Baby cough for half a year Check out a piece of chicken bone in the trachea

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a one-year-old baby repeatedly cough, the cause was six months ago card in bronchial a small piece of chicken bones! Zhujiang hospital, southern medical university, deputy director of pediatric center and chief, said that there are quite a few children in clinical inhalation caused by foreign body repeatedly cough, remind parents should cultivate children good eating habits and don’t play joke at dinner. In addition, foreign bodies, allergy and infection may be lead to the causes of chronic cough, the moment the temperature instability, various virus causes the flu and the common cold is not a few, if other causes of cough is used as the common cold cough not to deal with, after the harm.

baby chicken bone stuck in the trachea six months

in children with focal debridement and chief, a one-year-old baby four months, the parents reflect children from ten months began to cough, and rectified, serious when still complicated by pneumonia. In many hospitals, eat a lot of Chinese traditional medicine western medicine has no symptoms disappear. After the research history of children, the doctor was doubtful whether have the possibility of respiratory inhalation of foreign body, suggested that CT examination. Baby so small, a began to parents a bit hesitant, worry about other negative impact the CT examination, finally it is now too long duration, accept the doctor’s advice.

CT examination found that indeed have a small chicken bone lodged in my baby’s bronchial branch location. Baby mother recalled the situation said: & other; That time often give children cooked chicken porridge, now that I think about it, is likely to be tiny chicken bones clean, cannot be excluded in the children eat the trachea. Throughout the &; The trouble of chicken bones were taken out after surgery, baby cough I heal slowly.

tossed yellow skin into mouth core suction inlet pipe

nine-year-old boy xiao Ming (a pseudonym) for a period of time to also repeatedly cough. At first the parents thought he was a cold, don’t pay attention to. Lo cough worse, development to the complicated with pneumonia, and went to the hospital three times in a row, all is ok and relapse, and can’t recover. And chief says, after repeated screening a variety of reasons, doubt is tracheal suction foreign body. Just tell the doctor carefully under interrogation, xiao Ming, recently at home to eat yellow skin, play games with another child, throw the yellow skin into each other in your mouth, accidentally swallowed a yellow skin to the throat. Was a vigorous coughing, afraid of being mom and dad called dare not say, feel better later, also hasn’t to heart.

hospital immediately arranged CT examination for xiao Ming, so he found a foreign body in trachea, forceps out of the yellow skin of the size of a fingertip. After eliminating the cause, xiao Ming cough also slowly good.

children to develop good eating habits

the doctor cautioned that outpatient cases of tracheal and bronchial foreign body cause cough in children, parents should take notice, to guide children to develop good eating habits, to concentrate on at the dinner table, don’t eat, walk while chasing the hello, don’t laugh, baby don’t cry because it is not willing to have a meal also showed its toys, watching TV, mobile phone, avoid because of the inattention or play laugh cause tracheal suction foreign body.

3 years old the following children should try to eat less nuts, beans, parents leave their children at ordinary times should pay attention to easy inhalation of small items in the children’s reach.

in addition, the common cold cough have self-limiting, usually around three in the self-healing. In addition to a cold, cough caused by a variety of causes, such as the trachea; Like to smell, haze, pet hair, such as mites allergic cough, or even food allergies, such as milk, protein allergy, also may not show the rash, but is characterized by cough, these all require screening allergens. And as cough variant asthma, sinusitis, tonsillitis, mycoplasma infection, inflammation of the potential constantly stimulate the respiratory tract, can lead to cough again and again. If deferment sterility found cough, should go to hospital as soon as possible, the etiology, symptomatic treatment.

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