Be creative! American couples frozen embryos to pose for photos and witness the miracle of life



the web comprehensive coverage 】 【 according to the British” daily mail “reported on February 8, and a pair of young couples from the us state of Oregon samantha & bull; Clark (Samantha  Clark) and Mickey mouse (Mickey) due to physical problems, had to take the way of ivf pregnancy. Frozen embryos in 2016, two people to move to a new clinic, decision and frozen embryos in the park together, at home, or even grandma do interesting photos as a souvenir. So unique commemorative photo witnessed two person of love and life of great.


because of health problems, samantha, 29, had to freeze their embryos, for in vitro fertilization to pregnancy. & other; Before we get married, we will know that I will not pregnant facts & throughout; Samantha an interview. Samantha was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome, endometriosis, and other health problems. Therefore, the couple give up luxurious wedding, and began to actively seek various offset methods, such as adoption, foster care, and infertility treatment. She and her husband, 32, mickey is on the way the whole hard always maintained a positive attitude. In the end, both of them choose by in vitro fertilization embryo freezing.

in 2016, two people to move to a new home, their embryos will follow them to the new home near the clinic. At first they were going to the embryo by Courier mail to the clinic, but after we received the news of express transportation violence, decided to personally & other; Transportation & throughout; Frozen foetus. Tell them because embryologist embryos in two days before the container is safe, but the truth is that they are only less than four hours the embryo to the next clinic, so they know they will have enough time to taking pictures. Samantha put boxes of embryos in a stroller, with & other; The children & throughout; For a walk, & other; Throughout their &; To the park to play slide, swing, & other; Learn & throughout; Their father play baseball.


in the months after the doctor will embryo samantha in the uterus, in August 2017, the couple celebrated their triplets and gave them names as shepard & bull; Thomas (Shepherd  Thomas), Mr Lai ni & bull; Lynn (Eleni  Lynn) and ella & bull; Hugh (Ayla  Sue). & other; In the future I’ll tell them how much mickey and I cherish them, at the same time I also can let them put the photos on the nostalgic collection of social media. Throughout the &; Samantha joked. (internship compilation: na zhang review: zhu library)

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