Ali MSD adult health in hand vaccine service platform to add new members

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maybe, to stay away from the flu, poor is only a vaccine. Is not only the children, adults can also be through vaccination to prevent epidemics, few people seem to realize that such concepts. The good news is that the industry is trying to innovative ways to promote the popularization of adult disease prevention.

on January 9, ali health and Merck announced that China will jointly launch a strategic cooperation projects, to build integration & other; Internet + & throughout; Preventive health management system, to promote infrastructure construction of adult vaccination.

it is understood that from now on taobao user opens the mobile phones and search & other; To say no to cervical cancer & throughout; Can enter the page of the service, search cervical cancer related knowledge, knowledge of HPV vaccination, and vaccination points around the information, but also with the intelligent robot consulting online interactions. At present, the domestic most places are adult vaccination clinics, partly reflects the weak public cognition in vaccination. Said that both sides will be through the establishment of Internet + preventive health management system, the perfect adult vaccine inoculation of infrastructure construction, optimization of adults experience, on the basis of improve disease prevention knowledge of mass popularity.

ali health CEO wang lei said, ali’s health has been committed to through the mobile Internet, such as artificial intelligence technology to provide users with a fair, pratt & Whitney, palpable medical health service, hoping to own to enrich the content of high quality ecological channels and strong production capacity, and MSD China produces chemical reaction, can not only for 500 million active users on ali retail platform provide innovative health service experience, can help promote & other; Health throughout China &; Contribute the construction of the national health literacy.

MSD China President Luo Wanli on contract signing ceremony, said Mr & other; As the world’s leading women’s health company, Merck positive response “& other health throughout China 2030 &; planning outline, practice & lsquo; Health and stress management, prevention is more important than treatment & rsquo; The idea, is committed to through innovation & lsquo; Internet + medical & rsquo; To optimize the mode of the prevention of health management program benefit more popular in China. We hope that through the cooperation with ali health, in order to prevent cervical cancer as the pilot, gradually to cover more disease areas, comprehensively promote the construction of Chinese preventive health management system. Throughout the &;

cervical cancer is 15 to 44, Chinese women’s second-largest high-risk malignant tumor in the crowd. According to the 2015 China cancer statistics report, nearly 100000 new cases, the death toll to exceed 30000, the equivalent of every 5 minutes to have a woman suffering from cervical cancer, every 17 minutes, a female die of cervical cancer. But fortunately, has clear cervical cancer is caused by persistent infection with the high-risk type HPV, thus by means of prevention and the comprehensive control of cervical cancer. The American society of clinical oncology (ASCO) has recommended to the HPV vaccine as the best strategy for primary prevention of cerical cancer.

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