“AIDS couple” together for 13 years, her husband was seriously ill children grow up, want to put life into poetry

[editor’s note]

2017 December 1st is world AIDS day, this day is also a reporter tracking report this year AIDS couple light snow (a pseudonym) and liu jie (not her real name), 13 year. Surging news continued, tells the story of the AIDS couple for you.

22 years ago, light snow due to massive bleeding of cesarean section in the hometown of hospital blood transfusion infected with the AIDS virus, when she was unaware, until ten years later, when she was pregnant again and was told that people infected with the AIDS virus, then, husband, liu jie was also confirmed that HIV infection.

on November 24, 2005, their son at birth by HIV mother-to-child block treatment, he is Shanghai’s first success of the birth of health babies HIV mother-to-child block.

since this year, the annual world AIDS day, light snow and jie will be writing about change in the past year’s life, the change of the body, their sadness, their happiness.

to the firm, the pursuit of life of love, the children look forward to, to support the light snow a past 22 years. This year, they come together again, we also wish they can always go on.


together recorded 】 【 13 years

2005: blood transfusion in 10 years, the couple found infected with HIV

has a light snow fall pregnant woman, were told that people infected with the AIDS virus. Then, the husband liu jie has been confirmed infected with the AIDS virus. & have spent

after the check, it is light snow in my hometown ten years ago the hospital childbirth infections caused by blood transfusion. & have spent

on November 24, son at birth by HIV mother-to-child block treatment, very healthy, he is Shanghai’s first success of the birth of health babies HIV mother-to-child block. & have spent

light snow: & other; Liver disease, many years ago, has been mistaken for liver cancer, the doctor predicted that I can only live for three years. Go to today, you have is overfulfilled the task. Now, I have to try to live to be 2010 years! Throughout the &;

2006: husband diagnosed kaposi tumor and refused to chemotherapy

a light snow face a housewarming, but her husband liu jie was diagnosed with kaposi tumor, a malignant tumor, which means that he has already developed from an HIV infected people to an AIDS patient, this is a sign of HIV disease. Liu jie underwent tumor resection surgery, but giving up treatment. Faced with the threat of life, he became very quiet. & have spent

light snow for physical condition to give up the work, the couple to & other; Liu jie light snow AIDS hospice diary & throughout; The name to apply for the blog to record life. & have spent

light snow: & other; Really want to do something for other patients, and is willing to share our experience with others, do something to prevent AIDS. Throughout the &;

2007: daughter enter a key middle school, son learned to walk

daughter graduated from primary school, admitted to a key middle school. This semester to have the three composition, also earned 20 yuan fee. In the yangpu district center for disease control and prevention, with the help of the doctor zhu couple finally do a good job in the low to prove. Daughter, fulfill a wish to go to a right by the key middle school, high school four years of study is free of charge.

sunny weather, leisure family go to the park for a walk and see, every weekend light snow took the son to the children’s palace, accompany him to play trampoline, children’s car, looking up at the kite in the clear autumn day high air free float.

light snow: & other; They (children) is our only spiritual prop. Hope the children at an early date self-improvement, self-reliance and able to walk their own self-esteem, self-confidence, as long as I live. Hope that the children’s health, peace and happiness in the future. Throughout the &;

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