Be life after the “AIDS” : a man in chengdu misdiagnosed “AIDS” 7 years

Zhong Xiaowei stewed chicken soup at home. Mother recently broke his leg, he every day to cook for my mother. The Beijing news reporter Luo Qian taken

notice issued by the court accepts the case. Respondents for figure

chengdu, a man was misdiagnosed as & other; HIV/AIDS & throughout; , after 7 years & other; Were dead & throughout; Life, has sued related medical institutions

Zhong Xiaowei for 7 years of AIDS patients.

in 2008, makes a copy of the centers for disease control and prevention of chengdu, sichuan province, according to the test report confirmed by the centers for disease control and prevention of his blood for HIV – 1 antibodies positive, this means that he was infected with the AIDS virus.

then Zhong Xiaowei lost his fiancee, began to escape from the crowd, live in cave animals in general. He wants to die, several mother advised live, & other; Die I will die with you & throughout; .

didn’t dare to die, and don’t want to live, the chengdu man lived & other; Die & throughout; The day.

in 2015, west China hospital of sichuan university, according to the inspection report Zhong Xiaowei composite test negative for HIV antigen body, after review of the thesis the centers for disease control and prevention, the result is still negative.

7 years, great changes have taken place in his fate, nearly 2600 days & other; Were dead & throughout; Life, he decided to lose seven years & other; Make a statement & throughout; .

he filed a civil lawsuit against the centers for disease control and prevention of chengdu, sichuan province, the centers for disease control and prevention, ask for apologize, since 2008, the economic loss compensation and spirit damage. On December 12 this year, chengdu wuhou district court accepts the case.

wait for the day of the opening

wait for opening day, 54, Zhong Xiaowei still live as a careful AIDS patients.

just & other; Throughout the &; Suffering from AIDS, he doesn’t know to protect themselves, other people start to ask, he is honest admit & other I’ve got AIDS & throughout; .

although he repeatedly explain, shook hands AIDS won’t eat because these ways infect, people still alienated him around. Who often walk friends become very busy, always & other; No person & throughout; , only two elder brother and he also broke off, once he fill out a form to the staff, the other party didn’t say anything, use napkin across, will dare to take the paper he had written word.

now, he lives in a low-rent housing north of chengdu, never pull open curtain, when no reporters visiting, then curl up in the living room sofa, smoking smokes.

he retains the seven years of habit & ndash; & ndash; Almost never go out during the day, dare not into the store, also dare not and people say “hello”, until the day was dark, take forty minutes bus, go to mother there to take some daily necessities.

mother su-zhen wang is 83 years old and fit inside the youngest son in the heart, often take two pocket, let owner a pocket 5 kilo meters, & other; One for myself, one for q & throughout; .

on December 10, Zhong Xiaowei nine years into the door of the cafe for the first time, he’d like to try the taste of the old hemp reading hands.

at noon, near rice shop noisy, steaming, some don’t adapt to, he found a corner of the table sat down and sneak into someone come and table, he quickly move the chair, on the other side back to the table, half body to hang outside the table.

a bowl of reading hands on the table, the table of diners to ask him for help with chopsticks, he subconsciously raised his hand to the fingertips haven’t run into chopsticks, and want to come back, embarrassed delay in the air after a few seconds, virtual held to clench fist, sorry to push the chopsticks tube to the front of others, let people take.

he said, I don’t know why, always feel inferior, & other; Fear of touching dirty things, being abandon & throughout; .

in solitary for a long period of time, some Zhong Xiaowei and modern society.

he used on smart phone soon, a total of 48 WeChat friends, mostly journalists. Journalists from various problems on WeChat, he could not use WeChat voice, then slowly to type reply, with many wrong character in the middle.

too for multimedia, telephone rang from morning till night, he heard a function called & other; Shielding & throughout; To make a phone call to ask people, & other; Solicitation call blocking, I won’t get & throughout; .

recently, he also want reporters to teach him how to take the subway.

in July last year, chengdu metro line 3 to near his home, he summoned the courage to try to find to buy a train pass in the ticketing unit, Chou along while didn’t learn to, and were afraid to ask others, bus or honestly, & other; Are you laughing laughing throughout the &; .

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