After the doctor, also can choose “package”! Big health care reform, “package” best medicine!

& have spent

& have spent

ever went to the hospital to see a doctor, always some drums in my heart, do not know what will spend how many money, worry much did some checking, use some drugs or consumables.

then I don’t have to worry about! Recently in guangxi, zhejiang, sichuan, henan and other provinces to enlarge the range of press disease to receive payment notice. According to incomplete statistics, the province nearly two-thirds have implemented or are pilot press disease to plant.

expert introduction, each province about hundred kinds of diseases, is press disease to collect fees, namely & other; Packing charge & throughout; .

that is, all the expenses incurred in patients hospitalized, one-time & other; Packaging & throughout; Handed over. Is a & other; Package & throughout; Best medicine!

after the reform of health care, how to pay the doctor could spend less?

press disease charging can effectively improve the service efficiency of funds, both doctors prevent excessive medical treatment?

press disease to collect fees, is what mean?

press disease to collect fees, namely from patients admitted to hospital, the management process accepted diagnostic press disease treatment, reach the standard clinical curative effect after hospital discharge, in the whole process of diagnosis, treatment, operation expenses, such as disposable packaging fee.

the hospital according to the standard rate, patients with medical insurance fund and ginseng proportion pay according to the rules.

actually press disease to plant the charge is not new, many years ago, some hospitals for some disease diagnosis and treatment process of relatively fixed have implemented press disease to collect fees, but, at the time called & other; Adopt a cure & throughout; , such as for cesarean delivery, diseases such as appendicitis. In foreign countries, practice also proved that is paid by the disease can reduce overall health costs. & have spent

, for example: guangxi excision treatment of lumbar disc, ceiling price 15000 yuan

who in guangxi development planning commission, and other departments jointly for press disease to collect fees, 127 diseases diagnosis and treatment, diagnosis, and so on to produce the full cost of each package, a ceiling price, to control the unreasonable rise of medical expense. DetailPic

as we have learned, the rules mainly in the secondary and tertiary public medical institutions to implement in guangxi, related to the nervous system, respiratory system, digestive system, such as traditional Chinese medicine of 19 clinical professional 127 diseases.

tertiary public medical institutions charge standard, for example,

for lumbar disc prolapse of lumbar excision treatment, ceiling price 15000 yuan;

colon cancer postoperative adjuvant therapy ceiling price 13680 yuan;

secondary public medical institution the highest standards in the tertiary public medical institution as a benchmark, down 5%. & have spent

“notice” also stipulates that the covers of these diseases, with the exception of expenses for blood transfusion (including the cost of blood), patients discharged from hospital take medicine, hospital beds beyond ordinary medical standard parts, can separate charge, hospital shall not charge other fees.

if attend insurance of primary medical treatment of the patients, in the treatment of severe complications, etc., in the process of subject to consent by the patient or family members, and social insurance agencies approved exit of clinical pathway, diagnosis and treatment fees shall be calculated separately.

medical treatment cost, will send?

press disease fee is charged with the purpose of the fee. Patients in the hospital total cost including diagnosis, treatment, operation expenses, mainly by the medical and nurse, examination and inspection fees,, the doctor’s fee and operation cost of medicine and consumables and other parts. Among them, the beds, nurse and doctor’s fee and operation is relatively fixed, and is likely to rise along with the development of health care reform.

so, press disease to charge at inspection and test cost, drugs and consumables cost. By reducing the excessive examination and inspection cost and unnecessary drugs and consumables costs, achieve the purpose of controlling medical expense.

the current medical environment, the most afraid of missing the doctor, perfect inspection and test is to reduce the misdiagnosis and an important aspect. This part in only a part of the hospital has the potential to reduce cost, for some big hospitals, check and inspection are very formal, especially after recent years clinical pathway under the specification of the hospital, check and inspection are clearly specification, check and inspection cost down space are small.

of course, check and test the phenomenon exists in some hospitals, according to the disease to charge compression check and inspection fees.

drug expenses is part of the patient’s hospitalization expenses is larger. Because the system reason, common medicine for the medical hospital, with the phenomenon of medicine cure, with the implementation of the zero drug addition, overall drug costs fall is also the trend of The Times. And material cost, for many patients, especially the surgical patients, accounted for a large part of the total cost in hospital. Some of the costs by charging press disease to plant, the two are expected to drop down. & have spent

& other; Press disease charging is beneficial to patients, can reduce the burden of patients, as well as the cost of treatment can predict in advance. Throughout the &; Shandong has been for a public hospital is paid by the disease, one doctor said in acute simple appendicitis, for example, after the jinan public 3 armour hospital treatment more in 12000 yuan the following, and press disease has dropped to ten thousand yuan.

& other; Under this kind of packing charge payment method, patients to use drugs, medical consumables and inspection as the cost of medical services, rather than the means the hospital profits. Throughout the &; Shenzhen nanshan district people’s hospital, director of the network technology, zhu said. This payment will be reversed transmission hospital to reduce the service cost, standardize medical service, optimize cost structure, so as to realize the goal of curbing rising medical costs.

at present, the provinces of the doctor & other Packaging & throughout; Menu covers hundreds with diseases, and for common diseases.

experts read: such reform, inhibits excessive medical

financial commentators Liu Ge: standardization is to a certain extent, certainly be able to reduce the problem of excessive medical treatment, because in the process of treatment, there are many places not black and white, even you have many choices.

, for example the same therapeutic medicine, imported drugs and Chinese medicine have far worse, or is used in the medical material, or other material, so this time in the absence of constraints, the doctors and the patients more willing to the treatment, we better use of the best of the best treatment, so this time it’s overall cost may rise more.

so for patients, for some people, he could see the disease, said he could be a cure appendicitis ten thousand bucks came down, it is possible that in fifteen thousand, for the patient, he might have just pay the fee, so for our medical insurance fund also pay the cost, but in the process of hospital and doctors may he has such an individual hospital will produce such a drive, so he solve the problem.

19 large according to the report, we will deepen reform of the medical and health system, build the basic medical and health care system, medical security system with Chinese characteristics and quality and efficient medical and health service system.

for a long time, according to the service program for a health care mostly paid, after the payment is pay system, according to charging documents submitted to the patients.

this payment method is easy to cause excessive treatment, stimulate the introduction of sophisticated medical equipment and hospital marketing high drug price, makes it hard for medical expense control, heavy medical insurance fund. The approximation of aging society, accept less the more will become the new norm for medical insurance fund. For the health department, cost control becomes a path health reform.

& other; More to save money to see a doctor! Source:

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