Anti-cancer cartoonist: the change of the patients is my motivation


a stick to draw cartoons in a hospital bed, he said there were patients seeing paintings become optimistic, he had to continue to draw power. Respondents for figure

a part of the comics, he hopes to let patients readers reduce fear, as well as science.

comic strip 67 words into a net red; Give a 7 year old daughter do grow album; Said fear useless, to think more about how good the moment every day

butyl, 35, a (a pseudonym) their own cancer experience described as & other; The lottery & throughout; .

20 words he finished this story: & other; Korean dramas plot happened on me, fancy beautiful male cancer. Throughout the &;

two years, butyl one commonly used this kind of joke to try to ease yourself and those around people’s fear of cancer. But, in fact, in September 2015, was diagnosed with & other; Neuroendocrine tumor & throughout; Late, after he had looked at family & other; Cry sparse inside hua & throughout; And then swallowed a few pill every day, experience by & other; The tank pressure throughout the same &; Surgery, chemotherapy pump to few jins weight & hellip; & hellip;

d a these are painting into the cartoons. There, he is & other; Ding nerve & throughout; And her hands rested on her hips aggressive, his & other Competitors & throughout; Is a call & other; Tumor jun & throughout; Blue little monsters, both sides in a & other; Cells throughout war &; . In addition to ward mates science & other; Strategic art & throughout; , & other; Ding nerve & throughout; With the warmth of family also often tells scenario.

cartoon now has updated the 67 words, & other; Ding nerve & throughout; Become red in the net. Ding, han characters may be unable to reverse the plot, but there are patients see their story began to become optimistic. & other; Can be amusing, can help to the people, continue to draw it for you. Throughout the &;

& other; Like in the lottery & throughout;

& other; That day is the first time in my life in the lottery. Throughout the &;

d one mouthful the & in the other In the lottery & throughout; Time is on September 23, 2015. Unit organization examination, the doctor found his liver & other Long things & throughout; And then this & other; Things & throughout; Was diagnosed with & other; Neuroendocrine tumor & throughout; , the late.

early in the morning had a hunch, confirmed a few months ago, he began to chest pain, & other; Pain to can’t lie down and sleep can only sit and sleep. Throughout the &; He just didn’t know, this kind of delay many days of pain, will make him step by step into & other; Terminally ill & throughout; Patients.

the doctor told him that the cancer incidence is low, the cure rate is lower, and still late. Ding a feel may have only three months to live.

home, ding told the news to his wife. & other; She cry sparse inside hua, and then to call my parents, the along while didn’t talk over there. Throughout the &;

at that time, the fourth one engineer of power automation companies, three life happiness. He have a bright and cheerful disposition, to burn every day jokes and expression, the 5-year-old daughter made giggling.

after the wife cry, dean smiled again. & other; Cancer is better than an accident or something, at least can also give us a few words of advice. Throughout the &; He also made a circle of friends & other; Bearing & throughout; : & other; Korean dramas plot happened on me, fancy beautiful male cancer. Throughout the &;

but in the day’s diary, ding is a such a description: & other; Calls on this day, the lunar calendar is the autumnal equinox, meaning it from this day will be hot cold, hot summer passed to great, this is very good, why god opened a big joke with me on this day, let the switch directly to the winter of my life. Throughout the &;

swallow every day dozens of pill suppress

ding said his pessimism lasts only a day.

& other; Is my son, husband, father, I can’t give up on yourself. Throughout the &; The next day, who began to use the Internet a, contact a hospital, calculate treatment plan.

butyl contacted several hospitals in succession, also went to the famous tumor hospital affiliated to sun yat-sen university, but the doctor told him & other; The tumor is too much long, chemotherapy is nothing for you to use & throughout; . Later, he started taking medication and swallowing dozens of pill restrain condition every day.

in November 2015, started the first operation, the incision on the thigh. He as that kind of pain, & other; I feel being fierce kick off of the lumbar spine, was the elephant on the feeling. Throughout the &;

physical torture, once let butyl a have the idea of giving up. Until the beginning of 2016, he saw on the Internet “fuck off! Tumor jun” comics. & other; That cartoon let me very touched, just thinking about their own experiences are also recorded. Throughout the &; Studied at college reading a comic, started the road of painting.

always irony, butyl a calling themselves & other; Ding nerve & throughout; , painted a small monster tumour. Ding, however, the first words, is called “sooner or later kill you”, called a bunch of pills to kill little monsters.

with his own battle with illness, in his creation has become an interesting & other; War games & throughout; . & other; The immune system is the main force of white blood cells, white blood cells have a lot of kinds, including T cells, B cells and K on the human body itself has to identify and kill cancer cells. So you run around tumor, in order to hide from the mob, it even learned to her face. By pretending to be a normal cells, to evade the immune system to identify & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; Ding said, in order to draw cartoons, oneself learn a lot of medical knowledge, want readers to reduce fear, can also be popular science.

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