Anhui collaboration lie to health care, the hospital staff each link on fraud

recently, people familiar with the reflection, the third affiliated hospital of anhui medical university medical personnel, to examine the cooperation between departments, wanton diddle of national health insurance fund for a long time.


reporter through investigations have found that in the hospital, as long as have a social security card, what disease, take what drug, who to physical, can be fixed by patients & other; Order & throughout; . In order to show the medical insurance funds, the hospital medical personnel in the inspection, diagnosis, hospitalization on fraud.

hospital medicine like order

doctor fraud & other; A dragon & throughout;

on December 28, 2017, the reporter to the identity of the patients’ relatives, accompanied by & other; Throughout the &; Mr. Li (not his real name) came to the third affiliated hospital of anhui medical university hospital wards geriatrics. Before this, Mr Li’s wife has been good and familiar with doctor’s appointments Mr & other; Throughout the hospital &; Thing to do.

reporter saw, the division of the doctor after Mr Li present medical insurance card, simply ask the disease, there is no requirement to provide any patient data, nor do the relevant inspection prior to admission requirements, with a hospital certificate for Mr. Li. DetailPic

map express themselves have no time to be in hospital, just want to take some medicine. Paramedics took the format fill out school and teaches Mr. Li, with particular emphasis on to leave a phone number, so that & other; Health care center to check the time can contact at any time throughout the &; And said, if the health center to check, they will take time to fill in, patients just have something away that day, will come back the next day.

the inpatient doctor told Mr. Li, the routine examination after hospitalization, if you don’t have time to do, also can find a gay someone else to do.

reporter asked the doctor, whether can you get your health insurance card to prescribe, the doctor said: as long as it’s not important and special strange disease, generally can be open.


investigations, the reporters found that clinic doctors to patients in all the subjects to promote the benefits of the hospital, peremptory and inpatient department & other; A dragon & throughout; Type of service.

on the same day morning, the reporters with another patient ms Chen (not his real name) came to dermatology clinics.

ms Chen to a & other; Familiar with & throughout; Outpatient doctor, whether to recommend a patient before change the inpatient department, in order to take some medicine for my family. The doctor to help her on the spot to the inpatient doctor telephone counseling, and said in the phone & other; The patient has a lot of my colleagues will also want to come in hospital & throughout; .

the doctor & other; Sweet & throughout; And pulled homely, ms Chen says the outpatient service in a ointment may now be 89000 yuan, if be in hospital, the Chinese medicine health care reimburses 90% is quite cost-effective. When he left the doctor told reporters that if you want to can find her in hospital.

reporter learned that, Ms. Chen in the hospital for two times & other; Hang the bed in hospital & throughout; . The so-called & other; Hanging bed & throughout; Patients, it is to point to the hospital formalities, but actually did not check in ward for treatment, still pay for the medical insurance fund by the state. DetailPic


the second & other Hanging bed & throughout; Ms Chen spent 6000 yuan, of which the self-paid part of less than 1000 yuan, the rest are paid by the worker health. Chan not only took 1700 yuan during the period of medicine, also received a hospital massage service card worth 3000 yuan.

according to people familiar with the report, the hospital & other; Deny people throughout & flash CARDS; , as long as one has a social security card, the whole family can by this card in the hospital, medicine, massage care.

on the surface, this & other; Convenient & throughout; The doctor-patient & other on both sides; Benefits & throughout; , at no cost to patients, the health care spending even less, so that to attract a large number of hospital & other Throughout the patient &; , hospitals and other Medical income & throughout; Nature is rising, and even into the & other; Rapid development throughout the &; Period.

so many patients become & other; Regular & throughout; The doctor after medicare card under the induction of long-term in hospital in order to obtain a variety of & other; Convenient & throughout; . According to people familiar with the personal health card in the hospital, the hospital will give the part of the return of VIP cash. Both doctors as to the source of the money to this form.

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