Baby to wear socks to sleep in winter it

After entering the winter, the weather is getting cold, many mothers worry about the baby will be cold at night, give the baby put on socks to sleep. Then baby socks to sleep in winter, okay?

Baby to wear socks to sleep in winter it

Some mothers worry that sleeping at night to baby socks will make him feel depressed, and even hinder the blood circulation, endanger the baby’s health. This is the same principle with adults wearing pajamas, as long as the size of the socks, the size just does not hinder the blood circulation. With this worried treasure mother can be assured bold to baby wear.

Although winter socks to wear to sleep will not endanger the health of babies, but hardy baby can not wear. Cold weather in winter, the baby’s poor resistance to wear socks at night to sleep a lot of benefits, but not forcibly, if the baby firepower, blood circulation, foot love sweating, mom may be subject to the circumstances, do not wear socks is Yes.

These three types of baby is best to wear socks to sleep

1, the poor resistance of the baby

Poor resistance, as long as the cold is easy to catch a cold baby, best to wear socks in the evening. Such babies are generally more afraid of cold, hands and feet are often cold feet cold will reduce the comfort of the baby to sleep, affecting the quality of sleep. Put on a sock baby is not only more warm, but also a sense of security, will sleep more fragrant, more stable.

2, like to push the quilt baby

Many babies have the habit of pedal quilt, the mother can not watch him sleep all night, in case the baby kicked the quilt opened, exposing a foot, it is easy to catch cold. Wear a sock, even if the quilt kicked a little, the baby will not be dry and cold.

3, younger baby

Newborn baby’s body blood circulation is not fully developed, the ability to regulate the body temperature is relatively poor, so little feet touch it is always cool. For newborn babies, moms can best wear loose, comfortable socks for them.

How to choose baby socks

1, the choice of fabric

Baby socks or cotton is good, but there is no one hundred percent cotton socks, the higher the content of cotton, the more comfortable socks to wear. When buying socks to see the label, the content of cotton is generally more than 65% is the best.

2, the size of the choice

Po mother must pay attention to the baby’s socks should not be large, a little bigger, it does not matter, the baby’s feet are easy to become bigger, slightly larger can also be worn for a long time. Although the time to buy socks generally can not let the baby try on, but you can take the baby to the socks with the baby’s feet probably know is not suitable.

3, choose the appropriate sock elastic mouth

Baby’s skin is very delicate, the choice of socks should pay attention to whether the appropriate socks, the baby will not be too loose or too tight, it is too easy to fall loose, too tight will be licking the baby’s feet, So when buying socks should pay attention to tight fit, not tied to the baby’s ankle.

4, the thickness of the choice

Buy socks for your baby, do not buy very thick socks, buy one or two pairs just fine, after all, for a very thick socks to wear a relatively short period of time, mainly to buy moderate thickness, so the socks are spring, summer and autumn Can wear.