Anesthesia doctor: true hero behind a dose of anesthetic operation success or failure

anesthesiologist, real & other; Behind the scenes hero & throughout;

a lot of people think that anesthesia is a shot, in fact, anesthesia is not only a let a person & quot; The art of sleeping & quot; , contains a wealth of medical knowledge. The clinician should not only make patients & quot; Sleep & quot; , more to ensure that patients can safely after the operation.

December 24, the reporter walks into city maternal and child health care in the operating room, saw one after another of the surgery, feeling anesthesiologist Guo Wei line high strength work rhythm, listen to the anesthesiologist little-known story.

before operating, closely monitor patients signs

9 when 30 points, operating room advance to a 41-year-old two foetuses, maternal body weight 98 kilograms, blood pressure, 170 MMHG/110 MMHG, ready for a caesarean operation.

the operating table, anesthesia, director of maternal inject anesthetic Guo Wei behavior. Maternal lower body didn’t consciousness soon. The obstetrician began a cesarean section for her. Surgery last more than an hour, line Guo Wei remained in operation stage, closely monitor the maternal in all kinds of vital signs, and adjust the dosage of anesthetic.

a little while, a healthy baby boy from maternal womb removed successfully. After the surgery, line Guo Wei escorted the maternal and infant back to ward.

two hours later, maternal appear contractions pain, explain its anesthetic effect in the body has run out. At this point, the Guo Wei line is to complete the operation task.

precision to micrograms, there can be no deviation

then, 4 years old children with tonsillectomy, 45 patients with laparoscopic uterine full cut method, 21 days includes resection of the baby & hellip; & hellip; Guo Wei line and on the completed four general anesthesia surgery. Each surgery, he must ensure that patients underwent surgery in the dreamland, and well after surgery.

& other; General anesthesia or local anesthesia surgery, as well as the dosage, with the nature of the surgery, the patient’s symptoms, body weight, age, degree of tolerance to decide. Throughout the &; Guo Wei line said, especially the anesthetic doses, require accurate to mg, even micrograms. Anesthesia for patients with less dosage, no anesthesia effect; Conversely, will be life threatening.

dose to be precise, the location of the injection was accurate. Such as caesarean operation, anesthesia doctors with 8 cm long steel needle inject anesthetic maternal lumbar, steel needle plunged into the depth, must be just right, breeding shallow, not the effect of anesthesia; Run deep, will damage the lumbar spine, and even paralysis, and no deviation of only 1 mm.

full understanding of patients with preoperative supervision is the key

& other; Every surgery patients, we must carry on the preoperative visit, history. Throughout the &; Guo Wei line said, some people don’t understand, even private whisper: & other; Anesthesia doctor ask so many why, is not dozen anesthetic? Throughout the &;

by preoperative visit, the anesthesiologist can understand the patient’s physical quality, tolerance, find their potential physical and mental diseases, as well as the possible risk of surgery, to remind patients with preoperative matters which should be paid attention to relieve patients’ anxiety, reduce the risk of surgery and reduce postoperative complications.

object to the operation of different age, as long as it is the same disease, a surgeon at the time of the knife was not significant difference between the two; However, Dr Anesthesia when considering anesthesia scheme is very different.

, for example, the same to intestinal obstruction surgery patients, 20 patients generally no medical disease, body compensatory ability is very strong, the 80 – year – old patient is likely to have diabetes, high blood pressure, cerebral thrombosis, heart function is very poor. Surgery, the surgeon in the removal of 20 years, and 80 patients with small intestine, may feel nothing too big difference; While anesthesiologists to consider a variety of diseases might affect the operation, and get ready for your arrival, to take more risks in the operation and responsibility.

surgeons & other; Tube disease & throughout; Doctor, anesthesia & other; Throughout life &;

the medical community is a words: surgeons & other; Tube disease & throughout; Doctor, anesthesia & other; Throughout life &; .

Guo Wei line, said a successful operation not only need skillful work surgeons, doctors need more experienced anesthesia. Surgery after the start, patients requirements & other; Don’t hurt & throughout; , the surgeon asked & other; Muscles & throughout; , this is the work of an anesthesiologist content, but any anesthesiologists in the in the mind is clear, more importantly & other; Save & throughout; .

at the start of the operation, the surgeon to concentrate on local surgery operation. But at this moment, anesthesiologist became the face of patients, & other; The anxious patients, patients with pain throughout the pain &; In guarantee & other; Throughout life safety &; Under the premise of cutting leather, probing, suture, the key operations such as closing the wound, to deepen anesthesia in time, maintain a good degree of muscle relaxation and surgical site absolute quiet; End of the operation began to suture the skin and to reduce light anesthesia in time, ensure the safety of patients, painless and early awakening; Intraoperative if appear the accident such as low blood pressure, bleeding, anesthesiologists must calm, while surgery doctors actively bleeding, quickly replenish blood volume, adequate oxygen, maintain stable circulation and respiratory function, to ensure patient safety through the surgery. The stand or fall of operation and anesthesia, intraoperative anesthetic depth and the volatility of the vital signs, good also directly related to postoperative analgesia in patients with postoperative recovery.

as a result, a good operation, half of the credit should belong to the anesthesiologist, anesthesiologist is the real hero behind the scenes.

a dose of anesthetic, the relationship between surgery success or failure, patient safety

a mature anesthesiologist should be a general practitioner, not only to be familiar with all kinds of surgical operation process, also known as medical knowledge, using various instruments monitor the patient vital signs. Once the intraoperative appear problem, will take timely treatment, ensure the safety of the patients’ life.

with the advent of the era of comprehensive second child, maternal, city maternal and child care he is increased. A total of eight doctors and hospital anesthesiology mostly their 30 s and 40 s, and the young. All the year round, no fixed holidays, everyone is day shift, night shift running on two shifts. On the day shift, an anaesthetic doctor often WuLiuTai surgery, each operation is from beginning to end. Anesthesia doctors work to complete the operating room, but also meet the needs of all kinds of emergency surgery.

Guo Wei said: & other; As an anesthesiologist, hard work is very natural, because each dose of anesthetic injection patients, relationship between the success or failure, surgery patients safety. So, the risk of anesthesia doctor big, big responsibility, pressure & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

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