As “goods” addictive game, in developing more special regulation

Zhou Hongjun huazhong university of science and technology management lecturer,

on March 3, the National People’s Congress chairman and chief executive officer, the board of directors of the tencent company ma held a press conference. Press conference, ma interpreting his proposal and answer questions. A reporter concerns in the last year of several consecutive children indulge & other; King glory & throughout; Causes the tragic events such as jumping, crime. To this, ma said, & other; Not all games are demons, parents should not only see the negative of the game, should also see the positive things. The interactive games such as can help parents and children. Throughout the &; DetailPic

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world Internet conference in 2017, according to king glory by numerous complaints from parents, ma has said that parents should have the ability to manage children playing games. The author thinks that, from the perspective of behavioral economics, game as & other; Addictive products & throughout; When one of the teenagers have a significant negative externalities, cannot allow the market to adjust, also can’t give parents supervision responsibility completely, in fact for & other; Addictive products & throughout; Parents often helpless, sometimes must publish relevant regulation of public policy.

two sessions this year, teenagers indulge game problem become a hot topic of many representative, committee member concerned. According to the People’s Daily, the client, the CPPCC national committee, the MDC, vice chairman of guangdong province, guangzhou university vice-chancellor yu xin wei members bring this time “Suggestions for promote online grading system”.

yu xin wei commissioner, said the current many teenagers for & other; Eat chicken & throughout; , & other King glory & throughout; Such as games, lead to a series of consequences. An elementary school student spend parents hard-earned money to splurge of more than 90000 yuan in the mobile phone game king glory; Last year, a 13-year-old boy maomao because addicted to play “the king of glory, and his father quarrel, a word, had jumped down from the fourth floor. Some games to be sure, she said, “the poison of adolescence new & other; Opium & throughout; .

the National People’s Congress, congzuo city senior high school English teacher huanghua spring also submitted on the increasing game industry control better protect the youth’s proposal “, she says, some gaming companies to pursue the interests of the market, in the design of online game is filled with money worship, the content such as pornography, violence, caused bad effect to teenagers. Addiction behavior economics theory, addiction is behavior person to experience in the past practice of behavior can make them happy, though in many cases, a bad addiction will reduce the consequences of behavior person utility level, but the person most adhere to satisfy his hobby, such as knowing the cigarette harmful but continue to spend money on cigarettes. Behavioral economics to alcohol, cigarettes, online games as a harmful & other; Addictive products & throughout; . This commodity consumption often leads to market failure, namely the representatives said teenagers addicted game problem is its significant & other Addictive sex & throughout; .

there are data show that in 2017, China has reached 583 million game user scale and online game players are mostly teenagers under the age of 30, has accounted for more than 20%, in which students of images, words, and conveyed by the game plot design directly affects the values of hundreds of millions of users, especially the teenagers. Teenagers playing online game addiction, produced a lot of psychological problems, loss of study, work and social skills, and even individual minors are influenced by bad games, participate in violent crime is an extreme case. All in all, online education, social problems brought by the cannot be taken for granted.

the theory of rational addiction suggests that when the addictive goods appears externality and lead to market failure, namely the market itself cannot achieve self adjusting, public policy must be intervention. One is that if people of addictive commodity information know little or cognitive mistakes, they may make a bad decision. In general, the cognitive ability of teenagers in the vulnerable side, games on the classification to distinguish between the consumer, protect minors. 2 it is addictive product consumption produces externalities, the National People’s Congress huanghua spring said & other; Teenagers are in the outlook on life, values and world outlook formation, in the game of bad environment, it is easy to be affected, which could produce cognitive confusion, moral deviation. Throughout the &; , is a need to rectify the negative externalities.

draw lessons from foreign experience, for & other; Addictive products & throughout; Network game, just rely on the management of the parents is far not enough, must strengthen the control of the game industry, formulate public policy regulation and the game developers, gaming operators, from the source. For example, relevant departments should further clear and carry out the game enterprise’s main body responsibility; Before launch, should assess the protection of minors, and implementation of classification management; After launch, should take concrete measures to implement the system. Parents remote monitor channels, such as face recognition technology has already been mature, game companies anti-addiction system should actively adopt new technologies, develop new functions, implement protecting teenagers.

of course, we need more calls for enterprise, industry self-discipline and social responsibility of an enterprise make explorations, based on the protection of teenagers, not for profit, making some vulgar pornography, consumerism, violence, or even distort history, parody, hero, values appeared deviation, touch the moral bottom line, cause bad social influence. (editor xin-yu jiang)

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