Baby home robbed father searching for 12 years, 23 young is partial matching DNA

on November 5, in zijin county, heyuan city, guangdong province southeast, from henan zhoukou ShenJunLiang carry, putting a thick stack of continue to look for the kidnapping congcong, the son of 12 years.

congcong pictures of 11 months. Those journalists Zhu Yuanxiang remake

on Nov. 2, ShenJunLiang as the plaintiff of the civil suit collateral to criminal proceedings, participated in a trial accused of kidnapping children 5 people. One of the defendants in court hand over to treat, ten years ago, he handled the trafficking of nine boys, eight children, including congcong, sold to zijin county. After the trial, ShenJunLiang kidnapping and other parents of the children, can’t wait to 200 kilometers away from guangzhou zijin.

for selling children’s key middlemen & other; MeiYi & throughout; Yet, congcong abducted children, such as specific whereabouts is still not clear. Previously, ShenJunLiang with forensic experts to make two simulated portrait, reward 100000 yuan for clues, found 23 suspected congcong teenager. At present, the police is according to the clues for DNA sampling and comparison.

after the long looking for twelve years in several provinces, ShenJunLiang feel hope is just around the corner. He is determined to families teamed up with other abducted children, continue to collect clues, & other; Not only to find my children, eight other children also want to find. Throughout the &;

on November 2 after the trial, ShenJunLiang out of court. Those journalists Zhu Yuanxiang figure

asked the defendant: understanding tell a child down to write a book

ShenJunLiang 40 years old this year, 12 years ago in guangzhou zengcheng city, live in the beach town ShaZhuang rental housing. He went to work during the day, the wife Yu Xiaoli at home to take care of the persons under the age of 1 congcong.

& other; He likes to sit toy car, common special love to laugh. Throughout the &; ShenJunLiang is still clearly remember the smiling face of the son. And he said, children are robbed, only 10 days from the birthday.

it is January 4, 2005 in the morning. ShenJunLiang go to work, within the rental Yu Xiaoli and son on the third floor. Yu Xiaoli memories, when children go to bed in the bedroom, she in the kitchen preparing lunch, ambiguously see someone slip inside.

& other; I was going to ask someone from behind embrace me, to my eyes and mouth to wipe medicine, I can’t see anything, couldn’t shout to yell for help. Throughout the &; Yu Xiaoli remember, she was tied his hands, one set of the plastic bag into her head. To control her leave soon, she was close the door lock in the kitchen.

late November 2, ShenJunLiang and other families of abducted children discuss zi lu line. Those journalists Zhu Yuanxiang figure

& other; I heard my son & lsquo; O & rsquo; Let out a cry. Throughout the &; Yu Xiaoli said, after a few minutes she broke away and found congcong disappeared, rushed to the outside also can not find, then called the police.

Yu Xiaoli never expected, suspected of planning take her son, was rented neighbors on the same floor, GuiZhouJi couple. The couple live in room 308 at that time, her family lives in room 305.

after her son was robbed, Yu Xiaoli once mental disorders. ShenJunLiang quit his job, year after year in guangzhou, dongguan, zhuhai, shenzhen and fujian, shandong and other places for children. He sold the henan province house property, so far in debt.

& other; Since the child was snatched up to now, which day I don’t feel happy. Throughout the &; ShenJunLiang said.

congcong lost 11 years later, in March 2016, ShenJunLiang neighbor Zhou Rong flat, Chen Shoubi couples in guizhou was arrested by the police. Since then, three other suspects involved chau-ping Yang, Liu Zhenghong, Zhang Weiping successively. This is 5 per capita zhunyi suiyang qingxi village people.

forensic experts Lin Yuhui to congcong of simulated portrait painting first simulated portrait. Respondents for figure

in October 2016, Zhou Rong, Mr. Equal 5 people in guangzhou city court. Several used violence, while the defendant confession robbed congcong Zhang Weiping confessed have since had sold the other eight boys. The case then transferred to guangzhou first then.

ShenJunLiang as the victim’s family, filed a civil suit collateral to criminal proceedings. On November 2, hearing, he sat on the plaintiff, get to the five defendants direct questions.

the night before the trial, ShenJunLiang only slept for more than an hour. He wrote a 4 pages speeches to stay up late, early in the morning to typing shop to print it out. On the day of trial, the judge read patiently listen to his speech. ShenJunLiang request court on a heavier & other; Human traffickers & throughout; , the public security is to continue to find abducted children. & other; Let baby go home, all the parents poor heart! Throughout the &; Finished at the end of the last sentence, ShenJunLiang rim of the eye red, hand wipe away a few tears.

forensic experts of simulated portrait Lin Yuhui for congcong second simulated portrait painting. Respondents for figure

the trial, prosecutors charged: in the day of the crime, the defendant Zhou Rong, Chen Shoubi couple downstairs and coward, reinforce the defendant chau-ping Yang, Liu Zhenghong carrying cellophane tape, pepper spray, such as tools, breaking into bed and to bind Yu Xiaoli, control, forced out its 1 year old son, to a Zhou Rong, Chen Shoubi hiding. Since then, Zhou Rong flat to the child to the Zhang Weiping trafficking.

in inquiry link, ShenJunLiang asked the defendant chau-ping Yang, that year is how to find the rental. Found the answer of Yang inconsistent, ShenJunLiang aggravating tone said: & other; You must answer honestly! Throughout the &; Zhang Weiping

the defendant confessed that he had to sell murry in heyuan city, zijin county, the yong an avenue and border security road near the hotel deals, by middlemen & other; MeiYi & throughout; War, children sold a couple. He obtain 13000 yuan after trading, gave & other; MeiYi & throughout; 1000 yuan, also Zhou Rong – 10000 yuan by the distribution of its connection with people.

& other; You say the whereabouts of children, I and eight other parents joint understanding books written for you. Throughout the &; ShenJunLiang said. Can Zhang Weiping said & other; Can’t remember & throughout; , did not speak more specific information.

ShenJunLiang putting in Posting the photos before 1 year old son, and expert simulation draw a portrait of the children at the age of 13. He will also not suspects to justice & other; MeiYi & throughout; Pictures, stick up. Those journalists Zhu Yuanxiang figure

searching progress: found 23 suspected young, is partial matching DNA

although failed to learn congcong abducted and specific location, but the trial Zhang Weiping personally confessed & other; Zijin county & throughout; Area, this make sure ShenJunLiang after pay not waste & ndash; & ndash; Three months before he started playing in zijin & other; Web & throughout; Looking for clues.

this July, ShenJunLiang from police learned that congcong is likely to be sold to the purple and gold, he will be looking for narrow. Zijin county located in the central of guangdong, more than 80 people, covers an area of 3600 square kilometers. Where to start looking for children? ShenJunLiang once some confused & ndash; & ndash; He only remember when congcong were 1 year old, just remember children butt on the size of a peanut, dark red birthmark.

with the help of the media friends, ShenJunLiang find forensic experts Lin Yuhui of simulated portrait to the public security department of shandong province. In June, Lin Yuhui had helped the police suspect the disappearance of draw ZhangYingYing portrait.

at the end of July and early September, according to ShenJunLiang Lin Yuhui couple of photos, and congcong photos from birth to 1 year old, has simulated draw murry two portrait at the age of 13, & other; A picture like dad more, a picture of a little more like a mother. Throughout the &;

the period from August to October, ShenJunLiang with portraits and putting, streets, villages and towns village traveling in zijin. He stayed in the hotel forty or fifty dollars a day, arrive early, in the distribution of the county, posted more than 1, 20000, putting each printed with eye-catching red & ndash; & ndash; & other; Throughout 100000 reward &; .

ShenJunLiang efforts rewarded soon, he began to get some clues to report anonymously. He according to various information secretly. However, even the & other; Suspected family & throughout; The door, ShenJunLiang also dare not rashly in to ask for it. & other; One is afraid of startle, transfer each other parents send children, 2 it is afraid of against whistle-blowers. Throughout the &;

one day in late August, ShenJunLiang get a message clear clue: the chicken in more than 50 kilometers away from the county town, there is a 13 year old boy is 12 years ago. ShenJunLiang excitement was awake all night & ndash; & ndash; Whistle-blowers children age, appearance, & other; Purchase & throughout; Time, in accordance with the congcong of height.

the next day, ShenJunLiang hired a van to phoenix town. The car stopped at the door & other; Suspected family & throughout; Residence, he hide secretly watch in the car. Is the school closed more than eleven o ‘clock at noon, many groups of children passing by, ShenJunLiang didn’t notice & other; Murry & throughout; Into the house, then continue to hide in the van waiting & ndash; & ndash; Then during the hot summer, no air conditioning in the car, he hot almost drenched.

after more than an hour, & other; Murry & throughout; Go to school out of their homes. ShenJunLiang climb in the window staring nervously, until the boy disappeared from sight. & other; Is about one meter six, dressed in blue short sleeve T-shirt, with congcong simulated portrait is really like. Throughout the &; ShenJun excitedly said, he saw the boy feel welcome at the first glance, & other; I feel he is! Throughout the &;

in zijin searching for more than two months, ShenJunLiang according to report cases of clues and their own secretly screening, guangzhou zengcheng in succession to probing the case provides 23 suspected congcong young list. ShenJunLiang, according to the list of 23 people, children and their parents name, address, about half of a full range of; null

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