“Ancient medical charges 100000 7 days,” claimed not to take medicine, by the hands of a few grams is best medicine

hunan greyed yongshun person li (a pseudonym) recently.

has married daughter Li Hui (a pseudonym) in a named & other; In ancient medical & throughout; Health institutions, is to sell the house, to sign up for the & other; Health password to unlock & throughout; Courses. The course that is not an injection, without any equipment, don’t take medicine, just a few grams of force, in less than 3 seconds, can make the disease rehabilitation.

SMW reporter survey found that & other; In ancient medical & throughout; Course by the form of fees, attracts a lot of patients in all parts of the country, declared & other; Quantum entanglement & throughout; Is one of the principle. & other; In ancient medical & throughout; Agency named rebekah, founder of number and other Open in wu yuan & throughout; , medical claims to emei fourteen generations. And, in fact, have including academician of Chinese academy of sciences, experts say, modern medicine has yet to study the quantum level.

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is & other; In ancient medical & throughout; Training students in the class. It is understood that the issue of public class there will be hundreds of thousands of people attended. & other; A few grams of force, a few seconds, the pain disappeared & throughout;

Li Hui 38, graduate student degree, married, is now in a local school in hunan province jishou when the teacher. In November 2017, the first Li Hui in society to participate in some psychological courses, and then being brought to changsha to go to a man named & other; In ancient medical & throughout; The free public lecture. The public class introduced that & other; In ancient medical & throughout; Is vowed to spread Buddhism, Taoism and medical, easy, zen, from ancient Oriental wisdom, adhering to the & other On heal disease, prevention is better than cure & throughout; The idea, stimulate the body’s own healing function.

after attending the free public lecture, Li Hui interested, asked her father for the 20000 yuan for further courses, the course name is called & other; Health password to unlock & throughout; . Li told reporters, the SMW daughter was meant by ancient medical and health password to unlock, to regulate the body of himself and his family. Li Pingshui, Li Hui itself with stool stem node, 7 year old grandson also have the language barrier.

it all, until Li Hui going to hand over 350000 yuan, the couple to quarrel constantly, Li Hui determined to sell the house to pay his tuition. Li ping of grandson of conflict in the family, the rustling to drop tears.

SMW reporter understands, this & other; Health password to unlock & throughout; Of course, formerly known as is & other; Human universal unlock & throughout; . Publicity materials is introduced, and the other; Universal unlock & throughout; Rehabilitation solution is & other; Handheld hospital, magic skill, self health care & throughout; . Without a foundation, 5 days to learn; No instruments, with only one hands; Leg pain, legs hemp, headache, chest tightness, abnormal heart rhythms, & other; Many ills, raise your hand, just like magic miraculously recovered! Throughout the &; & have spent

according to introducing, & other; Human universal unlock & throughout; Only a few grams or dozens of grams of hands, can make a variety of neck, shoulder, waist and most pain symptoms in a very short time to reduce or disappear.

in Li Hui eyes, rebekah, the organizer of the institution is an idol and the existence of god. According to the publicity materials, rebekah, & other; Day in wu yuan & throughout; , 48, have been affected by the grandparents love the traditional culture and traditional medicine. From the age of 7 practitioner palasy, acupuncture, massage, unlock cure technique, such as the age of 11 to be emei d 14 generation successor of the house disciple, and officially start is 15 years old, but more from master when he was 21, he prowled the become the 15th generation successor, and accumulated rich clinical experience, then get a number of buddhist, Taoist, physicians, gao shi’s succession, after 30 years of continuous learning, research, practice, summarizes the formed its own unique style. SMW reporter discovery, rebekah had to attend some local television station, to interpret the so-called & other; Acupuncture points throughout the password &; .

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& other; Offering & throughout; Rebekah. & have spent

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are taught rebekah. Quantum theory, the national tour, charge for

on January 3, SMW in the name of the patients reached & other; In ancient medical & throughout; Members of the group li Juan. According to its introduction, & other; In ancient medical & throughout; Public class national tour, each is several hundred to thousands of people to attend the public class, class three to four times a year, finishing class 2 times a year. Li Juan said, learning & other; In ancient medical & throughout; , can understand through public class first, then according to the developmental need to sign up and finishing class. Class is divided into & other; Health password to unlock & throughout; And & other Five lines of matrix & throughout; , 6 days of course, if the single quote charges 36000, is close to 42000. Besides, there are 7 days of finishing class. If the class of class and refinement, the fee of 100000.

li Juan said that the above courses are taught by bass himself. She said, & other; In ancient medical & throughout; It is one of the principle of & other; Quantum entanglement & throughout; . SMW reporter learned that, & other; Quantum entanglement & throughout; Quantum mechanics is a kind of phenomenon, is put forward by scientist Albert Einstein, lukas podolski and rosen of a wave. “Proceedings in China” in 2014 to the academician of Chinese academy of sciences, Chinese academy of sciences key laboratory of quantum information, guang-can guo, director of xiamen university, zhang jun, vice President of the school of public health, as well as the large tumor hospital affiliated to fudan university, deputy director of the division of surgery the importune certificate & other Quantum medical science & throughout; Problems, is a negative response. According to introducing, modern medicine has yet to study the quantum level.

however, insist that li Juan & other; Paralysis of the stand up too much too much! Throughout the &;

Li Pingshui Li Hui father and daughter persuaded of class of rectal cancer and uncle to take part in, but did not succeed, & other; They think is wrong & throughout; . SMW reporter: to see the following AD in the publicity materials & other; With this technique, you can create wealth, the realization of the value of life! With this technique, you can for the parents, family illnesses fitness, escort! With this technique, you can save, benefit society, major! Throughout the &;

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students claim that recuperated by way of the teacher a few seconds, with & other; Severe Parkinson’s & throughout; Uncle, cannot move to stand up, and be able to walk. Experts say the most likely fraud

SMW reporter inquire on the net in ancient medical institute of xiamen gaia health consulting co., LTD., industrial and commercial information, according to the scope of business to business information consulting, corporate management consulting, education consulting, health consultation, etc. & other; In ancient medical & throughout; Said li Juan, members of the organization are called & other; The healer & throughout; To be a & other; The doctor & throughout; , & other; Because only the physicians have qualification & throughout; .

associate professor of medicine and health care, Beijing university of Chinese medicine school of law of law analysis, Dr Deng Yong existing facts, it is extremely likely fraud, & other; This is all in the name of cure-all, singular function, blinded by their own ordinary consumer advocate quality, medical quality is not high. Throughout the &; Deng Yong said that if & other; In ancient medical & throughout; Think your method is scientific and reasonable treatment, need to take out the evidence of medical practitioners and institutions practice license, also demonstrated to provide objective curative effect. As to the training of high, Deng Yong think need to verify whether the prices are approved by the commodity price departments, and whether the training has passed the approval of the competent department of education.

he said that as consumers need to take legal weapon, collect the relevant evidence materials, to the public security department, the ministry of commerce and industry, the competent administrative department for education, health administrative departments to report complaints timely, in order to avoid more consumers and trainees are fool, lead to personal and property losses.

concludes: SMW trainee journalist Su Hailun images from network

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