Dr Hu hairdressing hospital & throughout; , asked to save time, record Hu Qionghua said details of the rescue, and has been submitted to relevant departments, but don’t want to talk about.

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