Artificial hip joint defect caused by six resection in patients with hip Johnson &johnson PanPei $250 million

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the American pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson (Johnson & amp; Johnson) was found to six patients pay the compensation of $247 million (1.636 billion yuan), the patients claim that the company hidden defects in the artificial hip joint.

according to bloomberg, Beijing time on November 17 reported in Dallas, Texas, north court ruled Thursday local time its DePuy j&j’s orthopedic subsidiary staff know artificial hip defective equipment, but not the correct warning of diagnosis and treatment of doctors and patients will have the risk of premature failure. The six patients received $79 million in actual damages and punitive damages of $168 million.

this 6 patients of hip had to be removed surgically, removed because these patients after implanted into the artificial hip joint, tissue necrosis, bone wear or other problems.

, according to a regulatory documents, in the past year because of metal hip problem, the number of lawsuits for Johnson &johnson and subsidiary its DePuy increased by more than 13%, a total of 9900 people. Johnson & Johnson has to stop selling such devices in 2013, when the U.S. food and drug administration has tightened rules of artificial hip joint.

compensate the victims of the attorney mark & bull; Lanier (Mark Lanier) said after the verdict, & other; & lsquo; These companies & rsquo; Behavior is so bad that requires repeated punishment. Throughout the &;

on November 16, local time, the company official said in an E-mail statement, the company in the process of research and development and sales of artificial hip joint & other; Appropriate and responsible manner & throughout; Take action.

its DePuy spokeswoman Stella & bull; MeiLei rice said in a press release, & other; We will immediately start the appeals process, and continue to defend the allegations in the lawsuit, the long-term. Throughout the &;

according to bloomberg, the six patients, respectively, a 88 – year – old physician uli el & bull; Blah, (Uriel Brazel), a 67 – year – old elementary school teacher Karen & bull; Ben kirshner (Karen Kirschner), a 61 – year – old driver rohm & bull; Alicia (Ramon Alicea), 60, housing officials black hazel & bull; M garadar (Hazel their,; Medical assistant, 53, Eugene & bull; Stevens (Eugene Stevens), as well as financial analyst Michael & bull; 52, Stevens (Michael Stevens).

the six patients in charge said that the company makes these artificial hip joint into the market, almost no tests, and on the equipment safety misled the doctor, doctor told these metal products without risk of poisoning, and the organization does not cause a harm to human body. Patient’s attorney also said that the surgeon induced by Johnson &johnson, use the company product.

Johnson &johnson’s defense lawyers retort that equipment failure was due to normal wear and tear, rather than defective design, properly to promote the products of the company. The lawyer told the jury in its summation, not a surgeon because advertising, brochures, or any marketing means, and chose the company the product.

however, according to a document ruling, the jury found that its DePuy company relies on & other; Knowingly misrepresent & throughout; The safety status of the goods production to boost sales, and in its marketing & other; Deceptive business practices. Throughout the &;

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