An influenza pandemic vaccine is useless? WHO taught you how to prevent

17 according to foreign media reports, a few days ago, the German Robert Koch institute of medicine said publicly that the existing trivalent influenza vaccine for this year’s flu almost null and void. Just how dangerous is the flu? And how to determine the vaccine composition? At ordinary times should be how to prevent flu?

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influenza vaccine is invalid?

for a high-risk groups such as the elderly, pregnant women, health facilities, including who recommend annual influenza vaccination. Severe influenza may cause respiratory failure or heart failure, brain tissue may also be by virus infection, to life-threatening.

in not long ago, the German Robert Koch institute of medicine of authority to the public (RKI), said the flu vaccine for this year the global epidemic of influenza outbreaks almost ineffective, & quot; This outbreak, more than half of all cases are Yamagata hepatitis b virus infection, and the virus did not included in the current trivalent influenza vaccine. & quot;

WHO bet this year

influenza virus variation is very fast. Every spring, the world health organization (who) will hold a special meeting, analysis the national flu cases in the past year and collect samples of the virus, and to predict the next year may be popular strains, provide advice formula to vaccine manufacturers from all over the world. Vaccinated people, will be to predict seasonal epidemic influenza virus antibodies. However, once the world health organization (who) predicts, will appear the poor efficacy of the vaccine.

at present, the national influenza vaccines are given priority to with trivalent vaccine. In recent years, more and more kinds of virus tetravalent vaccine has emerged. The German Robert Koch institute for medical research is pointed out that the tetravalent vaccine for the current flu outbreak effectively. However, tetravalent vaccine is not within the scope of general expenses health system in Germany.

is not equal to the common cold, flu

in the northern hemisphere, every winter flu season is about to continue until April. It is important to note that the common cold is not the same as the flu. The common cold virus infection, and sometimes will cause some complications, such as pneumonia coccus, s. aureus bacteria infection, and persistent high fever will make itself exists cardiopulmonary failure heart disease, serious when can cause death.

the real flu virus is more dangerous. Compared with the common cold, flu attack suddenly, tend to be more fierce. Influenza virus size is very small, less than a micron in diameter, and even in general cannot be observed under optical microscope. Flu virus can spread through the way such as droplets, mainly involving the respiratory tract mucosa of human body. And, even if from the human body, the influenza virus can survive for several hours; Stay on the handle of the virus, for instance, engagement can be transferred to the hand, through hand contact with the mucous membrane of the mouth, nose, eye infection.

the symptoms of the flu is more seriously than the common cold, it can cause nausea, intense headache, sore limbs, the symptom such as dry cough, fever can break through 41 degrees. At present, the anti-flu drug is gradually popularization, the doctor can open the class early in the course of drugs, significant inhibition of the patients with flu symptoms.

wash your hands often and practice prevention

and treat patients with the common cold, doctors often said that most of a words be: & quot; If take medicine, about a week can be good; If you do not take medicine, need seven days. & quot; Stuffy nose, sore throat, cough, weakness, the common cold is one of the most common disease, adults may meet several times every year, even more frequent colds in children. There are more than 200 can cause the common cold virus, so no specific vaccine to prevent. Although the symptom is lighter, but also should pay attention to rest, the common cold patients so as to avoid serious complications such as lung infections.

both the common cold and flu, its transmission routes are similar, so the who recommended protective measures are: wash your hands often and avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth, and for patients of the disease, who urged should cover your nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing, use paper towels, and use the correct treatment after tissue, and in case of feeling unwell, fever and other flu symptoms, isolated themselves as early as possible.

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