Another plant emergency rescue team of leukemia after many cancer

Beijing on December 14, according to Japanese media reports, recently participated in fukushima nuclear leak in the rescue work, has found that many people suffer from cancer, four people have been Japanese government maintain for inductrial injury.

data figure: reporters in the east electricity f birds at the shooting scene.

it is reported that Japan’s health ministry said in a news release, this month 13 new identified a 40 year old male patients with leukaemia for inductrial injury. The man for the Tokyo electric power company employees, in 2011 the fukushima nuclear leakage accident occurs, as a rescue team engaged in a nuclear reactor to work, so by radiation.

so far, in the process of the plant’s emergency rescue, sixteen people suffered from radiation and suffered from cancer, and put forward inductrial injury cognizance application to the government in Japan, at present, only four people get recognized, including 3 for leukemia patients.

according to the relevant departments to statistics, Japan fukushima nuclear accident after, as many as 45000 people participated in the work at the clean plant.

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