After scrubbing the toilet closestool wash cup again Of Harbin three hotels by netizens as a “grade five xing hotel”

recently, because of questions about hotel health problems, some investigations of Harbin three five-star hotels, including Harbin xiangfang yongtai sheraton hotel, kempinski hotel, Harbin shangri-la hotel, Harbin. Find the toilet cleaners with the same brush, bath brush cup, dip in with towel clean toilet water, finishing the quilt on the ground, bath towel & hellip; & hellip;

net friend respectively into three hotels with applying for cleaner, cleaning cleaners teaching net friend also emphasized: & other; Guests don’t do this, it is an illegal operation & throughout; .

Harbin kempinski hotel, the following problems:

Harbin shangri-la hotel there are a variety of health problems: wash cup tea towel trash can, and then wash cloth in the toilet, wash in the bathroom MATS, etc.

cleaner also charged netizen: & other; His work pay attention to the point, don’t let the leaders saw & throughout; .

finally, netizens came to Harbin yongtai sheraton hotel, still there are a variety of health problems.

when online customer identity asked some basic health problems above three hotels, hotel staff are very sure said: health, every day in the cup, toilet and bath towel for cleaning and disinfection, check with someone, can’t be fake.

in comments in the matter also showed a trend of one-sided:

@ youth cabbage: this really sick. After go out don’t know where to live & hellip; & hellip; DetailPic

NIUIU – Goddess: go to sleep may be the station across the street after the cleaner

a stewardess that something: bring their own toiletries bedding bag!

@ silly fat little jade-like stone: disgusting! Never stay in a hotel after the

@ seasky ZFN: too disgusted! Grade five xing hotel!!!!!!!!!!!

@ the beauty of the female beauty health: how can you do this! Hotel did not perform well regulated, the staff were not doing their duty, to think about if you use the toilet brush a cup or bath towel and so on in? Really want to do things worthy of conscience. Hiring hotel should also be careful, qualified can, and don’t regularly check the waiter how to do it

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