Australian Chinese pharmacist courtship, give female colleague remedy to the case of 23 times a year

recently, courtship no poisoning incident, on the Internet. According to Australian media reports, the 34-year-old Chinese pharmacist Zhang Yanchi (YanChi, & lsquo; Anthony’ Cheung, transliteration) for courting a female colleague, since May 2015, remedy to the case of 23 times in their daily drinking water.

time on January 15, 2018 in Sydney, new south wales in the administrative appeals tribunal ruling, points out that due to Zhang Yanchi poses a significant threat to public health, revoke a pharmacist’s license. Before has not obtained a permit, Zhang Yanchi could no longer work in the pharmaceutical related.

Zhang Yanchi to appear in court.

according to The Daily Telegraph, Zhang Yanchi and victim ms liang met in SurryHills Chinese Presbyterian church in 2010, since then Zhang Yanchi has many are confused to ms liang, open her work email, for example, when she is alone at home visit, without the consent of its accompany her to see a dentist.

then, zhang, beam two of them were married.

in 2015, ms liang under Zhang Yanchi introduction, become a pharmacy assistant at the university of new south wales. Ms liang Zhang Yanchi further sexual harassment, including hand touch ms liang’s chest and hips. When Zhang Yanchi is clear after refusing to ms liang, zhang began his & other; Revenge & throughout; .

zhang, beam with at the university of new south wales university in a pharmacy. JPG

zhang, beam with a pharmacy at the university of new south wales.

since May 2015, Zhang Yanchi will arrive early, pharmacy drug broken into powder to join ms liang in drinks. Disclosed according to the court, Zhang Yanchi to use its own pharmaceutical professional knowledge, selected a few colorless, soluble tranquilizers, antidepressants and antipsychotic medications.

the court on the trial, said Zhang Yanchi to ms liang water three times a week into 50 mg promethazine (an antiallergic); Zhang also manages the anti-allergic Ann (a sedative), coagulant dosage twice a week, for three months; In March 2016, zhang took 150 milligrams of Du Xiping (an antidepressant) into ms liang’s whole jar of instant coffee, this means that every time ms liang coffee will take the drug.

due to long-term use of these drugs, ms liang appear sleepiness. When her husband came home, often found her slow, sleep without consciousness. Ms leung is initially thought there was a problem in your body, until she noticed the drinks have bitter taste, the tongue can become hemp. After asking her, looked at the pharmacy surveillance video, only to find that the Zhang Yanchi remedy to the case.

Zhang Yanchi ever thought about a change and destruction of surveillance video, but failed. In May 2016, ms liang choice to the police for help, then Zhang Yanchi were arrested.

arrested Zhang Yanchi. JPG

Zhang Yanchi was arrested.

police say, & other; Zhang Yanchi as a pharmacist, know very well the effects of these drugs, some drug use for a long time will lead to infertility. Throughout the &; Zhang Yanchi said, their behavior independence request is rejected, just because he & other I don’t want to listen to her talk & throughout; , as well as & other; Want her to stop complaining, keep quiet & throughout; .

on trial in July 2016, ms liang with her husband and friends to attend. She is to judge the victim statement, said he can’t understand, why in front and in the church to pray for her health Zhang Yanchi to remedy to the case to her. She admitted that has lost trust in others, must be treated with traumatic stress.

Zhang Yanchi in appeared in wei fu court. JPG

Zhang Yanchi to appear in court.

early July 2016, Zhang Yanchi by Sydney east wei fu (Waverley) in the district court sentenced to 18 months in prison, appeal, though, a suspension in prison, but rejected by the appeals court after start into the prison. Zhang Yanchi last July on parole from prison, under the supervision of society to accept the remaining prison sentence.

he was sentenced to 18 months, will end in March this year.

concludes: intern Yang Ying junwei SMW reporter JiShi

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